late night talking

It's late and I should be in bed... so what do I do
talk to you! {grin}

I made lasagna tonight with this sauce in place of the cheese. Yummy!

we love to swing... a lot...
the boys are taking guessing on how high the snow will come up on the swingset.

What does elderberry, eucalyptus, garlic, ginger, lemon, cayenne, raw honey, silver & vitamin D have in common?
That is almost everything I took this week to beat my cold. It worked... I'm feeling much better now!

We didn't go anywhere {because I was sick} so I had time {ha!} to make these to hang in our kitchen....

Friday is our "super clean" day... which means I can wear whatever I want. {grin} Anyway, I wore a more than usual form fitting tank top. Twice I caught grandma looking at me funny... I finally realized she was probably trying to figure out if I'm pregnant or not. That's what 6 kids in 7 years will do to you. {grin}

it's going to cool down this week... and I keep thinking about how much I'm going to miss these on my window sill this winter. Wondering what I can find this winter to take the flowers place. Hmmmm....

Did you know that 20 dehydrated green peppers only fill a quart jar? I didn't either until about 2 hours ago.

Grayson has made two batches of Guacamole this week... thank goodness.
If he hadn't we may not have had lunch a few days this week. {grin}

Hubby is in bed before me... which means that's it for tonight!
goodnight all!
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  1. Um, can you make me some of those signs? I LOVE them. You need an Etsy shop girl...I would buy your photos and these prints in a heart beat! xo

    Also... I took all the same stuff this week (I'm sick too!) and for the first time ever- not working. It's like this bronchitis thing that won't go away. And, I am way less productive or creative when I am sick!

  2. I absolutely love those signs. Beautiful colors!


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