late night talking

We went mudding today. Well actually we just drove to town... but when you live out in the middle of nowhere, driving to town is sometimes very muddy!

We went to homeschool swim at the Y. Hubby came with and we made it a family event. Then we went to the Library, Salvation Army, grocery & hardware store. After we were all done we mudded home. {grin}

We were told {again} that we were checking out too many books... but this time it was by a 10 year old boy waiting to check out his cartoon network movie. He asked what we do with all those books and I softly said... "we read them" to which he replied with a completely awe struck face "why". I gave a quirky look and replied "we love books, that's how we learn". The librarian was snickering as she finished checking out our 4 bags of books. I am SO thankful for the library... such a blessing!

It's getting to be that time of the year... winter time. And considering we now live in the soon to be negative 20 degrees frozen tundra I figured it was time I find myself some snow boots. I want some really warm ones, you know, that I can wear outside for more than 10 minutes. Anyone have good suggestions?

The hunters just returned from the bar... not much more to say about that.

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice out... and I am so hoping that it isn't windy because I REALLY need to be able to go out and photograph the kids before it snows again.

The boys did most of their school in the car today... it's so easy... especially when the littles are buckled in their seats! {grin}

When we start driving the girls usually start chanting "hey dad" "hey mom" over and over and over again for about 15 minutes. It's humorous and annoying all at the same time. Sometimes Ozzie starts in too. I swear those 3 are like triplets!

Our kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. That includes the eating area too. It's small, it's really small, it's really annoying sometimes. But hey, it's a working kitchen and for that I am thankful. But it doesn't change the fact that it's REALLY small. {grin}

Have I said recently how much I love all my wonderful blog readers! Really... you are awesome! A big {grin} from me!

goodnight all!


  1. Uggs!! They are great boots! Very warm!

  2. sixcrazychildren11/2/10, 5:52 AM

    I wouldn't have thought uggs would be waterproof enough?? they certainly are warm though!! :):)

    I must get back to the library... That's a funny story... { a bit sad actually but funny}

  3. LifeAsWeKnowIt11/2/10, 6:44 AM

    I love my Uggs but they're not great for stomping in the snow...not waterproof enough. Did the hunters bring you anything? Some Kombucha or anything? LOL!

  4. We used Sorels when we lived in Colorado - they keep feet toasty in the snow.

  5. I live in southern Manitoba - winters are brutal. Get Sorels. And thick Merino wool socks to wick away moisture. Then you should be set! ;o)

  6. i love how you can {grin} over a small kitchen. especially with many kiddles… i would be more of a {grrrrr} girl. seriously. i love your over-the-top optimism. {and i think mushaboom is a pretty fabulous song}
    gah. snow. frozen tundra.
    i would have seasonal affective disorder beginning in november. the Lord knew this and that's why he uprooted me from wisconsin and planted me in the south. He knew i'd wither and die.
    you are a hearty and happy bunch. i love visiting here. it's like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. you, my dear, are sunshiney splendor.

  7. I have lived in the frozen tundra of Alaska for over 2 winters now. We get down to -40 F every winter, sometimes as much as -65 F and I can tell you that Sorels are the best! They have some great waterproof boots that are rated to as low as -40 F. I've even seen some in our local store that are rated to -90 F. With a great pair of wool socks and a good pair of Sorels, your feet will stay toasty. :-)

  8. howdy! I happened upon your blog today by way of Emily's blog (andersonfamilycrew), by way of the vintage pearl blog. I have a daughter named Eliza too, and just wondered if it came from My Fair Lady. (I have a degree in musical theatre and fell in love with the name after seeing the show for the first time at age 12). Anyway...your family is beautiful!

    Mary Kathryn <><

  9. I'm just shocked that you are dealing with snow. It was 100 degrees at my house today, and the power was out for 4 hours ... no fridge, no ice, no cold water, no A/C, no TV!!! We had chanting kids too. Joy. ;-)

  10. Jillhayes3111/6/10, 9:00 AM

    LLBean is great for boots. Get them with gortex for waterproofing. And I would also suggest getting a pair of gators up to your knees! Those things are wonderfully waterproofing especially if you don't have snow pants or just for keeping the snow out of your boots. And llbean has free shipping thru the holidays as well as $10 off a $50 or more purchase thru the holidays. My hubby has the poorest circulation and cold feet and he hikes in his llbean hiking boots and loves them. His have gortex so he wears them in the snow as well as for stream crossing.


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