It's still noon somewhere...
So it still counts...
as being on time?
I hope so because I'm really trying to work on that!
...some new years resolution or something like that. {grin}

and now...
where were we?
{that's a lot of W's and E's}

we were not here...
last week that is
...we were there a few months ago though.

and even though leaving is really hard
...I miss the farm.

okay, enough talking really want to know where we were?

gracious you all are good
lots of guesses for...
oil changes...
auto repair shops...
car dealerships...
and tire shops...

Indeed we were at a tire shop
a Discount Tire
next to an Ice cream shop

but no we didn't visit the Ice cream shop
...but the Chick-fil-a instead

oh how we love Chick-fil-a

oh and yes...
Ozzie did have his shoes on the wrong feet
and it is adorable that he helps just like a big boy

so who guessed right?
ummm... about 29 of you!

my games are lame and way too easy...
I know, I know {grin}

oh and I am having trouble figuring out how to link to you
...with the new{ish} comment system
I just "liked" all of your correct answers so they pop up first!


on with the giveaway!

this picture...
these dresses that I adore...

they're from Zutano
I love Zutano
they're funky.
and super soft.

Zutano was so generous to give us these dresses for the girls
...and a pair of leggings to match.

And now they're going one of you a
$150 gift certificate
to the new Zutano Itzy Bitzy line!

isn't that an awesome giveaway!
...Yeah, I thought so too!

So all you have to do is leave a comment
...and tell me what you would buy with your $150?!

{disclaimer} Yes the dresses were given to us by Zutano. No we did not receive any money. Yes I truly adore Zutano and have had many pieces before these gifted dresses. {grin}

contest closed

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