Weekly Wrap

No pictures because blogger won't let me upload for some reason and I don't have the time to figure it out right now. OY!

It's a hazy, hot, muggy, kinda ugly day. I think it's only our 2nd ugly day since we've been here.

We spent almost all day baking zucchini bread, homemade refried beans, & shredding LOTS of fresh from the garden zucchini.

We ate haystacks over at Grandpa & Grandmas house... while the chocolate zucchini bread was baking.

Grandma has a Bosch and it is really nice... makes baking/cooking SO much easier!

Dad mowed and trimmed around the {6} shops and {2} houses... I don't think he got to the gas tanks and grain bins.

I've been doing laundry for days... I missed a few days because the washer and dryer were under construction. I do WAY too much laundry!

Grandpa hasn't been feeling good for a few days... they finally decided to take him into the ER after dinner. Please pray for him if you have a moment.

The boys made a HUGE fort in the family room... they used all of their pillows and covers. Now they want to sleep in it tonight. We'll see! I'll probably say yes.

Nolia is walking all over the place... 5-6 steps at a time. Eliza is walking 2-3 steps at a time.

The girls turn ONE next week... I'm excited and sad all at the same time.

The girls just dumped 2 decks of cards and are eating them while I type this... exactly WHY I only blog while everyone is asleep. {grin}

I really need to pick the winner for the $25 gift certificate to here. I'm sorry... I'll get right on that! I just noticed she listed some of her new fall pieces... OH MY! I am IN LOVE with her ruffle pants. Way too cute!

Grandpa shot 2 more raccoons this week... I think it's sad... but that's farm life I guess.

At the grocery store yesterday I picked out some new nail polish {because I forgot to bring some}. Eliza wouldn't let go of it, but then she did and it broke all over the floor on our way out. Lesson learned!

The girls started saying "me-me" this week.... it's really cute!

Paul is teaching the boys poker online.....hmmmmmm.

The girls just started wrecking the boys fort, Ozzie took all his clothes off and Noli is on top of the coffee table.... I better goooooo. {grin}

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. There is something alarming yet wonderful about kids and chaos in the house.

    My thoughts will be with your Gramps.

  2. Hope everything is okay with Grandpa! I know how much trouble my one little almost 1 year old is I could not imagine 2 (although I would secretly LOVE the blessing!) Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So good to hear from you! I cannot believe our babes are almost a year either... I have enjoyed every minute of it. Do you have your cell there?

  4. Brittany can you let me know on Grandpa's status. Hope everything else is going well.

  5. First off, prayers for Grandpa...

    My baby turns one just after midnight tonight and is taking his first "real" walks within the last few days.

    Oh, and I'm totally in love with the ruffle pants now too. And shirts. And dresses. Thanks. ;)

  6. gramps will be in my prayers for sure.... the fort sound like fun take a picture!

  7. i will say a prayer for your grandpa.

    i blog when everyone is sleeping for these exact.same.reasons. =)

  8. HA... that sounds like life at my house...


  9. Good thing Eliza broke the polish in the store and not in the car like Ava did!! LOL!


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