it is time to

...wake to the glorious morning light at 7 o'clock

...simmer the oatmeal and sizzle the eggs at 8 o'clock

...wash the food off faces, dishes & hands at 9 o'clock our Bible and our hearts to Gods word at 10 o'clock letter and numbers and let our pencils dance on paper at 11 o'clock in the grass, swing through the air and ride like the wind at 12 o'clock

...hush our voices and snuggle with blankets and books at 1 o'clock

...learn of times before Christ and Gods flying creatures at 2 0'clock

...let the stillness leave, laugh out loud and dance to the music at 3 o'clock the door and cross the yard to visit Grandma & Grandpa at 4 o'clock

...embrace the chaos as food is prepared with helping hands at 5 o'clock

...gather around the table & thank God for his abundant blessings at 6 o'clock

...scrub away the days grime & tidy up our home at 7 o'clock and play and get ready for bed at 8 o'clock

...settle on the couch and drift away into a good book at 9 o'clock

...put children in bed & end their day with hugs kisses and prayers at 10 o'clock

...savor the peace and quiet with my husband I adore so much at 11 o'clock

...drift to sleep with my heart deep in prayer & my eyes on the stars above at 12 o'clock

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