unexpected adventures

Today was hot...
hot for North Dakota that is.

It was late in the afternoon and we were all looking for something to do...
so we decided to go on a drive.

Out into the middle of nowhere
...on and unbeaten path

We found ourselves at {pelican} lake
...however the pelicans were missing.

it was HOT but breezy
and the sky was so unique...
going from gray to brilliant blue

although we didn't see the pelicans we were hoping for...
our adventure was far from over.
we saw...
a rainbow
a cow in the road
and a turtle like Eurtle

that was all fun and stuff
then we saw it
a BIG dirt/gravel hill

and being the totally over-protective and unspontaneous parents we are...
we pulled over and asked the boys...
"Do you want to climb it?"

Can you guess what they said?

Yeah... they were UP the hill before I could get my camera out!

did I mention it was BIG
too BIG for Ozzie...

but he was content watching his big brothers...

I'm sure it was really safe
letting them climb a 35ft steep gravel and dirt hill
...with flip flops on. {grin}

but they had a BLAST!
especially on their way down....

...as soon as we left they asked if we could come back tomorrow!
only next time they want to bring...
and food!

Sounds like a plan!


  1. I follow your blog - dont always comment...but wanted to tell you I have seen such a change in your photography...You sure have a talent...

  2. I agree with the above comment! What awesome photographs! Thank you for sharing them with us :) Looks like your boys had so much fun! And I'm sure Ozzie will be up there with his older brothers before too long...

  3. Awesome!! Too bad it is sooo far away or I would bring my boys to hang with yours...they would love that hill!! Love the pics..you are sooo talented Girl! Much love and blessings~erin

  4. I would have totally let our kids climb =) isn't it worth it JUST for the great pics? =) haha

    and they ARE great pics btw!

  5. Ohh what great photos, and what great parents!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

    I know you are busy, but I had a question I was hoping you could answer. We are traveling next weekend for a wedding, and will be 10 minutes from a Trader Joe's. This will be our FIRST time going to one, as we have none around us! {gasp} We are bringing a cooler and some extra money. Are there any items that I should definitely get?? I know you have mentioned a few things before, but I cannot remember what they were. You can email me at jamesbdarling@frontiernet.net or leave a comment on my blog www.amomentcherished.blogspot.com Thank you!!!

  6. You are an artistic genius! Great photos!

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  8. My boys would have a blast with that, you should check out my mud filled Wordless Wednesday post! My kids went crazy!!

  9. Awesome pics! What fun!! :)

  10. You guys always have the best "field trips".
    Your photos are always amazing!

  11. I agree with the other comments...those photos are AWESOME!!! Also, that hill looks like fun :) It's usually those spontaneous trips that end up being the most fun...never know what you're going to find.

  12. Great pictures! Beautiful rainbow! Looks like a FUN time!

  13. I agree the photos are gorgeous BUT what is more precious are the memories ... your children will remember these moments forever!!!! I love adventures like these with my familt, they are so much more than money can buy!

  14. i just HAVE to say... that pic of Ozzie, shading the sun from his eyes, watching his big brothers is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  15. They are great pics. But what a great mom (and dad) for letting their boys have an adventure!

  16. Your pictures are so amazing. Here in Wisconsin we usually get your weather the next day or so. Does that mean today will be that hot? I kind of hope so, we haven't had much of a summer here.

  17. Hilarious and beautiful photos!!!! Boys will be boys, right?! We might as well embrace it! HA, look who I'm telling...a Momma of four boys. ;)

  18. great pictures sounds like lots of fun was had by all I loved being at my grandparents farm when I was growing up

  19. How fun! If you made it to Pelican Rapids there is a HUGE Statue of Pelican that they could see :)

    We are heading up tomorrow so let me know if you wanted me to pick anything up for you :)

  20. the last picture sequence reminds me of frodo sliding down the hill in front of the black gate. Only he wasn't smiling.

    i loved reading your birth stories although I cried through the girls' story. how difficult and painful that must have been. and I cringed through the stomach flu birth. no fun! I usually throw up during labor but being really sick is entirely different.

    it's amazing how you can make ND look glamorous!

  21. We only live a few miles north of North Dakota ~ and yeah... it was hot yesterday but good because it has been a cool summer. You are a good mom ~ letting your boys be boys.

  22. Spontaneous trips and climbing adventures are some of my favorite childhood memories. Looks like you had a great day.

  23. That's looks like sooo much fun! The boys are getting so big!

  24. My heart aches for little Ozzie who stood and watched so patiently! So sweet!

    I love the irrigation rainbow. Wouldn't that be the coolest name for a band?

  25. Hi Brittany -

    (Not sure if you remember me, but we emailed a couple times back when we were both preggers with our twins on the twinmagazine.com message board).

    I had to laugh when I saw that it was 'hot' for ND - we're in AZ and it's been over 110 since July. Talk about hot!

    I have a new idea for a blog - my goal is for it to be a blessing to moms (stay at homers specifically) and for it to be filled with ideas for raising your kids, keeping life creative, making things fun, etc. There will also be posts on mom friendly workouts, keeping your marriage alive and kickin' and family friendly recipes. Check it out!


    If you like it, maybe you could spread the word!? I know that hundreds of people read your blog and I'd love to be an encouragement to the masses :)

    Send me an email at bethanycfox@yahoo.com if/when you have a chance to take a look. Let me know what you think!

    Take care!

  26. I have 3 little girls so seeing boys do what boys do best is always makes me want another one, of course seeing your girls also makes me want another one too ;) If you ever want to rent lil' Ozzie out, let me know. Love your pix!!! Reading your blog is a bright spot in my day!

  27. Looks like a FUN day!! Hope you are able to go back with all the goodies they wanted to bring along!!
    Take care

  28. You take great pictures. Looks like the boys had a good time.

  29. I have two little boys - ages 1 and 2. I spend time wondering what I'm going to do with all their energy as they get older. My husband always says give a boy a pile of dirt and he's happy. You sure did prove his point! It looks like you had such a fun day!

  30. That is an awesome day! I bet the boys were so happy. Great pictures. They captured it so well.

  31. your photography skills are amazing! do you have any tips that you would like to share?? what type of lens do you use most often?

    thanks. :)

  32. Great pictures! It looks like the boys had a lot of fun!

  33. Perfect boy fun! : )

    This post just reminded me how much I love your photographic perspective. These are wonderful. Every last one.

  34. Ozzie is too cute watching his older brothers!

  35. Oooh, sa-weeeet! My boys would have loved that too! That lake looks beautiful!

    Did Vance get a haircut??

  36. That's the magic of the boys; they can look after each other. Flip flops and all. I love that they have that -- together.

    And the Ozzie pics? Wow! Maybe my fave ever. :)

  37. Love love loving those pictures and glad to know other moms let their boys live a bit on the dangerous side ... just something some kids need I guess.

  38. I love all of the photos but the ones of Ozzie are beyond cute! OMG - so adorable! I am loving your photography skills. How much time, if any, are you spending on post processing?

  39. Sorry we weren't there to enjoy it with them...the photos and descriptions are grand, just like your family!


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