oh {yes} he is

...one of those babywearing dads

he LOVES it...
and he'll totally admit it!

Not to mention it just looks plain GOOD on him! {grin}

So let's talk about Structured carriers

I LOVE these carriers!
I DO tend to grab these more than the previously mentioned ring sling
...mainly because I'm wearing TWO a lot

and because they are AWESOME for long babywearing.

They are still quick to put on

they are very secure...
which means you are REALLY hands free

they DO require some strap adjustments
but less than other carriers

they distribute the weight {very} well

...and can be worn on front or back

if dad is wearing one of the girls
...it's in the Ergo

it's comfortable
...and doesn't have a girly print! {grin}

and just because it's worth seeing again...
Tell me this doesn't make you want to go tell your hubby
that he has to try babywearing!!!

we have two {structured carriers}
An Ergo
and a Beco

Paul wears the Ergo... it is HIS carrier
although I wear it too.

But I mostly wear the Beco
...because it has a pretty design {grin}

If I am carrying both babies I usually have the beco and/or the ergo on
...it works REALLY well

and it's beautiful
and natural

and I am SO thankful I am able to wear the girls now
...although I DO still feel hurt that I missed out on wearing them in the beginning
because of my accident

but I'm really trying to make up for it! {grin}

which one should you buy?

If you can only afford ONE
{like many of us}
and your husband WILL wear it too
...I would say the Ergo for sure!

If you know your husband won't wear it
...I would say the Beco.


The Ergo is a bit wider and feels like more of a carrier.
Plus they have lots of gender neutral colors.

The Beco is a bit thinner
...the waist belt and main part of the carrier.
And it comes in beautiful mama prints!
{although they DO have some neutral prints}

but REALLY...
they are BOTH awesome carriers
so just pick the one you think is prettier because I KNOW
you will LOVE them both!
{I know I do!}


Now... a little something for YOU!!

I've owned an Ergo for a while now
and recently they contacted me...
asking if I wanted to share their newest product with my blog readers!

Can you guess what I said? {grin}

They sent me their new Infant Insert...
Heart 2 Heart

and even though I don't have an infant anymore {boo-hoo}
you can just tell by looking at the new insert that it ROCKS!

You might have heard
that Structured carriers are only good for babies
{not infants}
but not with Ergo's new Heart 2 Heart insert.

if only I had an infant to use this with....

so do YOU have a little baby
AND would love to win
a new Ergo Heart 2 Heart infant insert?

Leave me a comment telling me your FAVORITE thing about babywearing!

Extra entry for twittering about it
AND an extra entry for blogging about it!

Have fun!


  1. i would to win this! i have a 4 month old son and im loving babywearing! i never even tried with my other 2, not sure why?!

    i love it b/c my baby LOVES to be up and moving. i love to babywear while i shop or take walks, that way i have 2 hands for my other kids to hold. my mom is even loving to wear little Luke!

  2. How absolutely beautiful. I wish I could try that. But, how do you get them on when you wear two? I love the ERGO at least for older babies. My turning two year old still loves it.


  3. I love my Ergo. I wish I had it with my first two boys (I have three boys) Its so easy and quick to put on and get the baby into. I love that I can pick the big boys up from school and go shopping or take a walk and it feels like I am 'hugging' my baby the whole time! Its so nice to have my hands free but still be close to my baby and every so often when I do have free hands I can give him and extra squeeze. And he is always within kissing reach :) I have a small 10 month old and plan to have one more and do not have an infant insert.

    I enjoy reading your blog and totally get your extra special love for your twin GIRLS. I have three boys and I don't feel our family could be complete without a little girl to call our own. Hoping number 4 will be my lucky number :)

  4. LOVE LOVE THIS! I too have a dad that wears our babies~ Beautiful

  5. I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one thing I love.
    I love that my baby is happy, close to me, and he feels so secure when I am carrying him in a baby carrier.

  6. i tweeted http://twitter.com/thelightsgodown/status/4650151181

  7. After carrying my little one in my belly for 9 months, I think it'll be so hard NOT to have her that close to me! Thanks for this opportunity!


  8. I would love the Ergo Carrier. I have a snugli right now and my baby boy is well a big boy. Having something a little more supportive would be helpful as I find it helpful to carry him and be hands free with 2 other runs running about.

  9. I just love babywearing! I always have so many people stop me and ask how I was able to get my son to be happy in the carrier, but I kind of felt like "why wouldn't he be happy??" There is a wonderful closeness of being together and I know he always loved being able to see everything from a bird's eye view.

    We are doing foster adoption of an infant anytime now and I look forward to doing some more babywearing again. We have an Ergo, but no insert--it would be great to have one!

  10. I would love this!!! I love babywearing because my baby loves it! And I just can't get enough of that sweet boy!

  11. I twitted about it! http://twitter.com/Courtfuller

  12. Babywearing saved my sanity. I had two easy babies and didn't ever consider babywearing (what a shame!), but my third baby was very fussy and required my attention around the clock. Since I had two preschoolers, that wasn't always possible. Babywearing solved our problems. He's 19 months old (and 33 pounds!!!) now, but I still wear him often, even though I'm 7 months pregnant with his little brother. I can't wait to wear the baby and the big brother at the same time!

  13. I love it because it makes my life a lot easier and it makes my baby a lot happier!

  14. i'm expecting a baby in 2 weeks and would love a new baby carrier! I love that wearing my baby allows me to stay close to them while accomplishing tasks around the house--which will be more important now than ever since this is baby number 3! =)

  15. I LOVE baby wearing, everything about it! I love being close and that it's hands free! :) What an exciting give away!

  16. My favorite thing bout babywearing is being able to chase my two year old while holding my newborn!

  17. Hands free enjoyment (o:

  18. Awesome! I am loving your info on baby wearing. I have only tried a couple of ring slings with my 2nd and a side carried with my first. I love how comfortable it makes your baby. They loved being close to me and it let me be free enough to be able to still do things around the house. I look forward to trying these with my next (in March:)).

  19. I would love to win this. I have a 9 week old and the closest I come to wearing him is in the Snugli. I have been saving for a better carrier (he flops too much in the Snugli) and I would love to have the one I buy be an Ergo. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  20. I tweeted...

  21. i would love to win this for future kiddos!

    i love babywearing for so many reasons! it lets you have your baby with you and still get stuff done; it is ininftely more convenient and comfortable to pop them in a sling or even ergo than haul around those dang carriers; it keeps them close to your heart and allows you to have ongoing conversations.

    i could go on and on! :)

  22. i blogged:


  23. i would love this! i'm expecting my third and have never had one...

    and i tweeted twitter.com/steph_drew

  24. Would love to have it!! I've got a little one on the way.

    Nothing better than snuggling your little one up close to your heart. :)

  25. I love baby wearing! I had a big baby though (9lbs. 9oz.) and just couldn't get him to sit right in the sling I had. I need to try something new!!

  26. I don't have a baby to babywear (yet), but I do have a pregnant sister-in-law with a 1 year old. I'm sure the heart to heart insert would be a life saver for her.

  27. I love babywearing cause it keeps my hands free for my other 2! :-)
    And she snuggles in so nice :-)

  28. I love my Ergo, but would LOVE to be able to an infant in it! I'm getting ready to have my 4th babe and will need it! Baby-wearing makes life easier. It makes me a less-stressed mom when the baby is just attached!

  29. SO FUN...I love that Paul loves to babywear. Jon does too. He absolutely loves it...even when the carrier has a girly print. ;) Which by the way, my BabyHawk has the EXACT SAME print as your Beco, so pretty much with our carriers and our necklaces, we are the same person. :) Teehee.

  30. I'm loving all your info on babywearing! It makes me want to try all the options! I only used the pouch with my daughter, and she loved it. I loved that I could go out with her and not struggle with a stroller (we were living in Europe at the time and sidewalks were not useable). With twins on the way in a few weeks I'm looking forward to wearing them too. Can you give suggestions on how to wear 2 infants together?
    The ergo looks great! My husband actually said he would like to get something so he can wear one of the babies:)

  31. I recently became the mom of a 3rd beautiful boy, and with my husband about to deploy with the army again I find babywearing to be both convenient and comforting... and why not, since they are only little for a short amount of time anyway!


  32. I would love to win the insert!! I have an Ergo and my husband and I love it!!! We originally got it for him...but hehe...I use it all the time too! It is so easy and comfy!

  33. I LOVE babywearing. I have done it with all my children and am currently doing it with my first son. I love the extra bonding time with him because I didn't get to bond very long with nursing. I tried - my body just wouldn't do it. So, I make up for it with the babywearing. My son loves it. My husband always tells me when we're out to make sure and put him in his "happy place". Because that's exactly where that is. My son loves being close and is always happy when I carry him in his sling.

  34. Love it! Before we adopted Amanda there was a copy of Mothering magazine floating around the house with a picture of a dad wearing his daughter. My husband finally said one day, "I hope you know, I'm not that guy." Okay, honey.

    We'll see what happens when we have three under three at our house. He's likely to prefer a structured carrier with buckles and straps, though.

  35. I have an ERGO and LOVE it. So does my husband! I babywearing is just amazing. I feel incredibly close to my baby and it beats having to stroll around in a cart all day. :) I would love to win the infant insert!


  36. I would love the insert as I have an Ergo and used it all the time with my 2nd son. Pregnant for the third time and would love to be able to carry an infant in it!

    I am tempted to buy that Beco though, love the patterns!!!

  37. I would love to try that! I don't actually have a newborn right now (we've been expecting twice recently but my babies habitually miscarry), but am seriously hoping to have one next year. God's timing is perfect, so we rest in Him.
    Anyway, my favorite thing about babywearing with my son has always been the closeness. He loves to rest his head on me (either my breast or my shoulder, depending on if he's on front or back); or wrap my hair around his fingers; or sometimes just put his hand on my jawline and smile at me. I love the physical closeness babywearing allows. Not only when babies are teeny tiny and are easy to MAKE them be close, but also when they are older and busier and wigglier -- because they LOVE to be close to me. Siiiigh.
    *I love babywearing!!!* :)

  38. I love to wear my babies. Have since I had the first one. Now, it is even more important as I homeschool the oldest and can have free hands and still be holding my baby close to me.

    Another few weeks before my new son is born :) Baby #6 for us.


  39. I love carriers. They made my life so much easier when I had my babies 14 months apart. I used a ring sling every day while working from home so that I could nurse my baby while working. It was the best thing in the world. I have only ever tried a ring sling so I cannot comment on any other ones but man would it be nice to have a bigger collection.

    My husband loved wearing the sling for our baby too. We had a gray sling so he did not mind. It was amazing because was raised in a Chinese, old fashioned home where the mom does the kids and housework and the dad works for the family, that is it. That is how it was with us until we were together for about 10 years and had our third baby. Watching him babywear after he was not too involved in our children's care was simply beautiful!

  40. I didn't wear my first baby 7 years ago, but I'm about to have another baby ( little girl) and I would love to be able to wear her. It just looks so beautiful! Comforting for the baby and momma. I've been looking around at different gear and having a hard time deciding what to get. I'm alot older now and just very much ready this time to take everything slow and in stride. I want to snuggle her always!


  41. No baby for me but I can imagine that my favorite thing about baby wearing will be the ability to get other things DONE while still be close to my baby. Another big reason I'd love to win is to be able to provide my sister with such a beautiful, helpful gift. She just had her first July 7th. Love the post!

  42. My favorite thing about baby wearing is the closeness that I feel to my baby! I love to have her snuggled up close to me!!


  43. I love the confort it provides the baby and the fact that you can still get stuff done around the house and not feel like you're neglecting your baby.

  44. Hello!

    I would love to win the infant insert! I'm off to buy an ergo from craigslist just today :-)! We have twins, and I want to figure how to carry them together- which other carrier do you use in conjunction?

    I love the peacefulness of the babies, love when my husband carries them, and love that I can eat and hold a 2 year old at the same time while I'm babywearing one of the twins!


  45. I love baby wearing Ruby because she falls instantly to sleep as long as I am wearing her. Snuggley and warm.
    A QUESTION: Is that "Structured carriers are only good for babies
    {not infants}". Is the ergo or Beco a structured one? I have a 3 month old and use a Maya wrap but was thinking about buying one of the ones you mentioned in this post.
    Wendy Mommy to 7. 9 and under.

  46. I also have twins, although mine are almost three. I also have a younger son that 20 months. I love that I can throw a twin on my back in our Ergo and the other in a ring sling and the "baby" in a cart at the grocery store. It is MUCH easier than attempting to push them in a stroller while pulling a cart. I wore my youngest son in a wrap exclusively for his first 6 months until I got the Ergo, I can't wait to wear a new babe in it!

  47. Hello from blustery Northern Michigan, I am a breastfeeding mother of 7 and soon to be grandma to a new blessing. I worn all my babies and still wear my 2 year old as it is just easier at times, people dont seem to understand the bonding and the comfort to a small child. I have older children that require us to be in very busy crowded places and for a child in a STROLLER down in the feet and legs of strangers can be very confussing and scary for them when they are up at eye level i find them to be much more tolerant of difficult sitituation. i have only used homemade slings I created, amd a traditional frame style backpack, but this would be a great addition to our new grandchilds world, thanks again for your glimpses of your life you share with us. TAM

  48. Wearing babies is just the best thing ever- they're close and snug, right where they belong. Thanks for this post-- we want a structured carrier upgrade (bye-bye snugli) and have decided on an Ergo. Yay!

    -Erin, mamalookingup (at) gmail.com

  49. because there's No other place my momma's boy (5 months old) would rather be. Happy baby, happy momma! ...oh and they just grow up waAay too fast, sniff sniff.

  50. Ahh, because you can smell their sweet baby scent all the time. And because you can have them close by while still be able to care for the home. . .

  51. I have a high-strung baby and I think being worn allows him to see the world and experience things without becoming overwhelmed.

  52. I would love to win this! My baby is still on the way, but I love baby wearing my niece in a moby wrap. Baby wearing means closeness and a sweet baby smell!

  53. I would love to win this! I had the Ergo with my daughter from about 6 months on, and loved it! Now we are expecting our second, and I would love the infant insert! Very cool!

  54. I have used a Snugli (for one baby)... Baby Bjorn for (for six babies) and I have a new little one.. 12 days old that I would like to try something different.. The carriers you are showing are so cute.

  55. Living in NYC, hands free is crucial. I used the Combi urban carrier and enjoyed that it came with "rain coat" for baby and extra storage for a quick run.

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  57. My favorite thing about baby wearing is the intimacy that you continue outside the womb with your child. Such snuggly goodness. {grin}

  58. I would love to wear my baby! I think it's got to be wonderful for baby to have mama so close!

    you're girls are beautiful! What a lucky Mama you are to have such a fun family!


  59. ERGO just sent me a carrier today...I'm so psyched to try it out. But I am entering the contest for my good friend Jocelyn who is having her third babe in December. She has an ERGO, but no infant insert. This would be perfect for her!

    (And can I just say that those red pants treat your bottom right? You look fantastic!)

  60. I LOVE to wear my babies. I have four boys and a girl right in the middle. And I'm pregnant with TWINS! I had a pounch sling and loved the convenience for popping in and out, the cozy sweetness of their folded up little body so very close to mine, the fact that a perfect-fitting pouch sling required almost no adjusting, and the beautiful fabrics. When I injured my back three days before baby number four was born, it put an end to one shouldered carrying for me. :( If I had a big budget, I'd own a Beco and a wrap and a mei tai- all beautiful, of course! But I have a tight budget and I picked out an Ergo. It really couldn't be more comfortable. I love the ability to stick a fussy baby (or toddler) comfortably on my back while I fix dinner. I love that having a carrier means I can hold my babe a lot more often than if I had to use just my hands. I love to wear my babes in public and discourage the "carry your baby around in a carseat" mentality. Actually, beginning to use a baby carrier brought a lot more of my nurturing instinct to my awareness and helped my relax and enjoy my baby. I LOVE a snuggly, soft, warm, sweet-smelling, sleeping baby snuggled heart to heart. I'll admit though, that my favorite thing is seeing how TOTALLY HOT my husband looks wearing our babies! :)

  61. I miss baby wearing. I am now pregnant with my FOURTH boy....
    My oldest turned 6 in july and won't even let me carry him up the stairs to bed (mind you, that's ok, cause my belly is getting big)
    My identical boys just turned 2 on September 28th...and well...they're little porkers lol, they weigh 30lbs each..but when they were "small" I used to carry them both in a mama kangaroo. I miss having them so small. This being our LAST baby...(I had all c-sections) I want to carry this baby until it's 19!!! Ok..maybe not that long, but as LONG as I CAN!!!!
    I miss the closeness...the "all mine" feeling...and Dad is really anxious to spend more quality time with his last son.

    I am going to try and purchase an Ergo, so winning this insert would be such a blessing. (With #4 on the way, we're trying to spend as little as possible)

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

    Blessed be,

  62. I have never been a babywearer :( but since looking at this, I'm really deciding I missed out and it might not be too late to have just ONE more! {GRIN} But I am entering because my sister is expecting her first angel in January. She is so excited to do things as natural for Carson as possible, including cloth diapering and breast feeding. I would LOVE to win this for her to give her the awesome opportunity of baby wearing. Thank you so much! BTW, I just LOVE reading your blog and checking on your kids. They are so adorable and your photographs are always amazing. I hope God is moving in your life in wonderful ways.

  63. I so missed out on babywearing with my first two. Who are now 12 and 9. I can't wait to try it with my newest (due in Dec.), I don't think I will be able to aford either of the carries but I can wish right? No work for either of us for almost a year.
    Oh and the name really fits me~


  64. Oops I didn't leave my email. IT's birthhappy@roadrunner.com

    I'm a few comments above, with five kids and expecting twins.

  65. I love babywearing as well! I have a Moby and am enjoying checking out the other options, but most of all LOVE your photography - it is AMAZING! I posted some comments on my blog as well.. don't have twitter yet. :)

  66. I hope to wear this baby that is due in march. I never really wore alex and wish I had. I am excited to try it out.

    Love the pictures they are amazing!

  67. I love babywearing because I can still feel as close as when they were in me. Its soo comforting and cozy!!!

  68. What's not to love about having your baby close to you at all times! : )

  69. I love the bonding time with my sweet baby while wearing her. It allowed me the opportunity to get some mommy things done while at the same time holding my little one. I would love to win an Ergo carrier. They sound great!! I had a peanut shell and a Mai Tai carrier for my first but would love to try something a little more structured and supportive for #2.

  70. i'm expecting baby #3 in january and would love to use his big sister's ergo with him as soon as possible. i used the moby with my daughter (and another front carrier with my oldest) and i love all the extra time you get having your baby near your heart, how perfectly they fit against their mama. i always feel sad for babies being lugged around in carseats!

  71. I love being able to kiss their little heads SO much easier!

  72. Yes, I have a baby and yes, I would love to win! With the cooler days upon us, I will be baby-wearing constantly to keep us two snuggled and warm and close to each other during all our special walks!!! Babies grow so quickly, got to hold them close and enjoy them before they grow big and strong and want to walk all by themselves.

  73. I absolutely love pictures of daddy's with there daughters. I have to say I have never heard of badywearing but if I had I would have gotten one for Clara she is two now.


  74. Well I don't have a baby yet, but am due on valentines day. I can't say I have a favorite thing about baby wearing, but everything I read about it, I love! I can't wait to try it, and will be registering for an Ergo carrier. (I think my husband will even get into it too!)

  75. I love the closeness of having my baby right near me- smelling their sweetness, and feeling their warm, contented sighs as they nestle up next to me. Sigh. Number five is due in May, and I can't wait to baby-wear again!!!

  76. I love the closeness of having my baby right near me- smelling their sweetness, and feeling their warm, contented sighs as they nestle up next to me. Sigh. Number five is due in May, and I can't wait to baby-wear again!!!

  77. I love the comfort it gives my baby when she is close to me. And it is handier than those carrying my bulky infant car seat!

  78. Oh, let me count the ways...1) to be hands free 2) hands to hold another toddler or baby 3) it just feels great to be so close 4) for all the benefits to baby while being "worn" (especially abandoned/rejected babies)....

    Ergo donated two carriers plus an infant insert to us a few months back, but the package never made it to Canada to the next volunteer coming to Bolivia. Very sad. :( I would still love to try a carrier versus a sling...

  79. OMG Brittany...the 5th pic down the black n white of your husband with one of the twins(sorry can't tell them apart..lol) is amazing...it needs to be blown up and framed!! Her little head laying against him...So adorable!


  80. Our first two children are adopted from Guatemala and we got an Ergo and it was the best thing I got before they came home. It worked great for our 10 month old and our 2 1/2 year old. We are due in 7 weeks with our third and I was just thinking that I needed to find a way to carry this new little one so the infant insert would be amazing! Thanks for sharing all the info!

  81. I have a new week old baby and I love to "wear" him! It would be so fun to have a new one~~~

  82. My favorite thing is being able to keep my little one close while having my hands available for my older kids!

  83. I LOVE to wear my babies as well! Both my girls have now grown out of our Ergo, but the third one is due anyday now! (Only 4 days overdue :))
    My favorite thing about wearing my babies is that it calms them down. They feel my heartbeat and it gives them a reasurance! Wonderful!


  84. Heather Pun10/6/09, 7:05 PM

    I'm a huge fan of the ERGO! My little guy got heavy fast and it was the easiest thing to carry him in. I loved that I could talk to him face to face while carrying him. I would love to use my ERGO from the beginning with the next one due October 26th!

  85. Heather Pun10/6/09, 7:05 PM

    I'm a huge fan of the ERGO! My little guy got heavy fast and it was the easiest thing to carry him in. I loved that I could talk to him face to face while carrying him. I would love to use my ERGO from the beginning with the next one due October 26th!

  86. my hubby is a super awesome sexy ergo wearer!!! I will be blogging about his sexiness... in toting our Son around the apple orchards... in walking the dogs.... he carries our 22 month old son everywhere!!!!!!!
    THAT is my favorite thing about baby wearing... is watching my hubby.... stud muffin. Hope to get the pics of him up on my blog and I will link back! All my friends are having babies and are not much of baby wearers... I would love to give them something to convince them having a baby attached to you is SO awesome!

  87. Oh, babywearing.... don't even get me started on all the reasons that I love it. The bonding, heart to heart, breath to breath contact that it supplies can't be beat. I love it. Plain and simple.

  88. You have such a Bewdyful family, and You are a wonderful Photographer, God Bless

  89. Being able to go the grocery store without having to worry about my son grabbing a jar of olives and throwing on the floor. (I learned my lesson!)

  90. I'm due in December and I've got a 1 and 2 year old, so you can imagine that hands free is a MUST. I'm a sucker for baby carriers, but only have a sling right now due to money issues, so winning this one would be awesome!

  91. I don't need to win but I love the pictures - so much!

  92. Oh, these pictures are so beautiful! I think its so great that you live where you live now and can just go take such gorgeous pictures on in the fields! I love it! My favorite thing about babywearing is being able to steal all the cuddles you want! I also love that I never had to buy the big stroller/car seat contraption, and my daughter was always with me. Oh, and when she was a newborn, I wore her in a ring sling, and she was hidden and tucked away and I didn't have to deal with strangers coming up and touching her! LOL. I love being hands free and being able to get things done, its a life saver! How do moms do mommyhood without babywearing? I can't fathom it. I'm due in February with my second, and I'm still wearing my daughter who is 21 months old! The Ergo is on my registry, and I want to try it so bad! Oh, and my husband totally babywears too, and I think its so stinkin' sexy! :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  93. Their little faces beam with love and feelings of contentment - who doesn't love that?!

  94. I currently do not have a little one (but hopefully soon) and I really feel I missed out on baby wearing with my twins (because I am not nearly as brave as you!).

  95. do you switch off on who goes in the front or back? I happen to think this is the cutest thing I have seen!

  96. I love that my hands are free to do other things : )

  97. i love wearing my babies! especially this new one because i have a very active two year old that i need my hands free for. plus he sleeps so much better in them. we have a sling now, which is good for newborns, but girly print which daddy won't wear.

    and thanks for posting the info on the swine flu.

  98. I love feeling the closeness of my babies, and I love the freedom it gives me to do other things when I wear them.

  99. its just so snuggly!

    We have a 16 mo and expecting our 4th in March... having one of thse would be a dream.

  100. I love babywearing because it keeps my little baby Caleb (2 months) close to my heart...where he belongs!

    However, he does not like the peanutshell sling I have (boo-hoo) b/c of his acid reflux (double-time boo-hoo)

    Caleb would probably love being worn in an upright carrier! And it may help his reflux issues :)

  101. I love to hear my baby's little grunts and squeaks. He just came home after 5.5 weeks in the NICU, and I missed out on so much those first few weeks that I can never put him down now that he's home! I want to wear him constantly!
    Your photos are absolutely amazing. I LOVE to see your work and get inspired to go on my own (amateur) shoots! Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

  102. I would love this! I have a 2 month old, 17 month old and a 4 year old. All girls! I love it but my hands have been full with starting my own childrens consignment business from home and I need both my hands. I've tried the cheap carriers at Walmart/Target/BabiesRUs but can't seem to find one that fits. I have never tried the material with the ring or this new one you are posting about but, it looks amazingly comfortable. Wow! All that said to say I would love to have my 2month old close to me all day long while I'm working, cleaning, shopping, helping the 17 month old with her needs. So, please consider me for this prize! Thanks, Trisha

  103. I would love to win this, I think my favorite aspect of baby wearing (if I had to pick just one) is the cuddling their little bodies close and getting to smell the amazing baby smell while still having two hands free.

  104. I blogged about it with some super awesome pics of my hubby carrying our son..

  105. I love my Hot Slings for my three month old, Violet, but would love to have an Ergo for DH to wear her in. I love babywearing because I have a two and four year old to keep up with and it is so much easier to run around the park or the library with the baby on me then in a stroller. I also love when she falls asleep in her cling, it is just precious to be able to snuggle her like that.

  106. I am expecting a baby now. I loved babywearing my daughter. I felt that it helped her to be more observant and part of my life. It also helped me to be more observant of her and part of her life. People complain so much that babies don't come with instruction books. I think they do--they are the instruction book! If we take the time to bond and attach, we can know much easier their needs, wants, joys, sorrows, etc. It is such a blessing to all involved!

  107. My FAVORITE thing about babywearing is having 2 hands free to work while still being able to snuggle my baby! Priceless!


  108. My kids are to big to wear, but, I bought an ergo because it was an unbelievable deal, and as we would like to adopt in the near future, I snatched it up, and promptly gave it away! My friend was leaving in days to go to Africa to pick up their new daughter, and desperately wanted one, but couldn't afford to buy one, so I gave it to her, and she wears in incessantly!

  109. I'm expecting my first little baby in April and I am excited about trying babywearing! So many exciting new adventures! Kelly


Thank you for blessing me with your words!