Soooo... what are they going to be?

Boys? OR Girls?

From day 1 when we found out we were having twins I felt like they were girls... I have never felt like that before. With all of the boys it was very 50/50.

As the days come closer I become increasingly more anxious to find out if we're going to remain an ALL BOY family or if we'll have 2 little girls to add to the family. I won't deny that I would LOVE to have little girls... but there is a small part of me that loves having all boys, it stands out, it's not the norm & i'm always the princess. *grin*

Day by day I think about who is inside of me... becoming more and more excited to know. And less sure of my original "it's girls" feeling. Only a few more weeks right! After I deliver baby A we'll know... boys or girls... delivering baby B will be the first time I've ever known what I'm delivering. Even if it's only for a few minutes...

So.... what do you think?? Only a short time left to vote. I'm very surprised that the poll has stayed 60/40 the entire time. Go check out the poll on the sidebar and let me know what you think... boys or girls?????


  1. I still think you're having boys....even though I'd be tickled pink if you had two sweet, little girls.I agree with you about having girls. I'd be happy to have a girl someday but I also like having all boys. It 'is' unique. I wouldn't mind if I had all boys...maybe I also secretly think it'd be cool if you had six boys (don't hate me!). Take care- so glad you've made it this far. You're doing awesome girl! =)

  2. Congratulations! I'm new to your blog, and my wife is pregnant with one, so I can't imagine what two would be like!

    We have a friend who had non-identical twins (before we knew her) and she says she got so big she set fire to herself cooking!

    Those pictures of your babies are amazing and will give hope to my wife who gets quite upset when people tell her she is "already really big" at 5 months pregnant.

    Hope it all goes well for you, your babies, and the rest of your family.

    The Broken man

  3. Either way, they are the perfect babies for your family. Because God doesn't make mistakes. Oh, I can hardly wait to find out what you're having!!! And see pictures!! I'm glad that you and the family are doing well.

    By the way, I've tagged you!

  4. Brittany, I have three boys, and I am not entirely convinced I couldn't be talked into a fourth baby (though it's less and less likely as time wears on... and I am older than you are). I was just thinking yesterday that although I have always wanted to have a daughter, if I did have a fourth, I don't know that I would be hoping and wishing for a girl necessarily. My baby boy now (turning one this Friday!) is so very sweet. I would be thrilled to have a carbon copy of him. I go back and forth, because I never thought I *wouldn't* have a daughter, and I don't think I have fully come to terms with that yet. But at this point I certainly couldn't hope *against* another baby boy.

    Either way you will have two little new spirits in your house, and how fun is that?

  5. I really have no idea. I'll say two girls. Because it would be so different for you. Oh, and the pink!

    I think as a mom of all boys we have a hard time admitting that we would like a girl too. We don't want anyone to think we don't love our boys completely and totally, because we do. But I would really love to have a girl and share that mother/daughter bond. My mom and I are so close it would be nice to have that with a daughter.
    Still God always knows what is best for us. And I know you trust in Him. :)

  6. I voted that they are girls because that was your first inclination. I just knew with both of mine that they were boys and the ultrasound confirmed to no surprise.

    I like the princess comment, but for me in reality it fluctuates between being the princess and the maid :)

  7. I have four boys myself! I love the look on peoples faces when they ask if they are all mine! "4 BOYS!" I love, love, love being an all boy family. Having a girl would take that away,however; I have always felt like I would have a little girl. When I was prego with my first baby we found out he was a boy. My thoughts were that my next one or my last one would be a girl. So with every pregnancy I totally think girl! Now four boys later!I still feel "connected" to that sweet girl. I think she's saying, "don't forget me". Reading that someone may think I just really want a girl but truly I wouldn't trade my boys for the world. They are so wonderful. God knew they would make our family *perfect*.

    So for you... I can see the delight in both...BOYS or GIRLS!! Remain the all boy family or throw in ALOT of pink! I can't wait to know what you are having!!


  8. I took your poll a few months ago, but I can't recall what I chose! I think I picked 'girls'. Nothing beats a mother's intuition--so I'm still voting for girlies!

    Do our little princesses have names yet?

    I love your musing on "...delivering baby B will be the first time I've ever known..."

  9. My goodness the curiosity is almost killing me so I cannot imagine how you are feeling!

    My gut feeling is rarely accurate but I'm thinking girls.

    If is girls they're in for some super over protective brothers. No boys are gonna mess with girls that have 4 older brothers!

  10. Oh, I am not good at this. But I say my own intuition has always served me right! So maybe it is two little girls!!


  11. Google Reader introduced me to your blog as a recommendation... how lucky was I to get such a recommendation! I've already scanned a ton of your posts over the last few days (or week, who knows, haha)... I'm so excited to find out if they're boys or girls (so I can't even imagine what it's like for you!).

    Settling in for continued reading...

  12. I still think you are having girls.
    Wondering what your nursery looks like though. I bet it is FABULOUS!

  13. There is a family in our town who have 7 bio boys! No girls! I don't know if I could handle all of that testosterone!
    I can't wait for your labor post!

  14. I've been wrong with all 3 of mine so I feel like I should say boys and then switch it to girls because then maybe I would be right!

    I'm excited to find out, I can't imagine your anticipation!

  15. I have absolutely NO idea of a guess! I am totally on the fence! I think a family of six boys would be pretty cool and unique and special, but man, two little baby girls would be precious, too! :) I can totally relate to the comment "Mama" made about having a daughter. I have two boys and I never thought I "wouldn't have a daughter," either. There is still a part of me who wishes I had that. I see other mothers w/their daughters and I miss that. I feel bad admitting it b/c I LOOOOOVE my boys!!!! I wouldn't trade them for the world!!! That being said, I wish I had a girl! My question is: will I always wish that or do you get past it??!! My boys are five and ten and my husband doesn't want to have anymore. Coming to terms w/the loss of a dream is hard.

    Okay, so sorry to ramble on and on!!! If anyone has a thought, feel free to visit my blog and share!!! :))

    Britney, I think the advice (and you have said it, too) that God has a plan for us and it is the RIGHT plan!!!! I think that sums it up pretty good! I am gonna write that one down for me to remember!!!! :))

    I think you will be blessed w/beautiful babies!!!! Boys or girls???? Hmmmm, I still don't know even after all of my ramblings!!! lolololol!!!!

  16. I'm gonna say girls! Just 'cause it would be different for you. Plus, I have four of my own and everybody should have one "daddy's girl" around. We just have 4!
    Our oldest is a boy and then we've had 4 girls in a row. We are longing to buy blue this time around, but like you, we're not finding out and will be completely content with God's plan for our family. it is driving our family's nuts though! heehee! :)

  17. Your first instincts are usually right. Mine always have been so I'm sticking with Girls! That's what I always thought even before you told us you guys thought it was girls. Either way the twins & the rest of your family will be blessed! I can't wait to find out though.


  18. I think I originally guessed boys...but I do always listen to a mothers intuition. So I think boys, but IF I am wrong, then I am casting my vote for girls! :) HA!

    You look great, thanks for keeping us posted!!!
    The car seats are adorable, and really do send home a message...there are 2!!! WOW!! I can't wait to see the FANTASTIC photos that these babes will star in!

    Take Care!

  19. I might think about it almost as much as you. I'm that excited and curious. Don't know. I voted boys when you first put it up ... but I'm beginning to change my mind. Either way, you (and they) are so blessed.

  20. Oh gosh, for some reason I was wondering, "Why, oh why, is it only boyS or girlS..." Duh, Brittany (me, not you)... they are identical twins... lawd, help me!

    I am going to say girls, just to spice up the family a little.

  21. Oh, the excitement is building! Building as quickly as your waistline, right?! ;) You look great!

    That will be pretty amazing that you'll know for the first ever what you're delivering when Baby B is on his/her way! It'll be amazing no doubt! =)

    No idea what's in there, but it's good to know you're so blessed, right?!

  22. I voted girls when you first put the survey up.
    I still think they are!

  23. I have always thought boys for some reason. But I am not basing that on anything, just figure I have a 50/50 chance of being right! HA!

  24. I'm still saying girls.

    And I totally know what you are saying about trusting God for what your family is to look like.

    And I must say, girls or boys, He has made your family absolutely beautiful!!!!

  25. You are amazing! I have 4 brothers, I know how boys are! now twins? Congrats!

  26. wow, I skipped yesterday on my computer and I missed this disussion...

    I have about a hundred thoughts running through my head all at once, "six boys would be COOL"...
    "I would love you to experience a daughter, girls ARE so different and the sweetness they bring out in their brothers (and father) is very special"....
    "having identical twin boys would be SO special"..."having identical twin girls would be amazing too"

    but maybe I am thinking of me too...

    I was in our pharmacy the other day buying some vitamins and the assistant asked me if it (the bump) was my second child, as I only had one child with me. I laughed and said 'no, it's actually five and six'...she and another assistant AND another customer went on with a million questions...It came to "do you have a nice balance of boys and girls?" again I laughed and said not really I had one and three so having two girls will bring equal balance and two boys will tip the scales five to one. They ALL at the same time sucked in their breath and said "five boys!!"
    I could only smile because even though I don't know what sex they are , I think I am having boys, I must be honest and say I'd like to have girls but I have no control over it (and wouldn't want to either). These babies, as are yours, are extraordinary miracles and I am still feeling SO privilaged to have been 'chosen' to be carrying twins...So boys/girls...ah...who only concern is that I will need to become VERY good at being a mother-in-law!! :):)

  27. Hello:) I just had to comment on the boy/girl thing. I have 6 boys (all singles). Each pregnancy felt different from the others. With #4 I even carried different. Everyone was sure he was a girl:) My friend that watched my boys during that ultrasound even made my favorite oatmeal cookies with pink icing because she was so sure he was a girl. When I returned from my ultrasound and gave her the news, she said, "Can we eat pink cookies anyway??" We still laugh about that one! (She has 5 boys:) My OB said that the more children you have of the same gender, the more likely you are to continue having the same gender. But you never know! Anyway...I just thought you'd appreciate the story since your hanging out on the couch!

  28. I'm so excited to find out what you are having too! I LOVED being surprised with both of my pregnancies even though it was VERY hard! It's such a great moment when you here "It's a...."

  29. do you know for sure that they are the same sex? could it be one of each???
    enjoy your last few weeks!

  30. Yep, still think you are having boys! Sticking with my original thought, your hubby is young, not old. Older men have girls!!


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