Farm Road Trip Day FOUR

after swimming themselves tired we hit the road for our short last leg of the trip. We were so close and we all knew it! The time went by quickly... we listened to Jonathan Park and took in the beauty of the open road.

Can you say... BUGS!!!
We finally made it the little town exit off of the interstate...
to someone used to the city it feels a bit like a deserted town. We never did see a car once we got off the exit.

the paved roads had turned to dirt
long ago and not so long ago roads were either completely under water or covered in cattails.

It's a sight I tell ya, a sight to see!

we didn't see any cars but we did see a train go by... I think that is very common out here!

We are so glad to be here... safe and sound. We are slowly unpacking and settling into the "old" "little" house.

I'll be sharing pictures soon!

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  1. Sam will be so excited to see the train picture. :)

    Praying getting settled goes smoothly for you!

  2. Glad to hear you made it safe.......and sounds like you had a great few days getting there!
    Have a great time.......

  3. I know the bugs thing intimately from living and working in the country here in Australia. When they are all caked up on your radiator they start to SMELL!!!! :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Oh how nice,quiet and peaceful it must be out there right now. Must be so nice!!!!!! I'm jealous :)

  5. That reminds me of where I live :)

    Glad you made it safely! Enjoy and please do share more pictures!

  6. Glad you made it safely! What an adventure you all are having. Thanks so much for taking us along... : )

  7. happy to hear you arrived safely! Enjoy your vacation!

  8. oooh, love the pix so far...except maybe the bug splats :)

  9. Can't wait to see more pictures of the farm! I'm a farmer's daughter... :)

  10. I'm a relatively new reader - I commented on Lansing, IL a few posts back.!

    Anyway, can you explain about this farm you are at and why you left your old house? Not sure I really understand where you are or why. Would love to get the scoop from you! ;o)


  11. Loved looking through your road trip pictures and that you've been meeting so many people along the way!

    Have fun fun fun!

  12. Sounds glorious --- this is the life I want to live ... old small farm house, hard work, many, many wonderful rewards! I am enjoying reading your adventures!

  13. The "missing you" is really starting to sink in...

  14. ha ha ha love that the roads are under! We have a road that leads to the cabin in ND that is always under water!!! Glad you are there safe!

  15. We enjoy Jonathan Park as well. Great way to start your homeschooling!! When you have time check out This is a new ministry that my husband is leading for homeschool families. We have our own road trip this week to Iowa for the Fathers of Vision conference.

    Enjoy your time in the country.


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