Can't forget little Z

Since Ozzie hasn't been to the pedi *gasp* since he was 2 weeks old we thought we'd include him in the appointment since he was going to be there with us anyway.

21 months
23 1/2 lbs.
34 1/2 inches

he's TALL and thin
10% for weight
90% for height

this makes me so curious to go back and pull out the other boys #'s at this age

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  1. What a tall little cutie!

  2. This is just a quick question since you mentioned that he hadn't been to the pedi. Some moms chose not to vaccinate; Is that the case with you?

  3. Ah, look at your littlest man! He IS tall and thin! WOW!

    Love the background on these pics. What is it?

  4. That is exactly how ethan is....Tall and skinny...still is.
    So cute!!

  5. I've always noticed that in your pictures of him--that he is a handsome string bean!

    Oz has gorgeous eyes and I love these pics.

    Grayson stands alone as being your only blue-eyed boy, doesn't he?

  6. My Owen is the same way and almost the same age. He'll be 21 months in 10 days. He is super skinny and tall. At his last pedi appt when he was 18 months he was only 20lb 6oz! He's not even on the percentile charts. I'm hoping he's gained some weight when we take him in for his 2 year check-up.

    Ozzie is such a cutie!

  7. He is just so beautiful!

    Man! What a gorgeous family you have!

  8. Looking at all the comments and knowing I was going to say the same...all four of my children so far are "tall and skinny" is anyone else thinking that maybe the charts need to be tweaked a bit???

    He's so cute


  9. What a tall and sweet cutie!!!

  10. he is just so cute!

  11. What a handsome boy! Do you all vacinate your kiddos? If not I was wondering how you have gotten around the schools on that. I would prefer not to vaccinate but have heard that you have to when it's time to go to school...

  12. why dont you take hime to Ped? just wondering. do you do that with your other boys? Arent they ever sick, ear infections etc?

  13. What a cutie!! You and hubby make some beautiful babies!!

  14. If Oz is 10% for weight and 90% for height, and Ava is the same height, then she must be 90% for weight, too!! :-) Hope she doesn't stay this hefty!

  15. Ohh...he is sweet!

    I love the thumb, I see that often over here. ; )

  16. Aww, he's such a cutie! I love it when little ones suck their thumbs. Mine never have, but I think it's so sweet. :)

  17. What a handsome little man! The thumb in mouth is too cute. I have a little thumb sucker too. There is something about it that seems so sweet. :)

  18. I have a similar question...why no ped visits? Im a non-vaccinating Mama too but we've been for all well-baby checks and for various other kid germs. Ohhh...enlighten me!! =)


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