Ask It!

Curious minds want to know...

they want to know why we don't drink soy milk

why we don't use sunscreen

if twins run in the family

where I buy our children's clothes...

you name it.

I have 100's... literally... 100's of emails flagged for the next "You asked it" post.
But going through and finding them all, well, I keep putting it off.

So... here is your chance!
Ask again!
Ask here!

and I'll answer every question from this post.
Well... if you start asking some really freaky or waaay too personal questions, I might not answer those! {grin}

I will try to answer all of the questions this week...
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  1. what does dad do for a living?

  2. how do you afford pedipeds, etc. for your large family when you stay at home? i find finances a challenge with just 2 kiddos to clothe/feed/entertain.

    when you home school the boys what will the girls be doing?


  3. Do you have any tips on breastfeeding twins and babywearing twins?

  4. I really enjoy your blog and find it very interesting the questions people ask ... you are brave to answer away!!!

    I really have no questions, whatever you want to share is great!

  5. Do you guys plan on having more kids?! : )

  6. Are you going to have a Baker's Dozen like me :)

  7. Did you plan on having 6 children, and how old are you two?

    Sorry if thats insanely personal!

  8. I would like to know the answers to some of the ?'s you wrote in this post!
    Twins running in the family?
    Did you ever think you would be a mom of girls, after 4 boys? And do you get annoyed when you are out and people say, "Oh you finally got your girls!" Right in front of your precious boys:( (It happens to my friend and she gets so mad but doesn't say anything).

    I just bought some Ezekial bread from TJ's today, so excited to try it, thanks for the tip!

    Proud mama of 2 boys:)

  9. Does your blog generate income? Is that how you can afford etsy items & cute clothes? What kind of doctor do you see?

  10. I think I know all the answers to the above questions. ;) Can't really think of anything else...except maybe this one- what do you think of homebirth and would you ever consider it?

  11. Love all your kids names!! Especially the girls! How did you and Paul pick names? What are some of your other favorites?

  12. How did you come up with all the names for the kids?

    I just love the name Ozzie (I'm thinking I might name my baby that if I have a boy - If that's okay)

  13. i would LOVE to hear about your thoughts on sunscreen. and although you mentioned it already in this post, i wanted to make sure it makes your list of answers ;)

  14. Why are your kids so cute? Don't really have any other your blog.
    love and blessings from ga~erin

  15. Do you ever eat out since you seem to eat just organic?

    How many children do you think you will have total?

    If you had to chose a career (besides being a mommy), what would it be?

    What are the subjects you plan on homeschooling your children?

    What annoys you the most?

    Most annoying comment you get?

    I am sure I could find more but I am too exausted to think of more, lol.


  16. Hello :)

    I just started reading your blog last I'm sort of a lurker but de-lurking because I'm lovin' your blog and I have questions!

    How did you handle each transition from one child to the next, and which number was hardest to adjust to? My second child (a boy) is a month old, and my first child (also a boy) is 23 months, and I am finding that it's been difficult to transition because my oldest is having a hard time (loves the baby but is acting out like NEVER before). I'd love to hear how you did it and what did/didn't work, especially because my hubs and I are hoping for a nice, big family as well.

    Also, I was reading your birth stories but there aren't any in-depth posts about the details on the twins' birth! Do you plan to post their birth story, too?

    How did you decide you want to homeschool in the first place? (I am, by the way, fully supportive of it as I am a homeschool graduate and I loooved it - we plan to homeschool our kiddos, too.)

    How did you get into photography? What kind of camera do you recommend? I love photography but my photos are usually taken with my iPhone - in other words, the quality is TERRIBLE! I am planning on asking for a beautiful, somewhat professional camera for my birthday but I need suggestions. :)

    I know I have more but I've asked PLENTY already ;)

  17. **How do the boys like the idea of HS next year?
    ** What ciriculum will you guys be using?
    ** Favorite bible verse :)

  18. How do you get your pictures so darn big??? I love it!!

    I know you shop at you just go all the time, because I NEVER find good stuff there. Any tips?

    Any tips on picky eaters? It seems like all your kids eat so well. I have one super picky, carb only eater. It kills me :)

    :) Jaysi

  19. What do you use to get stains out (of clothes primarily) and especially breastfed baby poo?

  20. I love the post where you had your boys answer questions all about their mommy. I used it for my daycare kids and gave it to the mom's for mother;s day. They all loved it! My question is to you have one all about dad???? I would love to do one for father;s Day!

  21. This might sound crazy but I have two children that DO NOT sleep! They fight sleep. I cannot stand it! I need help! I want to be able to lay them down in their crib and bed and I want them to just be able to fall asleep on there on.
    Are your children good sleepers? What do I do to make mine good sleepers?

    PS- What is your favorite color?

  22. Brittany i love your blog- started following it from TMMB while you where pregnant with the girls. We had 3 boys then had our twin girls- 7 months old.

    How do you do frugal shopping for the girls? we love Pedi peds too but two pairs each time is so much.

    What are some really special treats for the kids- i.e. place you go or eating out etc.

    How do you handle siblings that bicker with each other or pick at each other?

  23. If you dont drink milk or dairy and no soy either.. what do you give your kids to drink after they are done breastfeeding when they reccomend whole milk for brain development?
    I would love to hear your answer as we also do not do a whole lot of dairy but have an almost 2 year old. he is on a multivitamin and I have a calcium supplement I got also.

    also what supplements do you give your kids and in what form?

  24. How old are you? Are you planning on having more kids?

    And, I don't drink soy milk either, and I have a reason, I'm curious if it's the same reason (it inhibits the body from absorbing minerals).

  25. Some of your children have pretty unique names while others have some a little less unique. How did you and hubby choose their names?

  26. I found your blog through someone else's blog (a gal with twins :-)

    I have 11 month old identical girls. Curious to know how in the world you get your girls to sleep in the same room??(I know they sleep in the same crib! Amazing!).

    I read way back (I think when one of your girls was taken to the hospital) that they don't take bottles. Mine neither! I think breastfeeing is WONDERFUL and thankful that I'm able to do it. With bf-ing twins, how do you find balance in your life? (Even the most devoted mom has to have a little time away :-)

    Also curious about the sunscreen.

    I'd also love to know more about your faith and your story.

    Thanks for sharing on your blog -- I love reading it and seeing the joy that your family brings you.

  27. Why dont' you use sunscreen? Just curious! What am I to do then if I am out? I burn very easily! Also, how do you afford all that stuff such as a Kokopax when Paul isn't working? I know that's private, but it all doesn't make sense in my head especially with all the healthy stuff you buy, supplements, green detergent, etc. Those things are expensive!

  28. I would be curious to know any books or resources you have used that have really shaped your views on healthy living. I am trying to go that way myself! Thanks!!

  29. how the heck are u able to look so great after 6 kids?! lol thats all I am wondering. (Im guessing chasing 6 kids around is more than enough exercise!) But anything else u do?

  30. I asked about not using Soymilk. My son is lactose intolerant and that's the only thing he can tolerate.

  31. How on earth are you so skinny? I have two kids and work out daily and still struggle.

  32. I've been treated several times for skin cancers and my children are all red-headed and extremely fair, so sunscreen is very important to us. I'm interested in why your family doesn't use it.

  33. oh fun, Ok I have some...
    First how are you feeling since your accident? I see you are wearing both babies, is your back better or are you just not letting it stop you?
    Are you going to have any more kids? And if so, have you ever considered adoption or foster care?
    Do you go to MOPS?

  34. What does Paul do for a living? I'm sure you've mentioned this before, but I can't remember.

  35. I know you use cloth diapers, but what kind and why?

    How many loads of laundry do you do a week?

    Thanks for the chance to ask some questions. I hope you're able to get to them all because this is a lot of questions!

  36. You don't use sunscreen? I'm definitely curious about that one.

  37. Well, I was also going to ask about what diapers you use. I would like to make the switch to cloth diapers. My husband bought a few to start to try to figure out which kind we like, but I do not like the kind we are trying. What are your suggestions?

    I'm also wondering about eating a balanced diet. As silly as it sounds, I can't figure out how to make a meal plan with a balanced, healthy diet. I'm sure you have some wonderful ideas! :)

  38. hey brittany!! i'll repeat the question i asked last time. i love your blog, by the way!! i have been inspired to do a lot of research about foods i eat and our healthy living through reading your blog!

    i might normally think this question is a little personal. however, you have been pretty open about the lack-of-job situation and even asked in a tweet last week what we all wanted you to blog about and you listed "money" as one of the options. you have been open about spending $300+ each week at the grocery store.
    My question deals with money - in hard times like this (hubby not working much, 6 kids, etc.) how do you afford to pay a mortgage, much less pay bills, buy groceries and other necessities, as well as "extras" (etsy bonnets, etsy bows, pediped shoes, etc)? money is tight at our house right now and we don't even have kids, so i would love to hear how you do it!! :)

    thanks again for doing a post like this. what a great way to connect with your readers that adore you and your family!


  39. What is your favorite activity with your children?

    What is your favorite thing to do alone with your husband?!

  40. What product do you use in that gorgeous hair? I have the same type of hair as you and style too so I would love to know what you use!

    I'd also love to know why you don't use sunscreen and what you use in place of it, if anything?

  41. I would like to know why you cook with grape seed oil. Thanks.

  42. I know it's been asked, but I'd love to know how you get your pictures so big!

  43. I love your photos...Are you self taught in photopgrahy? Where do you find time?

    Also, How do you budget? What system works? We don't have children and find a budget, even with just a house and pets, can be challenging!

  44. How do you pronounce the girls' names?

    What is your favorite bible verse?

    If you were blessed with Five Million Dollars, how would you use it?

  45. I have a couple of questions. How did you get your husband to use cloth diapers? Was he okay with it? I would love to switch to cloth diapers but my husband is against it. Also are you planning on having any more kids?

  46. what cooking oils do you use, and why? i know you do not use vegetable oil...what about olive oil? how do you know which oil to substitute in a recipe that calls for one you don't use? thanks!!

  47. What kind of cloth diapers do you use? I used Fuzzi Bunz with the first after she wasn't a newborn. So, I would love some newborn suggestions.

  48. * Can I please adopt your daughters? Really? Oh thank you! ;)

    * Do you sew/knit/ scrapbook...basically any crafty things?

    * And just for the sake of it,do you like skittles? :)

  49. Brittany...

    I would love to know what books you recommend about nutrition, health, baby food.

    Also, what kind of camera do you have? Would you recommend it and why?

    Where did you learn so much about photography? Would you share some favorite tips/learning websites?

    You are going to be very busy answering all these questions...God bless!!

  50. Im the nicest possible way, without eating dairy how do you guys get enough calcium?

  51. Hey Brittany! Just a quick question. You posted last week (or the week before) about following a tooth/teeth led feeding schedule with your kids (starting foods based on what teeth they have), but I googled it and haven't been able to find anything! I know you heard about it from your doctor, but do you know what book/research they got it from? If not, could you give me a breakdown of how it works exactly (what do you start when each set of teeth come in)? I love the idea, and I blogged about solids with our twins a few days ago on my blog. I know about the delaying grains, but anything else you can offer on that subject would be fantastic!

    Thanks a bunch!

  52. You look about my age but I'm bad with ages, you are probably younger! So my question is how old were you when you had your first son? I was 22 when my oldest was born. If that is not something you want to share on your blog I don't mind an email and if that is too personal that is cool too.

  53. hi there

    great blog : )
    few ?'s if that's ok.......
    1. what is your day to day outfit?
    2. what do you wear when going out with your husband? i know you mentioned you don't like wearing what everyone else is wearing.
    3. any favorite jewelry?
    4. favorite place to vacation with AND without the kids?
    5. i've seen in a couple posts you've mentioned your "2 dads" did you mean your dad and your father in law?
    6. are you planning on living where you are indefinitely?
    that's plenty of questions i'm sure!
    thanks for doing this ; )

  54. What do you use in place of sunscreen to prevent sunburns? I realize we get vitamin D from the sun and that the sun ca be healthy and that sun hats also provdie some protection. But I am thinking more in terms of a beach trip where you might be out the intense sun for hours.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Hi Brittany! I was wondering what a day in your family's life looks like. Like your schedule or daily routine. I'm expecting number 4 and I think that is what I'm most anxious about, how to manage each day.

  57. We recently began attacking our debt and have 2 children. We found that we could no longer afford the healthy foods as much (i.e. no organic cookies, cereals, etc.) and pretty much stick with homemade foods to avoid the junk in prepackaged foods. We also can't afford the fun clothes, trinkets, and mommy's and daddy's "toys". At first I felt bad asking this question because it's so personal, but you seem open about your purchases, job situation, etc...Could you please tell me how you afford to have the healthy & fun things these days (LOVE the girls' and your clothes, baby-wearing items, organics, etc.). I really miss my fun things (but we're doing the right thing even if it's hard...right??) ::sniff sniff::

  58. Oh and that was totally me who deleted my comment a few back. I messed up a couple words. ::wink wink::

  59. Hi there,
    What would be your top ten snacks for lunchboxes on a budget? I'm am always trying to cut out unhealthy food from my children's diet. Sometimes my mind goes blank and we need to get the creative flow happening.
    Thanks Bec

  60. Do you really grin and giggle as much as you type it?

    I remember the last time you did this you revealed your age and I remember thinking how young you are. It amazes me that you are so strong in your convictions (especially with diet) and you're so well researched. Do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing?

    I think of you every time I feed my almost 9 month old. She's eaten just about everything on the planet - fruits/veggies/meats/starches and every time I feed her something other than avocado I think about your post on how the girls' teeth tell you what they're ready for. Really? How did you come up with that? My baby is HUNGRY and I can't imagine her not eating, I'm sure she can't either.

    You also mentioned last time you did this that you don't wash your hair for a week at a time. You've inspired me to go a few days between washings and I really like it. My hair isn't curly like yours (but it is red) and I wonder if you ever have grease or flakes to deal with.

    How did you and Paul meet? What's the glue that holds you together (other than kids and faith)?

    And my biggest curiousity - where do you find the time? I have two children (9 months and 3 years), a blog, and a house. Maybe I'm just lazy and you're super mom but I can't for the life of me keep up. I'm always doing laundry, dishes, changing diapers, reading stories, writing posts and my place is still a disaster. How do you do it? Do you sleep? You're the most active mom I know and you seem to have it all under control. I know that we all post the great pictures, where everyone smiles, and no one has perfect children that never back talk but yours seem so story book. Really - what's your secret!?

    I love your blog, I check it every day and I've been reading since your pregnancy with the girls. Keep up the amazing work!

  61. Hey there,
    One more question... I have a son who does not drink cows milk, I put him on soy. I know you are not keen on soy but what would be an alternative for a child. He is 3. Here in Australia rice milk states on the cartoon not to be used as a milk substitute for children under five. So what do you think...????
    thanks Bec

  62. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear more about your hair care, including PRODUCTS. I have red but pin straight hair. I tried the no washing thing for a few weeks (weaned into it with every other day) and I was a big greaseball. Any advice for hair products would be wonderful.

  63. My question is about photography...
    What camera do u use?
    I just got my first DSLR (canon rebel)...and I'm a little clueless about lenses, etc. Any tips?
    My weakness is indoor photos...I don't have the funds to get any kind of backdrop,etc...any tips there?
    I admire you for tackling all these questions! I love your blog! and love your {grins} :)

  64. I asked this before and I'm not sure if you answered it and I just missed the post...if so pls direct me to the answer! :)

    My question was: with 6 kids, 3 of them very small, how do you find time to give each child attention? Do you ever get to the end of a day and realized that one of the kids didn't get much from you that day?

    Also how do you discipline the kids?

    Just one sometimes do the "what you are like now" posts for the little kids, can you do some for the older boys? I'm interested to "meet" them and find out what they are interested in and their personalities!

  65. Hello!

    Okay, if any are too personal, please please disregard!!

    I would like to know about:

    *Sunscreen use- really? You don't use it??

    *How hard/easy was it to breastfeed twins?

    *are there any specific books you would reccomend on nutrition?

    *if you could tell someone to read 5 books, what would they be & why?

    *If you could advise someone on 3 changes to make in their lives, what would they be?

    *do you use coconut oil?

    *what would you do with 4 heads of roasted garlic?

    *how DO you budget a family of 8? (Not a negative comment- looking for advice here!!)

    *do you have a good smoothie recipe?

    *whats your favorite item of clothing?

    *how do you & your hubby deal with money? Eg: If he is the breadwinner, do you feel able to spend on something frivilous, or just for you? (Getting married next year, will be SAHM eventually, worried about how I'll feel without "pin money").

    *favourite color?

    *wolly socks: yeay or nay?

    Love your blog, don't always agree with your personal beliefs, but love your strong voice & spirit!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

  66. what is your least favorite chore in/out of the house?

    if you could visit 1 state & 1 country which state&country would you chose and why?

  67. Just a silly question really...Where did you get your green dress that you posted with the baby poop on it?

    I loove it!!

    Also, how do you go about weaning your babies?

  68. First, I skipped over the many comments, so maybe someone already asked, but HOW ARE YOU since the car accident??? Are you feeling like yourself again?

    I want to know about the sunscreen. I don't like to wear sunscreen because it makes my face break out and other skin sort of itchy and irritated, and I would LOVE to have a valid reason that I can give people! :)

    Will you keep us updated on the homeschooling as you begin? I'm a teacher and homeschooling is one of my "secret obsessions" just sounds like so much fun! I'm really looking forward to the option of homeschooling my own kids, when the time comes!

  69. i would love to know the homeschool curic. you picked and your thinking of what to do with the other kiddos not in school. i plan on homeschooling as well, but have four kiddos under four, as well as trying for another. so i am already thinking of what to do with the younger kiddos who don't need a structured school setting yet.
    i also just started selling wildtree. which sells really yummy grapeseed oils. if you're ever interested let me know.
    i too would love to know how you budget/plan for the adorable pediped shoes. or you have one super great goodwill!! :0) thanks for all your time into this!!

  70. HI!
    I was just curious about the sunscreen (like everyone else seems to be! ha). I have skin problems that are irritated with "regular" sunscreen, so I use natural sunscreen. So I was just curious if you avoid all sunscreen, or just the ones filled with chemicals? I am always looking for something new to use, so I look forward to hearing what you use!! Thanks,

  71. Oh my God:D My question is:
    How are you going to answer all this questions? lol, good luck ;)

  72. Did you have fertility help or IVF for the twins conception? Do you have stretchmarks?
    What does a post-6-babies tummy look like?
    Why have you decided to home school?
    Do the boys have many school friends?
    Have the boys had any trouble with school?
    Do you ever wish you could have a career?
    Do you believe in contraception?
    Did you always plan to have so many children?
    Do you worry about Ozzie not being looked after as well as you would look after him, when he goes away for weeks?
    Do you worry about your husband being faithful?
    Do you ever wake up in the morning and just feel like you can't face the day with all those kids to feed and so much housework?
    Do you have a tumble dryer?
    Does ironing take you many hours?
    What do you think about when you do all that ironing and housework?
    What does it feel like to allow your mind to focus on your children?
    I wish I could have lots of kids and give myself over to raising them as my main job in life. You and I look almost identical (except my hair is a different colour) and we are the same age and I can't help wondering what life would have been like if I had chosen your path instead of mine, and I must admit I do really envy you. Your path seems so much clearer. Well done on doing such a great job.

  73. Sorry, more are popping into my head...
    do you make any money from your blog?
    is your house decorated to a high standard?
    do you like to have your kids wear clothes from certain brands or do you dress them in just whatever you like?
    do you like your kids to look good and stay clean - or are you happy to let them get dirty and wear whatever?
    do you like your kids to get creative making a big mess (so long as they tidy it afterwards), or do you like to not make mess at all?
    have you ever kissed/ dated/ been with anyone other than your husband (before you two got together course)
    how long have you been married?
    do you and your hubbie have rows?
    how do you feel about kids and tv/ commercials/ computer games/ playstations etc?
    do you encourage your kids to read books?
    are your boys outdoor/active types or busy indoor types?
    do you find each child was born with a distinctive personality and are all very different? - or do you find their personalities are more influenced by upbringing and other influences?
    which child do you think looks most like you?
    are you really excited about having twin girls when they are teenagers?
    what does your husband do for a living?
    what do you do when you have time to yourself?
    how do you take the whole family on holiday?

  74. do you advertise for companies? e.g. do you get a free pair of pedipeds if you advertise them on your blog?

  75. do you ever worry that you might be giving one child more/less attention than the others? Do you ever have to work at not favouring children?

  76. yes, I know plenty of mine were waaaay to personal. Just disregard those ones, sorry.

  77. If we're really allowed to ask anything, I'm curious how you seem to be regularly buying higher end things (new sling, new bows, shoes, sweaters, etc.) with no income. Obviously, you can answer this if you want and since it's your blog, you can answer truthfully or not - but I hope you'll answer truthfully. (If you choose to answer.)

  78. Ok did you answer the sunscreen question before? That was so new to me! I would like to know why you dont use it!

    Then as many wat to know how do you manage to buy all the organic food and those gorgeous clothes. I am a student and dont have much money and I cant afford all organic food! :(

    Why did your husband get back so early, I thought they were staying longer!!

    OK that was it! I am excited to read the answers!! :)

    Have a great rest of the week!

  79. I read MckMama's post about getting blurry backgrounds (I think maybe you linked to it) but I just can't seem to get it down. I have a Nikon D90 and I put it on "A" setting, and adjusted the f level to 4.2 (or something close) which is as low as I can go but unless I have the lense pretty much right on the object I want to be crisp I don't get my blurry backgrounds. I want to be able to put my twin baby boys on the ground and get a crisp picture of them and have the background blurry. Any advice would be WONDERFUL!!! Thank you and I love to follow your blog.

    (PS..sorry I don't know much about photography and the correct terminology so I hope I explained what I'm trying to do well enough)

  80. Oh, and since so many of us are all wondering the same thing and are all curious will you post all your answers so we all can read them??!! Thank you!

  81. You seem to be a supermom to me... Is your house ever messy? Are you ever behind with dishes? or laundry? or clutter?

    How do you keep your energy up? Is it from your diet? And, if you do need a little extra push, what do you eat/drink/do?

    Thanks so much! Blessings to you and your family...

  82. Wow- you've opened up a can of worms here ;) I was wondering if your parents raised you similarly to how you are raising your kids (natural, no vaccines, etc)? If not, how do they feel about your lifestyle choices? Also, I love your kid's names and was wondering if you'd share what their middle names are.
    Good luck w/all the questions!

  83. Hi Brittany! I love your blog and your beautiful photos too! I did recently read a book about not using sunscreen- they also advised not to use body sprays/perfume/deodorant too. Do you feel that way too? Any alternatives that you can recommend? ( I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months ago and was told I have a high risk of skin cancer too- so I really feel that I need an alternative!)

    Also, I'd love to know more about your extended family- your parents and any brothers and sisters? Are you close to them?

    How did you and your husband meet?

    How do you keep the cost down on healthy eating? (organic is so expensive in my small town!)

    Laurie in Minnesota

  84. Oh- I forgot one! Are you actively involved in a local church?

    Laurie in Minnesota

  85. wow... good luck!

    What stroller(s) do you use and recommend?

    What is the one specific item a new mom shouldn't dare leave off of her registry?

  86. Hi Britt,

    I would love to know if you create a weekly sort of budget? I'm also a sahm and sometimes it's difficult to stick to a budget without using credit cards, etc.
    How do you manage to have such beautifully dressed kiddos?!


  87. SLEEP! I want to know all about how you get any sleep with little ones. Also, do you have routines or any specific things you do? How do you get the girls to bed? Are they sleeping through the night? I have one little one who is 8 months old, and I am STILL so sleep deprived!!

  88. Hi there!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer ALL these questions!

    Do you have any help in the form of parents/grandparents that babysit the kids so you can go to Dr. appts/grocery store/out with your husband?

    This may be too personal-but do you do "natural family planning"/prevention or just see what the Lord brings you?

    Do you/your family ever eat junk food or candy?

    Do you like decorating your house or do you have a passion for other things besides that?

    How was your public school experience?

    Are you friends with anyone else that has more than 4 kids?

    What are some other children's names that you love/didn't use?

    Have a wonderful day and so looking forward to all your answers! :)

  89. Oh I have one!
    Can you give like a "sample" of what a day in your life is like? What times you get up, what the kids have for breakfast, lunch snack etc. ! It would be interesting to see with so many kiddos!

    You are wonderful and I love your blog!

  90. What are your thoughts on drinking water (filtration, etc.)? What does your family drink/buy for water?

    Care to share your thoughts on sugar? I am curious about your views on raw/brown/white sugar etc.

    I know you take a number of different supplements/minerals, I am just wondering is there a "decent" multi-vitamin that you would recommend? I would like to go to a holistic chiropractor in the future, but as of right now there aren't any in my town and cost is an issue as well.

    It seems I always have questions for you popping into my head but of course those are the only ones I can come up with right now. :)

    Love your blog! Thanks!

  91. Can you post pics of your wedding day?

  92. How do you feel about children going to the dentist. I am concerned about xrays for kids and flouride. What are your opinions on it?

  93. Why do you always dress Eliza and Nolia the same? Do you ever dress them different? Where do you find their clothes and what are some of your favorite stores to shop for them at?

  94. i'm wondering what your "standard" answer is to all those questions/comments you probably get when you're out with your large, young family??

    we have 4 daughters under the age of 6 and are in the process of adopting 2 young children right now. i used to just politely smile and try to move on, but i've realized that it is an opportunity to share that children are NOT a burden. all girls are NOT a burden {yes, i WILL continue to believe that even in their teenage years}

    so, despite it being out of my comfort zone for strangers, i've started saying things like:

    yes, my hands certainly are full. full hands, full heart!!
    sure we're busy, but it is so much fun!
    actually, we feel so blessed to have all these girls!

    do you have "standard" answers?!

  95. Loved your baby food post.

    So, when do your kids start eating hummus? At the bean stage?

    Do you have a good recipe, or do you just buy at the store?

  96. Do you ever feel that your life and time on the internet is detracting too much from the life and time spent off it?

  97. Wow- Lots of questions! Thanks for being candid with us!

    Babywearing: do you get sore? We have 3 month old twins and if I wear one (and we have invested in a Beco, which is ergonomically good), I get so sore (especially if I'm "doing stuff" like folding laundry- any suggestions?


  98. Do you do devotions? With your family? How do you find time to spend one-on-one with the Lord?

  99. -can you give us a sample menu plan for the day (or even week?)? Where do you get your recipes from?

  100. I was wondering what kind if any make up do you use?

    What kind of bathing soaps and lotions do you use on your children?


  101. How old do you ween the baby from breastfeeding?

  102. I know you had mentioned you use the ecostore for the alternative bleach, but what do you use for your laundry detergent? what do you use for your dishes? Do you use a dishwasher or wash by hand? what do you use to dust, clean your floors, and counter tops? Sorry so many questions but I was just curious?

  103. Since you have four boys yourself, how do you feel about circomcision? I know, the spelling is wrong. This is something I feel very strongly about and, because you seem to be on the natural side of life, I am hoping you will answer you are against it. And make a LONG post about it, stating the reasons why NOT mutilate our sons. I am working on one for my own blog right now but I do not have as many readers as you do, which means that you can reach more people by making a post on your blog.


  104. How often do you go to the grocery store? On average how much do you spend each trip? Do you go to One store, or how many? Do you take all or any of your children with you?


Thank you for blessing me with your words!