For REAL...

there are TWO babies in my belly
...4 little feet
...20 little toes
...2 beating hearts
Oh my!
I am going to deliver TWO babies
we are going to come home with TWO babies

and for some reason even though I KNEW this... after we received the car seats yesterday and unpacked them from the boxes and set them side by side it HIT me.

...our little babies
...and they're coming soon
I am getting SUPER excited to meet them, to know who's been kicking around inside of me for months. know if they are boys or girls see their little identical faces and kiss there cheeks
Oh and who could forget that wonderful baby smell... X's TWO

It's REAL we're having twins and they're coming soon!

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  1. I am liking the car seats. So cute. I can't wait to see your babies too!!

  2. Very cute car seats! I am so excited for you. You make me wish I was having twins!! :D

  3. What a great color choice for the car seats! The babies are going to look so sweet and small in there!!

    I saw a photo in PB's catalogue last night of a bedroom with 3 bunk beds lined up next to each other. I thought of you - if these babies are boys, of course :) I was thinking how amazing (and loud and messy) that would be - six boys sleeping in one room. :) Wow!


  4. Ohhhhhhhhh...not these tears again!!! It brings me back to 13 months ago. I am soo sooo soo excited for you. You love them now....OH, you just wait, little deary! The love they create in you rides the line of nearly unbearably containable! (Englishly speaking, do those words even go together?)

    Oh, my. Seeing those 2 carseats waiting so patiently for their passangers, just gets me!

  5. Carseats look pretty fancy these days. And everything looks even fancier when it comes in pairs. :)

  6. Oh, yeah! Seeing those does hit it home, doesn't it!? Wow-eeee! Can't wait to try my hand at holding two at once! :-)

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... twins.
    You're gonna hear 'oh you have a handful' a lot! lol But there is no greater joy than having twins, and holding them together...
    It's a great experience and YOU are gonna enjoy it soon.
    Hope everything goes well for you.

  8. Oh my goodness, I am SO excited for you!! I am 21 weeks with my sixth and I am ecstatic about meeting this one! I couldn't contain myself if there were two in there! Awesome carseats and love, love, LOVE the color!

  9. You will have to take a picture of them both in those seats in the exact same position when they come home! I love the orange.


  10. Oh Brittany - you are a ray of sunshine right now as my heart has been so heavy about little Stellan.

    Sorry I've been so bad about commenting lately - Not having a computer at home STINKS! I did hear yesterday that there's hope they can recover my data. THANK YOU LORD!


    Grow babies grow!

  11. I love that brand of car seat :)

    Your post is so sweet--you can feel you excitement. Not much longer!

  12. The car seats are so cute. I can see how looking at those two seats can make you think those thoughts!

    I can't wait to see this same picture with the babies in the seats!

  13. Oh Brittany, I am SOOOOO excited for you! I am right there with you... to meet the little one/ones, kiss them, know them, AND smell them. What a blessing to have 2 at one time :)

    Love the carseats!

    I'm glad their healthy and kicking. I can't wait to meet them also :)

  14. Those carseats will be filled with the most loved babies ever. How cute and I can't wait till you announce their arrival. Thinking girls still. :)

  15. Adorable carseats...where are they from! You are truly blessed to have 2 on the way and 4 handsome ones at home! Can't wait to see a picture of the little ones IN the carseats!

  16. I'm excited for you ! :)
    I can't wait to find out how your kids, especially Ozzie-'cause he's the youngest, reacts to the new babies. Best Wishes

  17. oooh I have to correct that opening have TWENTY toes in there, lol!

  18. Hello!
    Finally, I want to leave a little message!
    I'm from Germany (my english is bad, but I try as best I can)!
    Nearly every day (since I found your blog a few months ago) I click at your blog and each time I'm so curious about the news of your life with your little boys. It really makes me happy :-)
    Tomorrow, I'll be on holidays for two weeks. And- who knows- perhaps when I'm back the little babies are born...

    Blessings from Germany :-)

  19. Love the carseats!!! Grow babies GROW!!!

  20. Oooooh....I love the orange! Adorable!

  21. Very cute car seats! I love the colour! I can't wait till the Maxi Cosi car seats are available in Canada. And about the above comment about six boys sharing a room... I have a friend who has that situation, she's got three bunk beds all in a row! She's currently pregnant with baby #6 and they've got all boys so far. They all share a room (on purpose, they do have extra bedrooms).

  22. Oh my goodness... two. That is crazy, girl. How exciting.


  23. How exciting!! It truly will be here before you *we* know it! :)
    I am sure the BIG brothers are just as excited! You are going to have some AWESOME helpers!!!

    Take Care!

  24. It'll be a long time before the amazement of having 2 at a time wears off. My twin girls are almost 3 years old and I still look at them and say "Wow, there's two!"

    It's so fun reading your posts and reliving so much of what I felt during my pregnancy.

    You're so close!!

    ~mom of 4 boys and twin girls

  25. Reading this is causing my ovaries to swell....oh all of the wonderful things that come when babies invade! Congratulations on the euforia...oh that smell! I will never forget my childrens smell!

  26. Oh Brittany you have made me cry...It's something I cannot quite comprehend yet. I am so excited too. I have been having my first flutters from one of them and I catch my breath every single time...

    I sent my husband a text message the other day saying 'can you believe we have this happening to us?'

    Your car seats are gorgeous...waiting for their little bundles to come fill them up...just imagine

  27. Oh hon! I'm so excited for you!!! I can see how those carseats (I love them! Great pick!) really drive it home. The realization of babies coming. Wow! So amazing!
    I wish we lived closer so I could help you out a bit. I'm sure our boys would love playing together. :)

    And by the way. You STILL look gorgeous! How in the WORLD do you manage it?????

  28. Oh too sweet to see them side by side, can't wait to see them with the babies ;)

  29. So you know they are boy's? I have 4 boys and 1 girl. My 2nd and 3rd children (both boy's are twins). Don't worry about the weight too much. Sonograms aren't always right. My twins were showing less than a pound difference. But when they were delivered at 37 weeks and 5 days we found out that they were 5 lbs and 3 oz and 6 lbs and 7 oz. And were 1/2 inch difference in height. But they were fine.
    Having twins is very exciting but really hard too. You get less sleep and more to do. But after the first 3 years or so it does get a fun. But from what I have heard from friends with older twins it never gets any eaiser. But I tell you what God has a sence of humor...
    Enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can....When the twins are out it never goes back to normal....

    Mommy of 5

  30. That is so surreal. TWO! eek! :) How exciting!

  31. I am so excited to see them, so i can't even imagine how excited you must be! not much longer :D

  32. Ack! I love the seats! What a great color!

    I can't wait to hear all about the babes when they come.

    I'd love to have twins!

    Many blessings!

  33. I can't even imagine. Those car seats definitely make it seem real.

  34. Excited to see this same pic with babies inside! : )

  35. my twins are 9 months old and sometimes I still get that feeling. I will just look at them and think, I can't believe there are two of them. I can't believe that God trusted me enough as a parent to give me two at a time! It is so fun!I actually have a post on my blog, when they were tiny, that was all about 20 tiny toes!

  36. love the seats!!!

    love them even more because they're not mine... 4 carseats was one of the toughest parts of 4 boys in 4 years.

    Will all 6 kids be in car seats???

  37. Setting up the double stroller and car seats is about when it became very real for me too. I constantly look at their little week-old faces and can't believe there are two of them!


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