That was last week?

Have you heard?
It's {babywearing} week!

oh... that was last week?!
and the weeks half over?!

Well too bad! {grin}

all this week {and a little of next} I'll be sharing with you
...all about babywearing!

Let's start with my first babywearing {love}


I remember the day I received my first ring sling in the mail...
after struggling with other carriers I was SO ready to try out a ring sling.

I remember reading the directions on how to thread it through the sliver rings 4 or 5 times.
I just wanted to get it just {right}

As soon as it was threaded correctly I put it on and grabbed my baby boy.

I plopped him in...
pulled the fabric around him
...pulled the tail to adjust
and slid the fabric over my shoulder.

It was on
the baby was secure
and it felt great! least it felt great for the first few minutes.

Then my shoulder started hurting...
I remember thinking "I can't babywear without it hurting...ever!"

however, I was so determined to make it work
...and I had been told by a few people that it was comfortable
So... I just kept trying!

I bet you can guess if I ever made it work?! {grin}

{how} did I do it?


Adjust the position of the baby...
from the hip to front and back again

Adjust the position of the shoulder cap...
from all the way up to all the way over your shoulder

Adjust the height of the baby...
from up above your ribs to down to hips

every mama is different
every baby is different

you just have to find what feels best to you...
if you try I am sure you will find your {sweet} spot.

{When} do I use my ring sling?

Ring slings {and pouches} are great for
UP & down babies

I LOVE to use mine for getting in places
and then taking the baby out.

Or when I know they're going to want UP and down

Or when I want to nurse

....and YES I have been known to wear BOTH girls in the same sling
...for SHORT periods of time. {grin}

If you LOVE bright blue and green just like ME
you can find this ROCKIN' BABY SLING here

and if you don't care for green and blue...
don't tell me! {grin}
No, actually what I was going to say is...
you can find TONS of other
slings HERE

Man babywearing is way too fun! {grin}

are you ready to hear about my next babywearing LOVE?!
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  1. It definitely takes practice!!!!! Thanks for sharing your love of babywearing and a little advice too

  2. I love it...

    If I ever have anymore babies I would try this But I am sure we are done :(

  3. Looking good, Mrs. Brittany!

  4. Your pictures are amazing! And I love blue and green!!

  5. oh, awesome....i'm not very good at baby wearing...i still need more practice, so i can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  6. oh my word- those are GORGEOUS! I just checked the Rockin website and I SOOO want one! However, my husband does seem to thing you can have too many of a good thing and I think the last carrier I bought (the Babyhawk) was supposed to be my last (BIG frown here!) Well, perhaps if we end up adopting an infant I'll be able to change his mind?! I hope so- I LOVE the one with the purple leaves!
    Glad to hear homeschooling is going well! I was wondering :)

  7. I love, love, love the prints that Rockin' Baby has!!! Ohhh, I want one! :)

  8. I too am in love with baby wearing. I have a very colorful maya wrap ring sling and I just love it! We have four children and our baby is our first girl and she loves the sling too! Love having my babes close! Thanks for encouraging us!

  9. That's a beautiful carrier! I had a Rockin Baby once and I really liked it!


  10. I am so glad you posted this stuff because I am wanting to try something other than our Baby Bjorn with my little peanut on the way. Which one was your absolute fav?

  11. I'm new to baby wearing and a friend bought us a carrier.... our baby fits but seems a little too small for it and it's hard to get him in/out. However, with all of our adoption bills I can't fathom paying 100+ for a sling. We looked at the Amy Coe brand slings and the're just horribly made, but affordable. Do you know of any sites/shops that are a little less expensive but still quality?

    Thanks :)

  12. I have five children of my own. My [baby] is five now. I held my babies ALL of the time...and never found a carrier I liked. Now I keep a sweet little baby and have been "wearing" her!! I have a ring sling and she loves it. I wish, wish, wish, I had someone to encourage me and learn from when mine were this little! I can't wait to see what you have next!

  13. Beautiful! I think I own that same on in the pink :)

  14. I love my ring sling. I was a little weary when I bought it, but I don't know what I would do without it now!! I actually managed to carry my napping two year old with a broken leg for over an hour in the ring sling when we were pumpkin piking last year.

    I made my first mai tai carrier for a friend last week - I am going to be making another one for myself you have any mai tais?

    {oh and I LOVE the blue and green - mine is blue and green paisley}

  15. you look so great with your twins together in the babysling, just like old times in the tummy:)
    I love your family and pray for you:)

  16. Wow, you are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Your family is precious!

    God Bless, Heidi P.

  17. Hi Brittany...your slings are made of beautiful fabric. Have you tried any other styles of baby carriers? I have a moby, and 3 Wombfruit Baby Wraps ( and I LOVE them... I btw ;-) I am the one on the home page with the green wrap to the right. Anyways I like Wombfruits bc they are made of cotton gauze which BREATHES in the hot GA sun!
    Dibs from one baby wearing momma to another :-)!
    -Emily B

  18. It's a really pretty sling!

  19. Too many freckles in your arms.


  20. oh, i LOVE ring slings. =) you are beeyouteefull! =)

  21. OMG!!! "Anonymous" Mary CAN'T be serious!!! It really blows me away at how jealous people handle their jealousy. You are amazingly beautiful inside and out!

  22. What? Mary, please tell me you are kidding? Crazy woman.

    I love freckles! I wish I had some.

    You are beautiful and so are your children!

  23. YOu look beautiful Britt!!!!

  24. Gorgeous, adorable, oh so sweet.

  25. Amy - love your blog! Your photography is just beautiful. I am excited to read what you have to say about baby wearing. I have a sling, but it's not a ring sling, so I am hoping to make one soon.

  26. Hi! I just happened to find your blog through one I was reading and just wanted to let you know your blog is amazing! Your family is so precious and your pictures on here are breathe taking! I am new to the blog world so I am discovering so may new ones but love yours :o). I decided I would start blogging about random thoughts and also to share my weight loss journey of loosing 149lbs in 9months in hopes to inspire others :o). Anyways looking foward to reading you blgo more! O and your kids names are so neat, I love unique names like those!

  27. My baby wearing days are over sadly..just wanted to comment on your updated photos on your sidebar. They are absolutely beautiful!! You have such a gorgeous family.


  28. Hey Brittany- I love your blog and all the info about babywearing! I noticed that in most of the photos here you are also supporting Eliza or Nolia with your hand too- is that just a habit and would you feel comfortable doing something with two hands while wearing them?
    I dont have any babies but babywearing seems like such a natural thing to do with a baby. I'll bet it makes the baby feel safer too.


  29. I loved using a sling too...definitely a necessity when you have a colicky baby...without it I couldn't other kids would have been awfully neglected! Great photos...major hair envy! :)

  30. I love your pic's. It looks like your babies just love being close to you. WOW I wish I had one for Clara when she was little. Hope you have a great week.


  31. Gorgeous sling...i could never get to using it...more power to you!

  32. beautiful, beautiful!

    I miss wearing my babe, babies, my kids : )

    I still have the sling I made in Ella's closet. I can't let go of it!!


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