15 1/2 lbs.

Love all the guesses!

The girls are 12 oz. apart... so one's growing slower er faster than the other {grin}
ML was the closest guess for Nolia... at 8 lbs.
Aleah guessed Eliza's weight exactly at 7.3 oz

Nolia was 8 lbs. 1 oz. & 20 1/2 inches long
Eliza was 7 lbs. 3 oz. & 20 inches long
both with 14in head circumference

smaller than 3 of my boys {Ozzie was 7.12}
and ALL of my boys were 10-13 lbs. by 2 weeks!

10th percentile for full term babies
75% for preemie babies

the pedi said that they will be on the preemie chart until about 2-3 years... that is when they should catch up. Man that's a long time. Oh well... I've had big boys now I have small girls! {grin}

okay i'm honestly struggling to know for sure who is who in this picture... I *think* it's...
{nolia} {eliza}
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  1. Yea, I was thinking the same thing. This adorable shot of the girls looks like the same baby, only doubled.

    I gonna bet that the girls get put on the full term scale well before 2 years old.


  2. Beautiful photo... can't believe Nolia is nearly a full pound bigger than Eliza.

  3. I think if I had twins I'd have to give them braclets or something until they had distiguishable characteristics. How adorable they are. At least they will stay little for longer, and you'll feel like you have more time with them being babies.

  4. That is SO awesome! So glad to hear they are doing so well!!! :)

  5. They are so beautiful. I love that picture. I think they are doing well in growth! I wonder what their weight would be at two weeks past your due date?!

  6. I see little fluffy cheeks and chins! So cute! Also, I had a 34 week 3 day preemie and he caught up by age 18 months. They don't always stay small. I hope that's encouraging. Have a wonderful day! :)

  7. That is a wonderful picture! How DO you tell them apart? I always thought that would be so difficult...

  8. I'm so glad they are doing so well. I love the picture and how they are looking the same way and doing the same things with their feet :)

    I hope your feeling better

  9. How cute are they in Bum Genius!

    Can we get a post on what a normal day looks like for you now? And how is breastfeeding going? And keeping up with 3 in cloth for laundry?!

    Just add it to your to do list!

  10. Great stats! you must be thrilled with how well they are doing!!

    They look amazing...

    Susan :):)

  11. my two preemies were at the right spot on the growth charts at 6-8 months, other than being "short" but honestly, who cares! You have two healthy girlies that are prettier every time we see them here. God bless you all :)

  12. I LOVE that picture of the girls!!

  13. They really do look quite alike. Were you told to expect identical twins? or will you get the DNA test done to prove it? Were there 2 placentas? that the easist way to know, really.....and really who cares, they're beautiful and they will be different somehow.

  14. So glad to hear they are doing well! I hope that you are getting back to normal and feeling better by the day

  15. They look so cute !
    Congrats on their weight gain, glad they are doing well. :)
    Haven't read a report on you lately, how are you doing ? :)

  16. I can't tell them apart for nothin'!

    Thanks for the stats - so fun to keep up with their "growings" on! ; )

  17. 75% for preemies! Wow! That is great news! :)

  18. Yeah, for sweet, healthy babies!! They really are identical in that picture!

  19. Wow...they are using the preemie chart! I wish they would do that for my tulip. she was born at 38 wks but was only 4lbs 14oz...like teh 3-4% at birth. and they've always used a regular chart for her and she's barely 10-15% in both height & weight at 17 mos old. while i "get" it b/c she was small at birth I get looks sometimes when people hear that she is only in the 10-15%...then I have to go thru the...well, at birth...blah blah

  20. why is their first visit? esp since they were preemies. Most peds do every 1 week weight checks. Just wondering. I work as a RN in a ped office.

  21. precious babies! our girls turned one today. what a year it has been... and so many adventures to come :)

  22. Love that picture of your girls!

    They have grown!

    Honestly it didn't even cross my mind that they would weigh in differently!
    But of course they would!


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