Wordy Wednesday

It is supposed to be wordless Wednesday...
but you see, I have over 100 questions to answer, for you, my dear readers.

And I am happy to oblige, so the first round will be posting shortly.

Since I will be blowing wordless Wednesday out of the water shortly, I'll tell you a little about the pictures...

The girls usually sleep at the same time but not this day... while little Eliza was asleep I was spending one on one time with my dear Noli. I tried to get a picture of us both smiling in the mirror. However Nolia was much more interested in my big black camera.

But I am sure you will agree they are still precious

Grayson & Vance would be delighted if you visited their wordless wednesday too!
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  1. oh yes! They are beautiful :)

  2. I love that your finally getting in more of the pictures.

    They are precious!

  3. So cute. I enjoyed the times that one of my boys would wake up before the other for those VERY RARE moments of one on one time.

    It's so nice to see you in the pics...and she certainly was very interested in the camera. A photographer in the making perhaps?

  4. Love these, especially the second one! So I think the girls look just like you...but maybe it is just a case of looking-like-the-parent-she/they-are-currently-with??? Do you think they look a lot like you or Paul, or a nice mix??? Regardless, Eliza and Nolia are so BEAUTIFUL (and the boys are so HANDSOME of course).

  5. They are adorable I will agree with that! I am horrible at trying to take pictures of myself and my daughter lol!! It never works out!

  6. I enjoy reading your posts and i love all of your beautiful pics. yOu have one lovely blog.
    Stop by anytime - you won an the "one lovely blog" award.

  7. I was thinking the same thing as everyone else..........she will be taking pictures in no time. You will have to start her own blog. {giggle}

  8. Love the pics, ur lovely!
    look forward to meeting you :)
    I liked your post above and talk abt the sunscreen.
    My kids dont burn so far.
    Im very dark... and they inherited that gene of tanning well i suppose hehe, even taite who was super fair at birth, blue eyes, blonde hair... tans just as good.
    I only put sun screen on if they are out between like 12-2pm... and the sun is extremely strong.

    Besides that we never use it.
    I only use mineral make up from pureanada.ca for a facial sun screen.. and squalane oil on the face :)

    anyy who, neat post!
    U could so do photography 2 ;-) but let me warn you, verrrryyy time consuming lol

  9. Those are so cute. I love their expressions. So curious.

  10. I love the photos! The angles are amazing.

  11. You are so beautiful! {not in a stalker way} But seriously! You and your kids should take up modeling!

  12. Long time reader, first time poster!! Love your blog, healthy living options and piccies of you and your kids... xxx

  13. I,ve read alot today from the many Q's you so graciously answered (good advice in Phil. 4:8. Thanks)
    to the toad pictures (love those), to the cuddly pix of you and your little girls. They reminded me of how cuddly & squishy my daughter was compared to my son. Precious memories.
    More later.

  14. Ohhh...those are beautiful pictures! : )

  15. Beautiful pics. My 10 month old is also more interested in the camera than the mirror !


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