.Don't worry... it's organic.

mrs boo radley...
your caption is perfect...
and indeed, it was all organic! {grin}

.Don't worry... it's organic.

There were so many great captions...
in fact there were too many great captions to not share.

"Green without Envy" by GotGrits

"Revenge of the veggies" by Amber

"The hungry dress" by Christina

"Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve... wear your Mess on your dress!" by Hilary

"No outfit is complete without a baby stain" by Stefani

I wish I had a prize for all of you, I do, I really do!

Ms boo rad... you are going to have a blast fiddling your photo.
It is quite fun and semi addicting. {grin}

here is our fiddled photo of the boys walking down the alley. I would LOVE to do one of the girls too!

...and yes I do realize this is my THIRD post of the day... 2 were scheduled and 1 was spontaneous. Can you guess which one? {grin}
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  1. that really is the perfect name and this picture is awesome...

  2. Thank you so much, Brittany. I can't wait to fiddle!

  3. That title is awesome! I don't have a great imagination. I am glad others do! :-)

  4. Sometime soon.... you will have to post a picture of you in the dress minus all the goodies. hehe It really was a "hungry dress".

  5. I really like the hungry dress...very cute!

    I think your 1st post about chubby legs and soft leather shoes was your spontaneous post.

    Congrats to the winner!

  6. Are you from a big family? You seem at ease with so many children. I love it.
    For homeschooling I would recommend Keepers of the Home just as a reference to get your ducks in a row so there is not just wrestling 24/7 with the boys while "school" is in session. : ) I have 3 boys and homeschool.

    Do you and your hubby ever get to go out on a date together? Does he work from home? You look very young :) do you plan on any more kids? Thanks for your blog. : ) -Terra in Missouri


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