Oh yes I am!

I tried to not talk about it...
but I can't
and you don't want me to {grin}

Many of you have asked me what I think about the swine flu and the vaccination.

I KNOW how controversial this topic can be
and I haven't been in the mood to stir up trouble around here lately.

BUT I just have to share this with you
thousands of people read my blog
{what an amazing blessing!}

and I believe you all need to hear this if you haven't heard it already.
Share the truth and pass this on!

and for the truth
as published on Natural News...

- The vaccine production was "rushed" and the vaccine has never been tested on humans. Do you like to play guinea pig for Big Pharma? If so, line up for your swine flu vaccine this fall...

- Swine flu vaccines contain dangerous adjuvants that cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is why they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders.

- The swine flu vaccine could actually increase your risk of death from swine flu by altering (or suppressing) your immune system response. There is zero evidence that even seasonal flu shots offer any meaningful protection for people who take the jabs. Vaccines are the snake oil of modern medicine.

- Doctors still don't know why the 1976 swine flu vaccines paralyzed so many people. And that means they really have no clue whether the upcoming vaccine might cause the same devastating side effects. (And they're not testing it, either...)

- Even if the swine flu vaccine kills you, the drug companies aren't responsible. The U.S. government has granted drug companies complete immunity against vaccine product liability. Thanks to that blanket immunity, drug companies have no incentive to make safe vaccines, because they only get paid based on quantity, not safety (zero liability).

- No swine flu vaccine works as well as vitamin D to protect you from influenza. That's an inconvenient scientific fact that the U.S. government, the FDA and Big Pharma hope the people never realize.

- Drug companies are making billions of dollars from the production of swine flu vaccines. That money comes out of your pocket -- even if you don't get the jab -- because it's all paid by the taxpayers.

- When people start dying in larger numbers from the swine flu, rest assured that many of them will be the very people who got the swine flu vaccine. Doctors will explain this away with their typical Big Pharma logic: "The number saved is far greater than the number lost." Of course, the number "saved" is entirely fictional... imaginary... and exists only in their own warped heads.

The lottery, they say, is a tax on people who can't do math. Similarly, flu vaccines are a tax on people who don't understand health.


So what do I THINK?

I didn't write the above information but I am writing this...

The RISK of getting the seasonal OR swine flu vaccine far outweigh the risks of getting the actual FLU {either one}

It is COMPLETELY unsafe

It has NOT been tested

The viral strain changes so much
and so often the vaccine likely doesn't even
match up with the current virus.

It is FULL of KNOWN toxins


preventative care is much safer
and produces MUCH better results

The flu can be very mild and usually is

There are MANY natural ways to protect against the flu
and they are all SAFE.

Did you know that ALL plants make their own anti-viral medicines
that's right ALL PLANTS

God amazes me all the time! {grin}

So get natural!

Oregano Oil
Colloidal Silver
Vitamin D {min. 5,000 IUs per day}
SLEEP {6+ hours} I need to work on this one! {grin}
Prescription drugs and antacids raise your risk so take them sparingly
{both cause you to be more susceptible}

eat raw as much as possible
remember PLANTS have anti-viral medicine IN THEM!


I am NOT a doctor
I have a passion for health and have spent most of my adult like reading and learning about health and nutrition.
I only share with you what I would do for my own family.
We should all be given the chance to make our own EDUCATED decision!

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer {if I know}

oh and one last thing...

If you want to read LOTS of helpful information
you can check out these few sites



  1. Britt,
    You can choose a smaller size YouTube video... look at the embed code choices on YouTube, and you'll see they offer 3-4 sizes....

    Great post... I've sent you a couple of emails this week. Did you receive them?

    Great pics of you guys... hope you are doing well.

    Brent (Abby's Dad)

  2. I was thinking about getting swine flu vaccine for myself and my boys, but that totally makes sense about then rushing it and not testing it first. Everyone is freaking out about it so they are just trying to make people feel better. I think I'll skip it!

  3. I don't vaccinate, but do believe in keeping my family healthy, I appreciate your blog (I have twins, too) and the nutrition ideas and sites to do my own research on. My hubby sometimes thinks he wants to vaccinate our kids, so I'll have him read the web sites you noted, too. I love learning....
    P.S. what's your favorite babywearing combo for wearing both babies (your twins)? I'm still working on my fav combo.

  4. I think we have the same views on health {although, you may not know it by my last post where i indulged in wedding cake} ha! Blessings!

  5. i couldn't agree more with your comments... but i wonder what kind of response you'll get! :)

  6. I think you half to weigh both sides very carefully. I mean you can always find a bad article, or news report or research. Same as finding the good in those same documents.

    There is risk in everything. Like the drug Chemo, it toxic and does and will kill you. But it also saves your life.

    Could the H1N1 shot kill you. Or could it save your life?

  7. THANK YOU for posting this! I appreciate the links and info you listed. I do not feel either of these are safe for my kids (or me) but most around me get the regular flu shot and think I am stubborn for not getting it. Now I need to find out what naturally will keep our immune system strong! Always appreciate you sharing what you do for your family! ~Michelle

  8. I think all the attention around swine flu is ridiculous! Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it. Anyway, I couldn't agree with you more! I will NOT be getting the vaccination and I will most defintely NOT be giving it to my children! Thanks for the info! =)

  9. I absolutely agree about the swine flu. The media has taken this way to far. Most places aren't even sending off the results of peoples test to see if it is just the regular flu or swine flu because it takes 3 weeks to get the results back and by then most are already over it. They are actually saying the regular seasonal flu is much worse (the way it makes u feel) than the swine flu. I have never been vaccinated for the flu (im 21) and have never had the flu!

  10. I have been doing a lot of research regarding vaccines since my youngest received his last set of shots. I will NEVER EVER vaccinate my kids again! Curtis (youngest) started having enhanced neurological issues after his last shots. As soon as we can we will have him tested for heavy metals because he does show some symptoms. All this Swine Flu hype is ridiculous. Sometimes I think these Drs. went to school to gain knowledge that doesn't make sense. Do you understand what I mean here? Thanks for posting this. Curtis goes to public school because of his special needs and they are requiring the shot. I know I am going to have a battle with them but he won't receive any more of that stuff.

  11. All very good links you posted. I'm glad you had the guts to write about this... I'm still working on it.

  12. I was just going to email you with this question. thank you!

  13. I am eligible for the vaccine (preggers with #6-yay!!) but am not that keen. It seems very rushed, and the actual virus doesnt seem to be taken very seriously in the 1st place (here, in Aust. they arent testing anymore, and there was a kid at the school who had it and we were not even informed)... So confusing, I have to say Im leaning towards NOT getting it at this stage.

  14. *sigh*

    I should just move on, but I'm really tired of mommy bloggers talking down vaccinations. I think it is irresponsible and ill-informed.

    Especially when you say things like, "it is COMPLETELY unsafe."

    And just for the sake of argument: plants do have some healing power but they can also kill you.

  15. Megan:
    If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  16. I think you have to be very careful when researching online, as anyone can whip up a website and make all kinds of claims.

    As far as new vaccines, I do agree with you and haven't had the guardasil (cervical cancer) vaccine or Swine Flu vaccine either (Swine flu doesn't seem to be dangerous to normal healthy people anyhow). I like them to be thoroughly tested first.

    But this "Big Pharma" stuff is hyped up. In America maybe, but in Australia, Sweden, Canada etc where there is healthcare it makes no sense for the governments to provide vaccines if they were dangerous. The autism link has been officially ruled out, and bad reactions to vaccines are usually related to allergies to products within the vaccine. I know a little girl who had a terrible reaction to a vaccine because there was egg in it. Does that make eggs bad? No, she's just allergic.

    I work with kids, and I know vaccinated and unvaccinated kids. Both groups are just as healthy or unhealthy as each other. I'm vaccinated and in perfect health, so is my brother.

  17. We do the regular vaccinations, but this one just doesn't sit well with me at all. Thank you for posting this, I might have to forward to my hubby, as he's not sure why I'd want to skip this one...

  18. I have a 3 year old and I'm currently pregnant. Our pediatrician actually recommends both of us NOT getting the H1N1 vaccine this year. Typically, I'm not against vaccines, but he made a convincing argument. He said the H1N1 vaccine is just too new and the side effects are still unknown. He was unwilling to put either of my children in harm's way. It's just not worth it!

  19. We are not doing the H1N1 vaccine either. But I was wondering if you knew how to get tested for heavy metels?

  20. Even though Lily is high risk (asthma and gets pneumonia easily), we will probably NOT do the H1N1 vaccine. I'm really uncomfortable with its lack of proper testing. As for the regular flu vaccine, she will probably get that, but the other girls will not. They are healthy, and their immune systems can fight things off. We are definitely working towards even healthier eating habits (cutting sugar waaaaaaay down) and taking D3, so those things should help too.

  21. I mentioned this post on my blog today. :) Oh and dont let the negatives I know you will get from this bother you. You are a fantastic mom and i think very wise.

  22. I totally agree with you! I was waiting for someone to bring this up. Thank you!!!!!

  23. You get the award for guts for posting this!!!!!!

    I completely agree. My family will not have the flu or swine flu vaccinations either. We never get them!

    People need to be responsible for their own health and read and research and come to their own conclusions. Don't believe the hype!!!!!

    Thank you for the post.

  24. I totally agree with you that the vaccine is risky. I even retweeted your link but I was wondering this: My son has Cystic Fibrosis and it is recommended that he get all vaccinations {us too}. Quite the predicament I am faced with. What would you do? He has already had the seasonal flu vaccine but no I need to decide about H1N1.

  25. We aren't planning on getting the vaccine {and actually I couldn't get one if I wanted to because of some immunosuppresant drugs that I take for Rhumatoid Arthrtis}. I think if people would just use some common sense it could be controlled a lot easier. Like stay home if you are sick...instead of going out and infecting everyone else! And wash your hands!! I can't tell you how much I have washed my hands in the past two months since all this swine flu nonsense started!

  26. Great post! I take probiotics, echinacea, adn a few others incl Vit D, however what is the formula for taking coll Silver? My mother takes just when she is starting to feel sick? I'm just concerned with taking too much becuase of heavy metal poisoning? Also if you don't want to post it could you send me an e-mail on you thoughts for the Gardisil shot? I am a nurse and deal with HPV alot, many of the DR I work with think the nurses should get it as protection, but I would really like to hear your thoughts on it?

    thank you

  27. Actually the vaccine was tested on humans by the University of Iowa and several other places around the US.


    We are though choosing to not get this shot for our daughter or ourselves. I think taking the extra precautions against any type of flu is the most important step in battling the sickness.

    But I do ask that you double check your research before you make claims...

  28. I couldn't agree more.

    My husband and I were at a grocery store-where a nurse was giving out free flu shots...so we, of course, had to ask some questions. When we asked her what was in the vaccine--she started informing us of the 3 stints blah blah blah...when we pushed further and asked if she knew the INGREDIENTS in the flu shot, she COULDN'T even tell us!! I could not believe that--and yet she could sit perfectly comfortably in her chair injecting people with these known (or in her case, unknown) toxins! Unbelievable!

    Yes, flu/swine flu can cause death. Most of these cases are people who were already ill with other diseases/sicknesses and once the flu hit, that was the last straw! So lets do our best efforts in keeping our bodies free of these toxins and staying healthy.

    I love Dr. Mercola's website!

  29. this is a great post...I completely agree.
    questions -- is the 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D/per day for adults and children? or is it less for kids?
    and can you recommend a good probiotic?
    thank you :)

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  31. e. said...

    Great post, very brave. I hope all your facts are checked and rechecked (anonymous above disagrees with you on a few) but when it comes to making health choices for your family, it's about whats right for you anyways.
    I already HAD swine flu/H1N1, it was the worst "flu" I've had in my 20 odd years of life, however, I was just couch-ridden for a few days, with aches, fever, chills, and a little vomiting. There is no way I would take a questionable vaccine to avoid a 2 or 3 day stint watching daytime TV. Perhaps that will put some fears to rest.

  32. According to the article about the testing of the swine flu vaccine, half of the volunteers tested were 18 - 64 years old and the other half were 65 years and older. So it hasn't been tested on children? And I'm wondering about pregnant women? Why would I want to get a vaccine that hasn't been tested enough and could potentially harm or kill my unborn child?!

    Thanks for posting this Brittany! No vaccines here!

  33. Thanks for your post, Brittany, and for encouraging others to educate themselves!

    I completely agree with your stance here and my husband and I will not receive the flu vaccine. I'm 25 and have never had a flu shot and have never had the flu {the same is true for my parents who are both in their 50's}.

    I think it's unfortunate that people do not take the time to educate themselves for the sake of their health and their family's health. We don't have any children yet, but when we do we'll read everything we can get our hands on/talk to as many resources possible before making decisions regarding our children's health.

    Thanks for being an example of a wonderful mother :)

  34. My perfectly healthy nephew was diagnosed with the swine flu a few weeks ago. And within a few days, it was gone. I sometimes think that because of the unknown, things are always hyped up. Now, I'm not saying that there isn't a reason for that - people can die from the flu. But I'm more afraid of the vaccine. Being that it's still in the experimental stages, I don't want any of that flowing through the veins of my children or I. I do have 4 children and I do vaccinate, but I will not be getting this drug. The doctor of my nephew who had the flu told my sister-in-law NOT to get the vaccination for their other children. He still didn't believe it was safe enough. Thank you for your post, though!

  35. I completely agree with you on this swine flu vaccine!!! I told everyone from the very beginning that my family will not be getting this vaccine and I feel just as strong about this as you do!!!

    I have never not had my children not get their regular vaccines from the doctor... but will be researching this from here on out. Thank you for sharing those websites!!


  36. I have never written before, but feel it is worth telling you THANK YOU for sharing this truth...so many people are being hurt by this. People need to know and think about what they are doing. We are also big into herbs...God has given us what we need!

  37. My husband is military so he is not able to opt out of flu vaccines. He will, unfortunately, have to have the H1N1 vaccine. Do you have any suggests on what I can do to help prepare his body for what is in the shot?

  38. thank you for the information; my kids are all vaccinated, but I agree with you and appreciate your post. I don't think we'll be getting the H1N1 either. There is so much that just isn't known about it, and if you get "the flu", we all know how to treat the symptoms, like you said, with lots of rest, fluids, vitamin C&D. Thanks again. Package get there, yet?

  39. While I agree with much of what you said, I'm still terrified. There are reports of perfectly healthy pregnant women DYING from H1N1. As a pregnant mother, that freaks me out. Of course, I do what I can to stay healthy, and I try to stay away from sick people, but you just never know. At this point I'm not getting the vaccine, but what if something does happen to me? Will my husband ever be able to get past the fact that the vaccine could have saved me? That's always heavy on my mind.

  40. Thank-you so much for being willing to speak truth into peoples lives. I agree with you 100%!!! I have four children and none of them have been vaccinated. I have twins also and you have been a great encouragement to me to keep striving to live naturally and to glorify God in the way our family lives. I have prayed for you, that God would give you encouragement and strength to keep doing what you know is right and speaking truth to all who need to hear it. Thanks for being an inspiration. Love, Ang

  41. There are many factual errors in this article, BUT overall I agree with opting out of flu vaccines. It is "just" the flu afterall and not worth the effort for me to get the shots, especially since no one in our house has ever had the flu.

    One thing I wanted to mention is biofeedback. What are your thoughts on that? It seems to me that the messages we send ourselves regarding our health and well being are just as important as what we eat and put in our bodies. A podiatrist once told me that kids are prime examples of biofeedback, and that is why they can often give them a quarter for their plantar wart...and it works! That is amazing.

    SO, getting to my point, if you believe something is good or conversely bad for you...then guess what...it probably is! Make sense?

  42. I believe the hype around the swine flu is greater than the actual flu symptoms. Granted, certain people will be affected and possibly die from the swine flue due to suppressed immune systems or things like that, but the regular flu does the same thing! In Oklahoma the doctors are actually telling us it would be better to catch the flu right now (H1N1) than to catch the wave of flu that will hit around December- January (NOT H1N1) I do not get flu shots because of the fact I always get the flu. A full blown case, not just symptoms. They are pushing on the news right now that you DO NOT develop the flu from the shots, its a myth, and you must already be carrying the virus. If that's the case then, injecting yourself with the virus only intensifies the underlying symptoms! Plus, I completely agree with the point that they never inject you with the "right" strand. They believe it's one thing, but then its retracted and said that it was actually a strand they weren't expecting. Isn't that a convinient excuse? Of course the strand mutates from what they believed it to be because they are trying to make people immune to it and I believe it just makes them more suseptable (sp?) WHEW! I got worked up! Have a great day Brittany.

  43. Britt,

    Though I don't see eye to eye with you on vaccinations in all forms, I certainly agree with you 100% on this one. Based on the information that I have read and studied, I would NEVER give the vaccine to my children, or take it myself, even though I am pregnant and considered 'high risk'. Drugs that are studied for years and considered "safe" are later pulled off the shelves when people start dying from them--why on EARTH would we consider putting something in our bodies that has been so rushed to the market, with no PROOF of safety?

    NO WAY, Jose. Not in this family!

    Thank you for this insightful, informative post. You better believe I will be passing this one on!

  44. I put a link to your blog on mine. I hope you dont mind. Thanks for your input. I agree with it completly and I wanted to share with my family and friends.

  45. Well, I'm not sure where you got your information, but I have researched the swine flu vaccine a whole lot (because I'm pregnant). While I'm still not sure if I'm going to get it, I definitely won't be one of the first ones in line.
    However... the point that says the swine flu is full of adjuvants is incorrect. It specifically says on the CDC website that while the regular flu and other vaccines do have adjuvants the swine flu vaccine does not. That alone calls into question some of the other things you have posted.
    Good luck.

  46. Im with you!I cant wait for this to all be past~

  47. Im with you!I cant wait for this to all be past~

  48. Thank you Brittany for speaking the truth! No wonder there are many who would like the internet shut down, huh?

  49. I am 7+ months pg with my 6th child. People tell me I *have* to get both the flu shots and swine flu vaccine. My response is always the same: NO. I take care of myself and my family, we eat healthy, we exercise, we take our vitamins and we are careful to wash our hands and stay away from sick people.

    I will not subject my family to that kind of vaccines. Not the regular flu vaccine and certainly not the swine flu vaccine. That one seems like a bomb just waiting to go off.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.


  50. My husband and I were just discussing this last night, and I sent him that video. I am not going to get my kids the swine flu vax, heck I don't even get them the regular flu vax. I didn't know that about vitamin d either. Do you give your kids vit. d supplements? If so, what ones do you use? I have just started taking some for other reasons, but this is great to know.

  51. With Cystic Fibrosis we definitely need to take a closer look into this vaccine, but as of right now, I'm going to avoid it and just be extra diligent with had washing and not being amongst crowds.


  52. Britt - AMEN!

    YEAH for sharing all of this truth here and I will be linking to it on my blog as well. We were just speaking about this with a family friend last night at dinner. People NEED to know the truth to be SET FREE!

    Hugs and much love,

  53. Glad you posted this, I'm going to link. Nicely done, girlie! :-)

  54. Oh dear Lord, Another "educated" anti-vax post. Please: don't trust everything you read on the internet from "doctors". There are many factual, typographical, and overly biased opinionated errors in your entry.

    This sentence alone makes absolutely no sense:

    The RISK of getting the seasonal OR swine flu vaccine far outweigh the risks of getting the actual FLU {either one}


    The risk of getting the vaccine? You mean someone can run up from behind me and jab me with a vaccine?

    Sorry, lady, but while the facts somewhat support your opinions, you really should use your platform for more non-educational topics. Keep the pictures coming and let us do our own research from real doctors on important topics like this one.


  55. Hi! A friend just told me about your blog. What would you do if your employer was forcing you to get the vaccine? Mine is. I will not do it...and may have to quit, but I love my job. So, what do you think?

  56. I think that it is unfair and uneducated to say that the seasonal flu vaccine is COMPLETELY unsafe. The CDC estimes 36,000 die from seasonal flu.

    36,000. That is not a risk I am willing to take.

    In fact, I had my 7 month old vaccinated a week ago.

    Thanks to modern medicine life expectancy has increased drastically in the last 100 years due to the introduction of vaccines.


    Just some food for thought!


  57. I'm with you - NO WAY to flu shots - every year I almost get into an argument with the kids ped b/c I absolutely refuse this shot! I want my kids to get the flu to build up their immune system! Hello?!

  58. @Anonymous at 3:12 a.m.: Disagreeing with someone's opinions (who states them as facts) is not the same thing as not being able to "say anything nice."

    I don't think you should scold someone from anonymous. At least I am brave enough to use my real profile & link my blog.

    On a slightly different note, just because someone is a Christian, doesn't mean you have to do everything that she does in order to walk right with the Lord. Jesus is our standard. And the last time I checked, He didn't say ONE THING about vaccines in the Bible. So everyone should judge for herself and her own family what is right.

    Okay, I'm done now. Carry on.

  59. i do have a few questions.
    They have actually tested on humans, however there is no evidence supporting its worth. I remember this past summer, I was visiting my fam where they were asking for volunteers to take the vaccine, so they could research it. Just because its being researched does not mean anyone knows the future side effects. What we eat and our environment has already caused a disruption of female hormones (which has made me believe that is why so many young women are ending up with thyroid disease, like myself) ....

    anyway, do you know of some healthy things one can do if they have thyroid issues? I have been researching, but so many things differ...like for one calcium can cause malabsorption...same with soy and astuff...I have echinecea tea and it states if you have an issue like that to not drink it (I mainly drink tea, bc of the health benefits) I am trying to find things that are helpful, but that will not disrupt my thyroid function...any ideas? I do agree with you though about the vaccine...I think its SAD that they are asking pregnant women to get it as well...does anyone know what it could do to babies? obviously not and I so would not take the chance if I was pregnant...

  60. Thanks! And your blog, post what you want! I vaccinated my first child amidst researching vaccines. Just wasn't sure at the time. Thankfully he is safe, but my 10 week old daughter will not be vaccinated. We are taking extra steps this season to stay healthy, many of which you listed. My 16 year old niece is having nerve issues after her Gardisil vaccines this summer. She was seen at John Hopkins and left undiagnosed. They medicated her and told her they could not rule out the vaccine causing the nerve damage. We are talking a perfectly healthy 16 year old who loses feeling and gets tingles in her legs...So sad that we are doing this to our children. No more vaccines for this Mama!

  61. Megan,

    Good for you! I completely agree with everything you said. Rock on!


  62. This is honestly one of the worst researched and most dangerous posts I've ever seen on the internet.

    Please, commenters, get educated rather than blindly following this "crunchy" mom.

  63. My husband and son had the H1N1 flu. It hit our community in the spring- they both lost 10 lbs- and were pretty sick- but within 10 days they had fully recovered- We have never had the flu vaccine- I don't think it is safe so we will take are chances without the vaccine. I might investigate it for our younger son since he has asthma. I find the media is really pressuring us with fear. I predict it won't be as bad as they are saying- the drug companies are making $.

  64. OK, I hope this comes out right...I have no problems about your views on vaccinations, eating choices, etc... What I disagree with is you making the statement "and for the truth". The only truth I know is the bible.

    Who is to say this is the truth just as much as me saying the other side of this topic is the "truth." There are always two sides to a story and both can be argued well. Just because you found this info on these websites and others does not make it fact. So please do not present it as "truth"...it is just your opinion.

  65. Do you only research info that agrees with how you already feel or do you look at BOTH sides objectively? It seems you only read sites with your same views. Do you know what qualifies them as having the "real" facts? Are you sure their own tests, clinical trials and research are better?

    If so, please share and maybe your claims would be more valid. Just siting websites means NOTHING!

  66. Last time I went to the dr they strongly recommended getting both the flu and swine flu vaccine. I said no until I could get more information. I am pregnant at 34 weeks now. I am taking a prenatal vitamin and trying to eat well what else would you recommend along with that vitamin? I really don't want to get the vaccine but would like to be proactive to avoid it and do my best for our baby. Thanks for any advise!

  67. I am 34 weeks pregnant and getting both vaccines. I completely trust my sister and brother in law more then I trust anything I find on the web on this issue. I am very open to hearing what others have to say, that is why I keep coming back to the same blogs as I know some of you do some great research...but on a topic like this I stick to my family in that profession to help me figure things out.

  68. Thank you so much for posting all this info...it's exactly what my gut has told me. And guess what? I just had it...and it's not that bad! The "best" flu I've had so far...the media wants you to think everyone is dropping dead from this thing...it's just the flu! Drama and fear sells...remember that.

  69. While I agree that the swine flu has been ridiculously over-hyped in the media, I find this article to be a bit over-the-top.

    Many of the "facts" in the article are incorrect.

    If anything is unsafe and scary, it's the fact that there are people out there who read these posts and take them as the Gospel. This is the Internet people! Do you not realize that there are websites out there denying the Holocaust? Just because there is a website on the Net justifying your cause, DOES NOT make it FACT!

    It's also hilarious that mothers would take advice from a blogger with NO medical training, and not from someone with an MD degree.

    Do your own research, with REPUTABLE websites. Not with some site that claims Big Pharma's out to get us. Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, do your children a favor and make an EDUCATED decision about this. Not a decision based on something that sounds good.

  70. Sarah, my gut instinct is that you are neither a) a child b) immune deficient or c) pregnant. That's why you recovered so well.

  71. No I'm none of those...but if I was, I'd be even more fearful of being vaccinated.

  72. Sarah, I don't mean to gang up on you, but that's just ignorant.

  73. The website below is from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and provides an in depth look at vaccines.


    I will probably not get the H1N1 vaccine just because it has been so rushed, however, if I had a medical problem or was pregnant I would consider it because the worth would probably outweigh the risk. My sister works in the PICU and they have had children on their units for weeks/months because of the swine flu. She is also aware of a pregnant woman who was in her first trimester when she got the swine flu and the baby died. I think it is very dangerous to swear off all vaccines.

  74. I am shocked people are actually asking you advice on medical issues.

    People you should be doing your own research, talk to QUALIFIED individuals and seeing your doctor. I know Doctors do not know everything but what does Brittany know?

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Sarah, I think we're around the same age, but thanks for the unsolicited advice.

  77. I have to agree with anonymous... Do your own research and seek out QUALIFIED professionals to answer questions. Our pediatrician said he recommended the flu shot, but would not tell us to get the H1N1. However, he was making this recommendation on our children being healthy. I would take his MD advice over someone who does their research primarily off the internet. Also, like someone else noted when you only research one side of a story when it aligns with your beliefs and call that FACT, it is hard to take that info as much more than ones OPINION. I will trust my MD knows best for our family, and will do my own research. Great day to you all...


  78. Interesting comments Brittany. Just wanted you to know that I just put up a post as well, and I linked you. Hope that is okay...and I'd love to see you do a follow-up post on this!

  79. I have a question about non-vaxing in general...

    Our son started kindergarten this year. It is REQUIRED by the state (in all states, I would assume) to prove that your child has been vaccinated. Are you all going to homeschool your children, or just forge the documents to "say" they've been vaccinated? I've wondered about this for a long time...I'd appreciate someone's insight. Thank you.

    Amy (sorry, no blog)

  80. Hi Amy..I am a teacher and I I know the sheet says you are to vaccinate but that is not true. You can sign off on a form saying that you are not vaccinating. My friend is also a teacher and does not vaccinate her school age children.

  81. I love you :)
    I hate that I get the dirty looks for not vaccinating my kids.
    I simply tell them that my "mommy instincts" go TOTALLY OFF when I think of them, there's NOT enough research, and I believe in being as natural as possible.
    My children have no allergies, I never took Materna's, I ate well, plenty of fruits and veggies, and so far, it's worked for me. Why would I change that?

    Good on you for posting this. SO on your wagon! :)

  82. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been thinking about this for a while and being pressured by our pediatrician. I never liked the idea of over vaccinating and never had the flu vaccine myself. I have also never had the flu!

  83. I'm so glad you posted about taking Vitamin D and not only to take it, but to take ENOUGH of it!

    I've been taking 10,000 IU/daily for nearly 3 years. I feel wonderful!

    Also, here's a great article about a medical directors experience with VItamin D and H1N1 with his patients versus his staff:


    I've been writing about VItamin D for years and am glad I found your blog (via Drea Wood):


    Thanks again! And, Cheers to your health!

  84. Thank you for sharing your opinion about the H1N1 vaccine. I think that media has impacted this whole topic so much. I do not and will not get this vaccine for my kids.

  85. Here's the thing: big pharma and big agriculture are the top lobbying groups in the country. They are out to make a ton of money. Nothing corrupts like power and money, so I'm not keen on trusting anything the government, the CDC, or the FDA has to say about the swine flu or any other health-related issue.

    My husband was forced by his employer to take the vaccine. Not 6 hours later, he was extremely ill. Oddly enough, the employer made all of the employees sign a waiver saying they were vaccinated voluntarily. Right. Voluntary vaccination, under duress. Something just isn't right there.

    Say what you want about Brittany's research and statements, but any way you look at this situation, things just don't add up.

  86. @Pamela... let's be aware here that Brittany's family is "big agriculture".

  87. While I do not agree with the anti-vax I applaud all people researching to find what suites them(but do your own!)! but that said I have a few things to say,
    1. I have a child with a severe respiratorty illness
    2. winter is just finishing in Australia
    3. I do NOT believe that the big companies or media are hyping it up, I say this because for the last decade or two people have taken there snotty selves or children to public places sharing the 'love' so to speak. This year in Australia although we did have deaths from swine flu I believe (my own humble opinion) that people were more diligent in staying home and taking care of themselve or children (the way its meant to be!) so the 'love' was not shared....
    4. the vacine was not here for the winter but is available now, and I am sitting on the fence at this point, it is not available to children under 10 here at this point, I believe that if my husband and I get it less chance for our little guys to get this nasty bug!

    I don't think anyone is being nasty for disagreeing its just ahealthy debate and isn't that what we as adults need to make informed decisions.

    And the lady above that mentioned the Aus gov. you are so right, our gov. is looking after us (I am not blind enough to see that they will get a kick back from drug companies) but I voted, had my say and trust that they are putting the peoples welfare first!

    have a great day

  88. I don't know a ton about the subject but I do know that it has been tested on children. My brother is 16 and he participated in the test (and is fine). I was offered the chance to have my 18mo old tested but the study was already full when I called to get more information. I believe it was studied in 8 medical centers around the country.

  89. I still haven't gotten vaccinated...don't know if I will.

  90. I have decided not to give my children the H1NI vaccine and I agree with many of your points BUT your research is not correct in a few areas. The vaccine has in fact been tested on humans. The flu vaccines have never been connected to Autism. Many anti-vaccine mothers love to run right to that reason and it just isn't true. I am a teacher in an Autism unit and I am shocked but the number of people who read one site on the Internet and immediately tell their friends that Autism is caused from vaccines. It is just irresponsible to spread those ideas. Since thousands of people do read your blog, you should research more before posting "facts."

  91. Hi Brittany,
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I myself am not a big fan of vaccines. Do I think that diseases such as Autism should be automatically linked to vaccines? ...No, there are so many toxins in our lives that could easily adversely influence a child's development. However, I am a health care professional and am mandated to get bot the flu and the swine flu vaccine. What do you think about this?

  92. do you really look at both sides or just cite what you believe? I, as a nurse "have" to get it or I lose my job. All the hospitals in my large city are doing this. My son's friend is very, very ill from H1N1 and it doesnt look like he may recover. It isnt all media hype. I also know of several pregnant moms that have it and are in the hospital I work at and we have had some babies die of it. I have researched both sides, and I really think the vaccine is safer than the disease. please seak out MEDICAL advice and dont take what it says on this blog as fact

  93. Thank you Brittany for posting this information. I have decided not to give the H1N1 shot to my two year old. I do think it is to new. And I can't give it to my daughter anyway she is allergic to eggs and I head that it was made from eggs.


  94. I'm not going to argue with your post or anything like that. I just wanted to let you know that the swine flu vaccine HAS been tested in humans, at the University of Iowa, among other places.

  95. This is what scares me about posts like these...so many comments saying "Wow after that I will rethink vaccination." There have been so many outbreaks of disease from the anti vaccine movement, it's scary.

  96. Brittany, Please do your research.
    While you might think, it's my blog, if you don't enjoy it, quit reading- you do have a following and therefore a responsibility to your audience. The vaccine has in fact been tested. I believe you may have wanted to say that the complete findings are a few months off not that it has never been tested. If you are not going to be thorough with your research, please keep it to yourself. I know you claim to "not be a doctor" you still have a responsibility.

    I've been on the natural news website before and I wouldn't let that man take care of a rabid racoon from my yard.

  97. You know, I have learned by reading this blog for a long time now that Brittany usually only researches websites that believe the way she does. That's fine and she can believe all that opinionated stuff from people who aren't medical professionals and haven't looked at both sides of the spectrum. She is typically an 'over-the-top' type of person. Vaccinations do not cause Autism. I mean gee whiz one time she even wrote that consuming dairy causes Crohn's Disease. She is so wrong. It's most of the time a hereditary disease so she again had her facts wrong. People, she's not a Dr. Seek professional opinions first. Don't ask a person who only refers to websites that contain only her opinions and beliefs. We are all entitled to raise our kids like we want to. If she chooses to brainwash them with all that junk then let her. I just hope when they become adults that they learn to look at both sides and make educated decisions on what they do with their lives. I personally did vaccinate my kids, but will not do the H1N1 as it just was produced too fast. It was tested on humans, but not enough is known just yet about it.

  98. Thank you for writing this post, despite the feedback you may receive. It is so important for people to be informed. Of course, there are always two sides to every situation, but it is so important that people are aware of both sides so that they can make their own informed decision, not one that feels forced upon them. I don't see how people can get so upset when you specifically say that you are not a doctor and are simply sharing what you have learned through your own research. I wish I would have started researching this issue even sooner myself. I guess I didn't become aware of the whole controversy until I had my son 2 years ago. I remember I was asked if I wanted my son to have a Hep B shot right after he was born, and I thought "why on earth would my newborn infant need a Hep B shot?" Then I started researching and making my own educated decisions without letting others make them for me. I still have much research to do, but always appreciate learning more. Thank you again for bringing light to this topic.

  99. I have a question regarding the 5000 Iud's of vitamin D, is that for an adult? What should we give our children? I read the daily max is 400.

  100. Excuse me while I go take my cod liver oil. I seem to keep needing reminders to take my Vit D supplement! No vaccines for us!

  101. My sister has 4 kids. 3 have autism and have never been vaccinated at all. Never, not even once.

    Her 4th child (5 years) now is autism free and has had every vaccination recommended by her pedi Dr.

    Makes you think!

  102. Let's just be happy Brittany has gone back to just posting pictures.

  103. Brittany,
    What do you give your kids in terms of vitamins or foods to make sure they are heathly and get the daily nutrition they need??

  104. I think your opinions are interesting and provide a great starting point for digging into this stuff more, but I agree with some of the other commenters-- I feel like this info lacks credibility when the sources are so skewed one way. I'd love to see links to articles and legitimate studies from organizations, publications, institutions, sources etc. that are clearly independent.

    It's like politics-- I may strongly agree with one side or the other, but I make sure to get info from a variety of sources!

    You may very well do the same thing with all of your medical research. I'd love to see you share more of those sources.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there -- no matter what we agree/disagree on, you're clearly a Mama whose true passion is caring for her family.


  105. My husband is an ER doctor here in Florida and has seen several healthy individuals dies quickly in the ER from H1N1. The illness is certainly more risky than the vaccine. If I were you living on a farm away from others then I too would forgo the vaccine. But since my husband and I both work in health care in a big city and our children attend school we need to get the vaccine. The reason that you can get away with not vaccinating your children is because most people do vaccinate and we do not have epidemics going around like they would be if we were all so irresponsible.

    I hope you stay healthy.


  106. My husband is an ER doctor here in Florida and has seen several healthy individuals dies quickly in the ER from H1N1. The illness is certainly more risky than the vaccine. If I were you living on a farm away from others then I too would forgo the vaccine. But since my husband and I both work in health care in a big city and our children attend school we need to get the vaccine. The reason that you can get away with not vaccinating your children is because most people do vaccinate and we do not have epidemics going around like they would be if we were all so irresponsible.

    I hope you stay healthy.


  107. My oldest child just had swine flu...my pediatrician said she would be surprised if the H1N1 vaccine was received in our area before the majority of people had already had the swine flu.

  108. Oh Brittant, I feel so sorry for you. Live your life happy. People who have leave to be very old have said that the only things they did were: do not over eat, sleep well, and exercise as much as possible.

    Also, I have noticed that you believe EVERYTHING Dr. Mercola says, come on! He is as fool. I do not believe anything he says.

    You are sick Brittany, you really are sick. If you believe everything people say, then you are gonna end it up not eating anything. You are a puppet.

    Good luck!

  109. Although I don't agree with everything in this post, (like the testing, they did test on humans here, 100 children for a case study), I do agree that it hasn't been tested nearly enough!!

    Our family had H1N1 in July and we were all fairly sick, I was the sickest I've been in my adult life, but in the end that's all it was, just sick! It's hitting hard in our area now, I know of two families who have it at the moment. Everyone is fine. The hype is crazy and being driven by $$, not the good of the health of people. We'll stick to our vitamin C and D and leave it at that I think!

  110. People that are commenting about PROFESSIONALS and DOCTORS and how you should listen to THEM...here's one thing I will give my opinion on.....Money talks.
    They are being paid, to say what they've learned.
    My instincts are stronger than any word that comes out of a person's mouth that did not birth my children. You can be pro-vax if you want...that's your opinion. Go read someone else's post that you "trust". No one is going to do what ONE person says because THAT person said it. If they do, that's their own choice, but like everything, you need to study, research AND FOLLOW YOUR GUTT!!!

  111. Disturbing and dangerous. This post ranks right up there with your post against sunscreen. Your photographs are wonderful. Your medical advice? Not so much.

  112. Everyone that has said that they have had the vacine (and recovered quickly or just call it "being sick") were probably healthy to begin with. But I have a daughter with Asthma. If she gets H1N1 she could get really sick and even die. We WILL vacinate!

  113. Mom of 3 - there may be some greedy doctors out there but every doctor I've known went into medicine because they care deeply about health.

    Instincts can be important but not when they go against research and put lives in danger.

    Why do people get so upset Winsconsin Girl? Because by writing a big public post like this, it influences a large number of people (I've seen a few "oh my god I'm rethinking vaccines" already). Secondly, when your children are not vaccinated it puts other children at risk (cancer kids, immune suppressed, kids who are allergic to vaccines) by possibly spreading an infection. Thirdly - we care about Britany's kids and it makes me shudder even thinking about one of those precious children dying.

  114. It always cracks me up how people think that because your kids aren't vaccinated that their kids are at risk. Um, duh! Isn't the reason they're vaccinating is because they believe they are protecting their kids against the disease?? So if they're so afraid your unvaccinated kids are going to make theirs sick, then they obviously don't trust these vaccines and then so why pump their kids full of them?? AND just because you aren't vaccinated doesn't mean you automatically have the disease. People are so backwards sometimes.

    I wish I could just copy and paste this post right onto mine :)

  115. so i am completely late reading and commenting on this, but i cannot resist.
    I am a nurse and i must recieve the vaccine for my job. I have had a flu shot every year for as long as i can remember and have never been sick. likewise, my child has been vaccinated as his doctor recommends. this is the right choice for my family.
    the right choice for brittany's family is whatever she and paul decide. some of these comments are surrportive, some are offensive and soe are down right nasty because all some people have time to do is be rude on a blog belonging to someone else. I guarantee people reading it don't see your point, they see your attitude. If brittany is correct in her facts or misinformed due to lack of research it really affects no one. Why? because tho she has a big following here on this blog, each person is responsible for their own research and if they choose to make their choice from reading this, then so be it. no comment pleasant or mean is going to sway anyone.
    Britany, i do not always agree, but i admire every time.


Thank you for blessing me with your words!