red steps, halter tops, rosy cheeks & blue eyes


I was thrilled to find these red steps during a recent adventure...
we found a lot more than red steps too!

I can't wait to go back again...
when the kids aren't already done for the day. {grin}



I bought these white halter tops at gymboree many-many months ago.
I simply adore them!
I want one too...
Although I do not think I would look quite as cute! {grin}


I don't know if it's a girl thing or what...
but these little curly haired, blue eyed beauties have gorgeous rosy cheeks and lips.
{dad especially adores their rosiness}


You might remember...
I twittered about them within hours of their arrival.
You can't see them too well in the pictures...
another photography opportunity I see {grin}

They are GORGEOUS!
Exactly what I have been dreaming about getting for the girls since they were born.
I found them at Sophies closet on etsy...
I admit I have an esty problem...
everything in moderation...right! {grin}
I'm saving my money for the mom's bangle cuff
{wonder if I can fit all my kids names on it- Ha!}


Do these eyes get you too?

I know I am a bit biased...
but I think these girls have stunning blue eyes.
{good thing these beauties have FOUR older brothers}!

I feel much better now that I have posted pictures....
that last picture-less post had me feeling a bit uneasy!

My name is Brittany.
I am addicted to taking pictures.
And posting them on my blog.
and I'm okay with it.

I'm off to bed...
peace out bloggie friends!
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  1. beautiful photographs.
    please share more about your photography--- tips for how you always get amazing shots!!
    what type of editing program do you use?

    amanda from MI

  2. Just that an old train caboose? We have one of those near here that I shoot at a lot. It's not on a track. I think it's part of some kind of museum?

  3. Such fantastic pics! I am buying myself a camera yesterday. Mine died at the beginning if the summer and I am lost without it. I have to settle for a point and shoot, but it's better than nothing at this point because nothing is driving me nuts!

  4. they are so pretty, brit! you really should start sewing again. you know, in all of your spare time...

  5. I wish I could tell the girls apart. I am making that my yearly goal. Ha!
    They are beautiful!

  6. too cute for words! love the legs on the girls!! happy Saturday ya'll~much love and blessings~erin

  7. I have been looking for a bracelet for Cayleigh-Grace for the past 11 months... still haven't found the "perfect" one.

  8. What beautiful, healthy babies you have! Love the rolls :). Those eyes and curls are simply stunning. I too share your addiction to photography and Etsy ;). I was looking at those very bracelets just a little while ago! Planning on getting them for my girls for Christmas.

    I just bought these and are awaiting their arrival ;) .

  9. What beautiful babies :)

    What camera/lens do you use? I have a Canon Rebel XS and am just getting started with it.

  10. I just love reading your blog--your girls are so beautiful and your boys too! I have two children and they are 10 & 5--oh how I miss the baby stage--I could just snuggle with Nolia and Eliza--they are so precious. I live in Southeast Arkansas and my husband farms soybeans and rice so I know about the farm life. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Have a great weekend!

  11. Your kids are so gorgeous! I love the photos!
    Check out this funky, mom bracelet on etsy- i love it!

  12. Beautiful photos as always!

    Im addicted to taking pictures to! Im not quite as fgood as some fellow bloggers but I one day hope to have a nicer camera!

  13. Well done on this great shoot, stunning little girls and setting...can see you having sucha good time with your camera...keep clicking and sharing with us.

  14. I too would like to know what kind of camera you use and how you get such amazing pictures! Thanks for being real and sharing your life and cuties with us! Oh, and because I have three boys (one girl), I was wondering if you could share a bit about the boys and how you handle all that energy!

  15. These photos are just PERFECTION. You have such a gift for capturing beauty & your subjects are just adorable.
    I try & try to get photos of my boys, but they are just so busy these days & am not having much success. What is your secret? :o)

    I would love to hear someday how you store/display your photography! Your home must be such an art galery.

  16. Aw, I recognize that spot! And, those sweet blue eyes. So glad we ran into you last week. I'll be sure to let you know when we're in the area again. Have a great weekend!

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! They are quite the little models! How adorable. :)

  18. I LOVE those pics. Those cheeks are just yummy!!

  19. I love the blue eyes. And the toes, why do babies have such cute toes? Great photography.

  20. I agree... They have beautiful blue eyes!

  21. Well, of course you're biased! You have every right to be. I don't have the slightest idea if those pictures are of Nolia or Eliza, but I think I could drown in those blue eyes! Thank you for taking the time to share such wonderful pictures with everyone.

  22. Yep, their eyes are gorgeous...but second to the 5 sets of blue eyes over here, of course!! :-)

  23. It's been awhile since I've been around. Can't believe how BIG they are getting. (Sigh) As always, every little bit is just, perfect!

  24. You are the sweetest mama ever! You remind me of my mom, she always has this way of making me feel special! I love your pictures so much, you have such a wonderful family!


  25. Beautiful girls, as always! Maybe someday your blue-eyed girls can meet my blue-eyed boys and it will be a match made in heaven. ;)

  26. Precious girls...growing up so fast...teach them well.

  27. I am first time commenter and just had to say how BEAUTIFUL these pics of your girl(s) are!! The one show off her rosy cheeks are just amazing. I, too, would love to hear more about your photography!!

  28. I could just eat them up! The cutest girls in blogland!!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!