Random Picture Challenge

.July 2004.


.7th folder closest year.

.22nd picture.

Little Grayson
oh so cute!

This was taken at a park in Delta Colorado.
We were there celebrating the life of Paul's grandmother who had recently passed away
It was a wonderful trip, despite the sad circumstances.
Gavin was only a few months old
We flew with 3 kids, 3 car seats, 1 double stroller 2 large suitcases and a backpack each.

Can you even IMAGINE how much we would have to take if we flew some where now? Ha!


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  1. He IS for sure the cutest!

    Happy Mothers Day Britt!

    Love and Prayers,


  2. What a beautiful photo!!!
    LOVE it! And wonderful to be able to celebrate somneones life when they pass, rather than view it all with such saddness.

  3. He really is a cutie! You were way braver than me to fly with so many children. I'm good at travel but only in cars/ trains and boats!!

  4. Cute picture! You are very brave to fly with 3 kids! We find it hard enough to fly with 1.

  5. hasnt he grown up comparing it to his profile pic! How excited am i to be in the top 5 for 2 days in a row:) love your pictures!

  6. totally forgot- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

  7. That is a great picture! Such a cutie. In case I don't stop back tomorrow, Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Great picture!

    Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

  9. Great picture! Have a great mothers Day! I have my picture posted on my blog!

  10. Light eyes! Like the girlies have!

  11. Aww, look how little he was, and so cute! His looks didn't change much, just a little older!

  12. Trips with multiple children are always interesting and full of surprises. Great pic!

  13. I love this idea and looking at what everyone comes up with!

  14. I accidentally linked twice...the first one can be deleted. It was from my last Mr. Linky use!

    Hope you enjoy it!

  15. this is really beautiful photo :)
    he´s so cute :)))

  16. Yes, I CAN imagine how much you would have to take. We just went away for three nights and had to take two cars!!!!!{we should learn to refine this but it was our first trip with six children} hehe

    great shot in sad circumstances...but nice to have celebrated life...

    my photo is up!!
    Susan :):)

  17. i think this is such a great idea!

  18. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! With all those blessings, who couldn't?

    I found your button on Tim's page (Fort Thompson) and had to check you out cuz I also have 4 boys, however we're done now so I'll never get that pink in my house! Your children are ADORABLE! I have an 8 month old, and he just started creeping and cut his first two teeth yesterday! It's such a happy thing to watch them grow and learn, but so sad at the same time cuz I love those baby days.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us :)

  19. off topic, i wanted to know more about the ezekiel bread. does it taste like whole grain bread? what about the texture? how much more expensive is it than regular whole wheat bread?

  20. Oh my goodness he's adorable!!!! And he still is, in a very mature, 8 year old-ish sort of way! *grin*


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