lovin' the mail...

Oh how I am loving the mail right now! It sure does make me grin!

Aleah sent 7th gen diapers and wipes! Yippeee!

Kristin {an old friend from MOPS that I co-coordinated with} sent a delish treat

Steph sent ADORABLE onsies with the girls names on them

Jennifer from Rosie Toesies boutique sent us super cute baby legs and booties

oh and the wonderful girls at Mama Speaks sent an awesome package with adorable sleep gowns with the girls Initial on them and a gift certificate to nest baby slings

Thank you to everyone...

* a few of you said you wanted to send a gift and needed an address... I'm not begging for gifts... honestly some of you left a comment and I didn't write back. {grin} Email me at 4lilmenandtwins@gmail.com


  1. I am so pleased with how your gift turned out! I love their names...


  2. Great stuff! I love the onesies! Isn't it great to receive gifts?!

  3. love those babylegs and the onesies are cute too!

    say "Hi" on my 400 post and you just might get more mail ; )

    Take care,

  4. How cute! Love the little onesies

  5. Oh my word!!! That stuff is adorable! How awesome!!!! :)

  6. Everything is just precious!

  7. Oh, you are so lucky...they are all gorgeous gifts...

    I got my twins some baby legs too...they are too funky!! just need little legs to squeeze them into

    Susan :):)

  8. wow those are cool gift!!!!! the fruit basket look so yummy!!!!

  9. How sweet. :) I can almost taste that fruit. I WISH I could taste that fruit. :)

  10. Very cool. Do you still do MOPS? That is awesome that you were coordinator. I just got back from convention. I love it. It makes you come back refreshed as a mamma.


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