5 times clean and so yummy baby food

Five times
That's how many times I cleaned my floor today
on my hands and knees
It wasn't even that dirty...
until we had a streak of accidents!

We went to a new grocery store this week, it had just opened, and it is HUGE. We had a great time walking through the store and trying to find things. Does anyone else have a route that they follow through the store and coordinates their list to follow? Well... being in a new store left me with no normal route and one out-of-sorts list. Thankfully the kids {4 of them} were well behaved and it was surprisingly not stressful.
But all of the extra time in the store left us in a bit of a hurry later... feeding the babies, getting the boys home from a friends house {because I wasn't home yet when school let out}, starting dinner... you get the picture.
Anyway, we got home, and hurried to get the groceries inside. I neglected to take Ozzie to the bathroom when we got home... so he peed... in his pants... and on the floor.
clean up #1
I clean up the floor, cleaned up Ozzie and continued on with the unloading and putting away.
Ozzie found the green goodness juice that we had bought and was asking for some... so I obliged... and only moments later I was down on the floor.
clean up #2
Okay... back to the groceries. Gavin was helping empty the bags and put everything on the counter for me to sort and put away. Well... apparently the pineapple container {it was fresh pineapple that was already cored and peeled... don't normally buy these but they were on sale} opened up and the juice was leaking from the bag that was then dripped across the floor.
clean up #3
The floor was REALLY clean by now... we had covered 3 different areas and I was thinking that the messes were over for sure! Nope! Gavin was stacking the cereal boxes on the counter and one tipped over and knocked my LARGE glass of water on the floor.
clean up #4
Okay we're REALLY done with messes now... right! I finished putting all the groceries away and it was time to start dinner. The floor was VERY clean, dinner was cooking, and it was time to make the girls food. They have been eating avocado for about almost 2 weeks now and I decided that I would give them mango tonight. So I peeled and cut up a fresh mango and put it in the 'chop-chop'. And then I did it... I picked up the container to shake a little because some was stuck in a clump. Yeah, the container busted open and chopped up mango flew everywhere.....
clean up #5
But my floor is really clean now!
and the mango was really yummy!
So yummy that Ozzie ate most of it! {grin}
The girls liked it... but not as much as their beloved avocado
They happily sat on the patio table with us and sampled the mango while watching us eat.
Ozzie and I ended up finished off the mango... it really was yummy!
The floor stayed clean...
until the next morning when I knocked a glass jar of cereal off the counter with the vacuum cord. While I was cleaning up the after breakfast mess. OY!
Please tell me I'm not the only one who cleans their floor all day long?


  1. Oh, Oh, me, me, me! I do, I do! Except for last week...tee-hee!

  2. do not even bother to put the vacuum or mop away around here- and i just mopped for the 2nd time today -and i did it YESTERDAY!!

  3. Yep. You're the only one. :) I hate cleaning the kitchen floor. It only gets vacuumed regularly - mopping is a RARE event and hardly worth it as the floor has too much texture.

    If you wanted to, you could count the spilled water as a clean up method, but you didn't hear that from me!

  4. wait....clean the what now?

    I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for my handy little cordless handheld vac. I am soooo not normally an overly neat person, but I don't know how I managed before I had this wonderful little gadget!!

  5. Oh Brittany, you poor thing! It sounds like you kept your cool - I'm impressed! I'd have lost it by Clean Up #2! I wish I had linoleum or tile throughout my house because while I don't mop my floor all the time I do need to vacuum all the time. Whatever genius that built this point carpeted the dining room. Often after dinner I find myself on the floor picking up rice grains piece by piece so they don't grind into the carpet. And more than once I'd had to go at the dried-up-food-stains in the carpet with a scrub brush and hot water.

  6. Well atleast theyre clean for now :)

    I have a question I dont know if thats the jars the mangos came in, but if it isnt where did you get the glass jar from?

    Im always looking for jars to put my baby food in.

  7. I remember when we got a brand new Jewel store, right next to the old one and how disorientated I was the first 50 times I went into that store.
    Things weren't in places you would think and the asiles were weird.
    I longed for months for the old Jewel, my Jewel the one that I could go into blindfolded and come out with exactly what I wanted.

    I do not yet have kids but its good to know these kinds of things happen for when I have a family of my own. :)

  8. Dont think about it.its very nomal because you have 6 child.you belive me your house more clean my house:))And just I have 2 little man and 1 big man:))

  9. Our broom is always out. Even with only two girls there is still several messes a day

  10. UM....OK..... you are not the only one that cleans our floor all day long....


  11. I'm so clumbsy that I'm sure I would be knocking things over all day! I also make a list according to the route in the store...I had to laugh when I read that.

  12. LOL - the joys of housework.

    If you have been using fresh mangos to make the puree - keep the pips and freeze them for when you need them. They are FANTASTIC for the babies to teeth on.

  13. LOL - the joys of housework.

    If you have been using fresh mangos to make the puree - keep the pips and freeze them for when you need them. They are FANTASTIC for the babies to teeth on.

  14. I so clean my floor more than once a day and I live by myself! You are not the only one. I have already cleaned my floor twice this morning :)

  15. We have two dogs, two cats, and three kids....if you think I don't clean my floor like 6 times in one day your crazy. And it still always looks dirty to me!

  16. I clean my floor so often I lose track on the count!

  17. I thought I was the only one that coordinates my grocery list with the location of the items! Ha!

  18. I admire you because I get aggravated at my kids everytime they spill something (and that's countless times a day). I don't just deal with it and clean it up with a good attitude like you do. I strive to take your example today :)

  19. You are definitely *not* the only one who cleans their floor all day long! I often wonder why I bother to clean it at all, as it has never stayed clean for longer than 5 minutes after mopping. But those five minutes, those glorious five minutes, are worth it :)

  20. Glad to hear i'm not the only one who cleans her floor all day long! AND doesn't even get the mop and broom away! :)

    Isadora - the jar is from olive tapanade that I bought. I keep all of my jars from food. We use them for storage, drinking glasses, baby food, vitamins, and so on. I have a slight addiction to glass jars. :)

    Linda - yes they were fresh mangos and I am SO going to try your teething tip! Thanks!

    now i'm going to tweet these answers because I don't know where best to respond so you will get the answer. :)


  21. a list? for the grocery store? heavens! i'm not THAT organized!! what fun is it to grocery shop with A.D.D. with a list!!?

  22. These are the days & moments that you will want to cherish someday (and you'll be so glad you blogged about it!). One day your children will be gone off to college, starting a life & family of their own and there will no longer be days that you'll clean your kitchen floors 5 times in one afternoon. Sounds like you are embracing these days, as they are short-lived (alhtough they may not seem that way right now!). Have a wonderful rest of your week! :)

  23. Yes I clean the floor all day long. Sounds like you really took it all in and just cleaned up the mess and went on! Eating Mango is good!

  24. I'm in the same boat, and I don't even have kids to help make things messy yet. When something around here spills for the nineteenth time in a row? It's all me.

  25. I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one cleaning the kitchen floor all day long! Just when I think it's clean, CRUNCH goes a Cheerio underfoot. Or my foot sticks somewhere it shouldn't. Ah. Motherhood :)

  26. OH no girl, you are SO not the only one. And can I just say that mango looks SOOOO yummy!

  27. we vacuum or sweep the floor at least once a day, but mopping is a rarity here ! i don't like doing it, and lately its been raining every other day - so i'm 'waiting till the rain stops' hee hee!
    i keep all our baby jars too ! here's a idea i came up with and did with my girls over Easter break.
    They LOVED it, and we check the jars every day to see how things are growing.

  28. OH MY! My top # is 3 and I thought that was bad! It is truly a never ending job.

  29. I make my grocery list that way too. Makes it easier to send the kids on spy missions to acquire the deadly bomb (raisins) before it blows!

    My kids love to put on their swimmies and wash the floor for me. A couple tubs of warm soapy water and big sponges is to close to slip and slide in the house! Then we dry with old towels. Can't guarantee we got everything, but it looks better at the end than the beginning!

  30. Love your pics and your b&w checkered floor. Very cool.

  31. I got the giggles reading this post! This is exactly how it is in our house. I've started washing the floor right before I go to bed so it stays clean for at least 8 hours! (give or take a few hours)

  32. Hello...and yes! I clean my kitchen floor at LEAST 5 times a day...and it drives me crazy. Part of it is just me being a bit OCD and not being able to deal with a few cheerios but still...5 times a day (three meals & 2 snacks)!


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