Friday Night Entertainment

Tonight we have 2 of the most...
bright blue eyed
in town!

They like to sit, and look adorable most of the day!

.and try to go somewhere...
.on their hands and knees.
.while wearing their bright orange super cute clips in their hair.
.and the cutest butter yellow shoes on their feet.

.and they look at you, and make you melt all over...

.and beg you to come and snuggle up next to them.

.and oh, how they love on each other.
.grabbing and pulling and holding on tight.

already best friends forever
every girls dream!

and oh so - so - so


hope you enjoyed your Friday night entertainment!

Come back again soon!


and YES they are the cutest butter yellow shoes
...and for all those wondering...
they are See Kai Run shoes

This is our first time owning See Kai Run shoes and oh my are they awesome! I'm a fan now! The leather is incredibly soft and did I mention ADORABLE!!!! {grin}

wait until you see Ozzie's new See Kai Run shoes.... cuteness!!!


  1. Where could you spend a Friday night any better? Your girls are amazingly precious. All of your kiddos are gorgeous. Lucky Lucky Mama!! :)

  2. whoo hoo number 2!! love your blog and your girls are adorably chubby cheeked:)

  3. That is a wonderful way to spend your friday night. The girls are ADORABLE

  4. I'd spend my Friday night with that adorable entertainment any time!! You make me want twin girls SOOO bad!

  5. So sweet!!!
    Every time I get on and see your girls It makes me want pray the the Lord would bless us with twins someday!
    You family is a sweet blessing to brighten our day!

  6. Thanks for sharing!! Your girlies are SO cute!

  7. Thats a good friday to me right there....

  8. Looks like you had as much fun with your two tootsies as we had with our two!
    I just found your sight and I love, Love, LOVE the similarities between your girls and mine. Ours are just a few months older and I love thinking back at how ours were just like that just a "blink" ago!!
    Keep enjoying! Such a blessing!

  9. Ohhh goodness! They are SUCH BEAUTIFUL girls! Sooo cute!

  10. What beauties!!

    I just wanted to thank you for your recipe posts...I tried the chickpea curry last night and it was delicious! We cleaned out the pot today at lunchtime...everyone loved it. I appreciate the info you share about organic food, too -- I'm like you in that way -- when I feed my kids a meal where most or everything is organic, it makes me feel so happy inside. :) Thanks again for the great recipe, and hope your Saturday night is as fun as Friday! ;)

  11. I am about to purchase some first crawling/pre-walking shoes for my 8 month old daughter. I saw the Smaller shoes by See Kai Run at the store, and am considering buying them. Are they good shoes for crawling/pulling up, etc.? I don't like the Robeez shoes because they tend to drag and catch.
    Thanks for the shoe advice!

  12. My twin daughters are 12 now and they have always been best friends too. We have four but the twins do have a sweet bond.

  13. These are so adorable!

  14. Plain and FREE entertainment is the sure way to go! Thanks for "entertaining" me on Friday night! I can't believe the girls are starting to move and grove already (wink)!

  15. it's the best and most perfect form on entertainment. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Such sweet little girlies! Love all the bright pictures!

  17. Any show consisting of cute baby girls are the best! They are adorable!!

  18. Oh Brittany...they are adorable (X 2). I would get nothing done all day if they were mine.

    Thanks for sharing !

  19. Oh those girlies are SO cute, love the orange clip in their hair!

  20. I think you covered every wonderful word to describe your delicious twins. They are gorgeous!

  21. I love how their bellies are sneaking out in some of the pictures. Perfect!

  22. What precious photos. You have a knack for catching those special moments you want to remember forever! I have a feeling someday it's not the "staged" photos we will love, but rather the "cuddle" and "playful" candid ones.
    My boys have those blocks with the circus animals inside. Do you have the train too?

  23. Just when I think they can't get any cuter!!!! You have beautiful children Brittany!!!

  24. Happy Mother's Day to a mom that inspires me!!
    You are an amazing mother who is following God and loving her kiddos and her hubby! I can't wait until I get to do all those things!

    Happy You Day!

    -Rosey in NY

  25. there are millions of twins in this world, and every time i have a chance I come to your website to look at pictures of your daughters. they give me peace... for some reason.
    and they're beautiful!
    hope you had an amazing mother's day!

  26. Ella has a pair of See Kai Run sandals. The same style she had last year also! : )
    Your girls shoes, those are soooo cute!
    Love their shirts too!

  27. Yeah, they make me melt and I'm not even their momma!! :-)

  28. oh my goodness they are too cute for words!

  29. Oh I love it! What some darling babies! Not only are the hairclips cute, but their shirts are absolutely adorable!


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