Farm Road Trip Day THREE

This was technically on day THREE because it was 2am... but it was REALLY the end of day TWO.

We stayed at a jazzy old motel in a town that had a name too unique to remember. {grin}

since all of our heads hit the pillows WAY too late, we were slow waking, and it was a toss up on if we should have breakfast or lunch.....

So we went to Denny's!
It has been YEARS since I have eaten at a Denny's and I am pretty sure we were out of town last time too!
It turns out, someone let them know we were coming and they had a breakfast burrito on the menu that our names written all over it.

Eggs.avocado.tomato.onion.light cheese.minus bacon
served with fresh fruit and a delish mango twist drink.
Besides it being WAY too salty... it was a delightful surprise!

dad's view in the rear-view mirror as we were driving about trying to find THE park. {grin}

after stopping at the wrong park with the right name, we made it to our desired destination...

I was hot and being quite lazy trying to stay in the shade so I sent the boys off with the camera.
I LOVE seeing what pictures they come back with!

these super adorable kiddos belong to Carrie... a dear blog friend that I was SO DELIGHTED to meet! It was like talking with an old friend... so easy... so wonderful... such a treat!

We sat on blankets and let the girls climb all over us...
the boys & bigger girls played on the playground
and the dog kept sneaking off.

Gavin and Sam became fast friends, it was simply adorable!

a little while later Jen showed up with adorable Small Fry....
and we had to try to get a group picture

after everyone was hot, bothered and cranky we decided to leave. {grin}
Carrie can atest to the dying lama sounds coming from one of our unnamed sons over a minor seat adjustment.

This was about the time everyone was DONE... they were sick of being smashed like sardines in the car.

Lucky for us Krista and her amazing family had invited us to stop by their Dairy Queen for a treat. If you're ever in Sauk Centre, MN you MUST stop by their dairy queen... it is THE nicest DQ I have ever been in... really!!!

The boys enjoyed a green slushy, a strawberry shake, a banana split and some chicken and fries.
Paul and I shared a HUGE basket of AWESOME onion rings {i'm seriously craving more they were so delish!} and a waffle basket something that was super yummy!

the girls yelled and tried to scare away all of their customers {grin} but we still had a delightful time!

Thank you so much Krista, Tim and kids! Your entire family is truly a delight.
oh, and did I mention that their children are homeschooled and SO unsocial! Ha! Not! They were so kind, so polite, so interactive... truly wonderful! Krista and Tim you are doing an awesome job!

Paul tried to get a few pictures...
memories are still memories even when the pictures don't turn out! {grin}

THE boys {minus the dads}

after everyone was sweetened up we hit the road again... hoping to make it all the way to the farm but it just wasn't happening....

the C'mon Inn with many POOLS was calling our name around 1am.
I unfortunately forgot my suit... but the boys had a blast swimming!

and for those that know our top carrier troubles.. the above picture is for you! {grin} I am uber thankful for the rails now! Ha!

Day FOUR coming up next! We finally made it to the farm!

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  1. Brittany, you and your kids are sooo cute! I am glad that you are having a great time!
    PS- give the boys the camera more often! they take really amazing pictures!

  2. Krista! I know Krista!!! We were neighbors when I was growing up in Sauk Centre. I was a weekly sitter for Cole and Cade (back when it was just the two boys).

    Krista, if you're reading, I want to get in touch with you!

    Amanda (Freitag) Ginn

  3. Agh...Opportunity Drive...we were just back at exit 178! If you come back through the same route going home, stop on by! ;) Lovin' the pictures, glad you're having fun!

  4. I'll be driving through Sauk Centre on our vacation on Monday July 20, I definitely will need an ice cream stop, I think...and my hubby and 4 kiddos probably won't argue! LOL

    Thanks for the tip!

    And I love the pictures and I love that you are meeting blog readers along the way. We are doing the same along the way of our vacation. Blogs rock! :D

  5. Looks like you're having a GREAT time!! I was scanning through the pictures before I read all the words(ahem-I don't cheat like that often!)and I couldn't believe you actually got to spend time with Jennifer and Small Fry! Its so fun that you could meet the other blogger girls too.If you're even in my area(MA)let me know! ;)

  6. Looks like so much fun. Oh how I wish I lived anywhere close to MN. To hang out with you and "Mckmama" would be a great day! Maybe the two of you and all....10 of your kids should drive to Idaho?! Just and idea!

  7. I can't believe how much Vance looks like Paul in the group photo with MckMama! Wow! I'm sure you knew this, but since we don't your boys IRL, it just hit me. :) Looks like a fun day. How are the youngest three handling all the travelling? Are they better/worse than the older 3? Oceana lost it sooner than Naomi on our travels.... Good luck!

    Oh - and the cartop carrier - Eek! Looks like it was a CRAZY time getting that sorted out!

  8. your kids are beautiful and your hubby has a really cute butt! (just saying) ;)

  9. What program do you use to layout your pictures? Very pretty!

  10. We stop at the Sauk Centre DQ all the time, its right on the way to the lake! And Opportunity Drive that is where the big scrapbooking warehouse is. Creative Memories I believe!! You where so close to us but yet it just didnt work out!!

  11. Looks like you had a blast meeting up with blogger friends. Glad you got to stop by my aunt's DQ. Wish I could have been there too. A blizzard and seeing family sounds great right now.

  12. Yeah, the boys are going to be as talented as mom in photography! What wonderful memories you are making and it looks like so much fun!

    I am going to be traveling with my sic children and one of their friends, 1000 miles home for a visit soon --- you are inspiring me!!!

  13. Love the shot of Nolia...wait, or is it Eliza...looking at Carrie. Sooo cute.

    And, I remember the last time I ate at Denny's...I was on spring break out east in 2002 and I'm pretty sure our waiter's name was Denny of all names.

  14. It's llama. Just so you know.

  15. You met Steph AND Jen? All in the same week? I am soooo jealous!

  16. Love the opportunity drive photo! I used to drive that way to college every day! :)

  17. You letterbox?! Me, too! It seems so uncommon to see it on blogs, etc. (and with small children!) that I got very excited. :) My sister recently hosted an event which I carved 6 stamps for. Fun!

  18. That car-top carrier pic is making me laugh! that will be us on the way to Lakeside if we don't get on it soon...

  19. How fun to be meeting blog friends along the way! Looks like a fabulous trip!

  20. Hey Opportunity Dr exit 173 is right by St. Cloud! Funny!


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