Farm Road Trip Day TWO

it already feels like forever ago...
it was really just last Thursday!

and what a delightful day it was!

We stopped in LeClaire Iowa {lovely name don't you think -- grin}...
to meet up with Jessica and her super adorable children.

While we were there we decided to look up a 'letter box' and go on an adventure!

We ended up in an old park overlooking the Mississippi... just up the street from buffalo bills childhood home.

I obviously enjoyed the swings...

as did the FIVE littles -- thanks to dads smooth moves. {grin}

the boys found toads... again..
I LOVE toads and frogs.

Jessica, we had so much fun and are SO thrilled we were able to meet up!
Is it just me or does it look like we could be sisters?

We couldn't leave without a picture of all {except E&N who were sleeping} the kids...

another adventurous day...
finding fun
meeting friends
and enjoying the 2nd day of our road trip!


Now I know I'm getting a little slow at updating here....
did you know that you work from sun up to sun down on the farm?! {grin}
No really, it's been a bit busy settling in and helping around the farm.

Day 3 is coming up {right now}...
and how would you like a tour of the farm?

I shall get right on that... except we're heading into town tomorrow and that might take all day. But THEN I'll get right on that! {grin}

'night bloggie friends!
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  1. dying over the cuteness of you on the swing! and i LOVE the photo of daddy pushing the "littles".

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Every single one of them! What a blast for your and your crew.

  3. I'm enjoying your adventure. Can't wait to see the farm pics. That should be FUN!

  4. Love the pictures. That is so cool to meet up with blog friends on the way!

  5. ive said it before but
    a) your pictures are SO great
    b) your kids are adorable
    c) wish I could meet you
    d) love your blog:)

    thats all:)

  6. we don't have those swings here...ours are like half that with a chain that would go across bubs chest...doesn't work well with twins.

    sounds like a wonderful adventure :)

  7. Love all of the pictures!
    Hope y'all are having a good time!
    I think we would all LOVE to see the farm!

  8. Beautiful pictures as always. It looks like a wonderful day 2! Farm life ... there is nothing like it!

  9. Wonderful pictures - sounds like a fun adventure!

  10. I love the one of Daddy pushing every single one of them on the swing! Glad you guys are having fun...hope you're getting some rest too :)

  11. oh, how fun that you got to meet up with jessica from farm fresh! i LOVE both of your blogs...and must admit i'm *slightly* jealous that you've met up with andrea from sgt and mrs hub AND jessica in the last couple of weeks! :) seriously, it's like you've met celebrities that i'm a fan of! :) hope you're having a lovely time at the farm with your beautiful family!
    --tamara in mn

  12. Thanks for sharing, I love road trips! And yes you gals could be sisters!

  13. I can't wait to see the farm! And I think it's totally cool you found a letterbox! We are big into geocaching and think it's a great thing for families to do together and get kids outdoors exploring nature.

  14. I was going to say the same thing. You and Jess look related. And, I'm still so bummed that we weren't able to make it up to see you when you were here in our state. I'm sure you had a great time.


    p.s. Love your swing picture.

  15. Love the pictures! Love your updates even if they are slow coming ha ha! We know you are busy!!

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  17. Love the pics...adorable!

    Yes you two look like you could be glad you could meet in cool :)

    I am behind...just catching up with everyone..hope you had a great vacation on the farm!



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