kittens & neighbors

in the rare case that you follow me on twitter...
you may already know we went to visit newborn kittens the other evening
they had just opened their eyes and were absolutely precious
mama had 7 kittens {6 orange tabby and 1 lonely tiger}
the neighbors told us how they knew the father cat was from our farm a mere 4 miles away
we talked of generators and blizzards
they also told us of the buffalo they had just slaughter earlier that day
{the organs were laying just outside the barn}
we talked of spitting lamas and coyotes
and how it must have felt to have 7 kittens in mama's belly
the girls talked about "kitties" with complete awe
we talked about my bare feet and how this just isn't going to cut it in a North Dakota winter

we talked about mama and her payloader home she made for her kittens

and when their little dopey ears would perk up

dad held weary girls until they drifted to sleep
we watched the kittens wrestle until they were sleepy

and mama wanted them back...
so we put them back into the payloader

and drove the 4 miles home
thinking of the next time we'd come by to visit the kittens
and talking about which ones will be ours
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