...well they're God's really
but he gave them to me for a little while.

So for now they're mine...
and I LOVE IT!

I can't help but stop and just look at these 2 little beauties
...multiply times a day.

And I think...
they're girls
they're twins
they're MY girls
they're amazing
more than I could have ever imagined
and God gave them to me.

they like babies
and necklaces

and they play a game of peek-a-boo with each other
...it's simply the most ADORABLE thing I've seen

I love these girls more than I can put into words!

Imagine how God feels about us!

He loves us more than we can even fathom....
and he gave me girls

and I am still in awe of our blessings!

just thought I should let you know {grin}


and for those who were wondering about the necklaces

They ARE amber necklaces
and they are from www.hazelaid.com

not only are they absolutely precious on
but amber is awesome for teething too!

oh how I adore accessorizing my precious girlies!

please don't worry Grandma & Grandpa...
they are safe
each amber bead is knotted on
and they are like their mama
...love to wear necklaces
so no, they don't try to pull them off. {grin}


and did YOU notice?


What can I say...
It was a wet & MUDDY day
and I didn't have anything else to do! Ha!


it's almost tomorrow
and I have a class of 3 awesome boys to teach in the morning
so I must go to bed now!

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  1. Look at that FABULOUS sidebar!!

  2. my baby boys have got the same necklaces.... they are great for the teething. no tutus here though ;);)

    seems like life is interesting on the farm...

    have a great day xx

    Susan :):)

  3. Thank you for the necklace info! :) Love the new pictures. And your girls have the best eyes!

  4. Your blog is beautiful, and is always such a great reminder to appreciate the beauty of our children, and what amazing gifts they are. Thank you for that!

  5. Love the new sidebar pics!

  6. love the new pics on the sidebar!!

  7. That's where we got OUR necklaces!! Ok, hilarious...when you get home we'll all be matchy-matchy. :) My boys LOVE theirs and I really think its making a difference with the teething pain.

  8. Hi.Sidebar Looks Beautiful ! Thanks for the info about the necklaces.

  9. While I was sitting here reading your post, Leila came over and was looking at your new sidebar pictures. She pointed to Eliza & Nolia and said "it's me & Sarah and we're ballerinas!" So apparently my adorable, identical girls think that your adorable, identical girls are actually them! Too funny! I love the new pictures-beautiful, as always.

  10. Gorgeous as always!!! Also wanted to say I love the new pictures up on your sidebar! :)

  11. I too have twin girls. Rorie and Neila. Very similar name to Nolia. So much fun, so much love!

  12. I love the new sidebar images! How cute are those little pink tutus?!

  13. The necklaces are so cute, my one year old granddaughter always wears beads.

    Love the pink tutus.

  14. Love your updated sidebar pics. Really enjoy reading your blog too.

  15. They are beautiful girls and I love how you accessorize them. They must feel so pretty...and we all know that on some level a lady (no matter what the age) needs that feeling :)

  16. The pictures are fabulous and a long time coming!! :-)(but they make me miss the kids even more!)
    How did you get them to go up so big? I've tried to change mine and can't figure it out...

  17. Your girls are so sweet. I do love there necklaces. And there eyes are so blue. I do know what you mean, about you loving your girls. Clara is a God send to me


  18. Love the new sidebar pictures!

    Love the pictures of your girls also!

    I've had that same feeling...if I feel this way about my kids, how much more does God feel for us!?

    Take care and have fun with your 3 students ; )

    I better get to mine!

  19. Oh my gosh! I love their necklaces! And I love that they don't mind wearing them---Cute!!!! Every Mama needs a girl in their life--so two is just double the blessings!! You have a lovely family.....God bless.

  20. Beautiful and adorable!

  21. The new pics are great, and as you always do, great post!!

    Happy Monday!


  22. The new pictures are beautiful!

    By the way, I've left you a blog award at my blog (http://katinasharp.blogspot.com). If you get a chance, stop by and pick it up!

  23. I love your new sidebar photos. :)

  24. Enjoy those beautiful baby girls :)

    LOVEEEEEE the new sidebar pics...the boys and dad look handsome and the girls oh so adorable...and you my friend look amazing!



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