me talking {again}

I am up to my knees in things...
things to give.
to keep.
things I don't know what to do with.
The boys {all four} had a blast of a weekend...
with their cousins, Nana & Papa.
I was supposed to get a lot done with only 2 children home.
...only problem is that the 2 children at home
...were 2 little girls with a cold.
All they wanted was mama to hold them...
and I did...
but that made packing harder.
I took turns wearing them in my gypsy wrap.
It was special even if I didn't get enough done.

Eliza did find herself a wonderful place to sit
...and watch mama work in the kitchen
...while I wore Nolia

My baby girls are growing up so fast
...just look at Eliza in that picture
...she's such a little girl!
oh my lovely girls.

You all are so wonderful...
you write me emails
tell me you're thinking of our family
praying for our family
caring about our family.
You all bless me more than I could ever say.
Thank you!
I wish I had the time to write you all back...
I've marked all of your emails
...hoping to have time after the MOVE to write you back.
I'm hopeful!
but know you blessed me and I am so thankful for you.

This moving thing is hard
...I've never moved with a family before.
hard physically. hard emotionally.
I am so sure it is the right thing though.
This is what God wants us to be doing right now.
and I am learning amazing things through all of this.
Thank you God for this hard time.
for molding me and showing me.
How blessed am I.

I have moments of wanting to give everything away...
then I am overcome with sentimental emotions...
I realize that I have more than I have ever wanted...
I don't care for material things...
but they surround me...
how did I surround myself with things?
So I give it away...
I love giving things away.
and then sometimes I am overcome with sentimental emotions again.
but I'm learning
and discovering what is truly important.

Marriage & mothering are a challenge
through those challenges we grow and learn
and become more like Jesus.
So the more the challenges
the more opportunities to become more like Jesus.
So I am thankful for these challenges
...even though they are really hard!

I better get back to packing.

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