You asked it... part VI

Baby addition! All questions and answers about babies and pregnancy.

If you've miss the first I, II, III, IV, V you can see them here.

Q: I'd love to see a tummy shot when they are moving around in there...does the belly ever get lop-sided, or a big ol' foot stick out???

A: Oh my, these babies move so much... I am actually working on uploading a video I took of the babies moving around in my belly. It's very very cool! When I have a contraction you can see big bumps... little butts and baby B's head since it's still up top. I love being able to see what's what although it is much harder with 2... or at least figuring out who's foot is who's.

Q: Does your husband help you with the kids while you go to your appointments, or you them all 4 with you?

A: I NEVER take the kids with me to my OB or peri appointments... I have a cervical ultra sound each time and they are more than happy to play with friends, nana or stay home with dad. Before bedrest and hubby was not working from home my mom would come up for my appointments or my friend Shelly would keep them. Now that hubby is home he's kept them home for most of my appointments unless he's busy working and then i'll have them go to friends houses or such.

Q: have you had natural deliveries for your boys? As far as no drugs??? Just curious.

A: Epi each time... and THANK GOODNESS! All of our boys have been face up, chin up & have gotten stuck on my pelvic bone each time. I have thought time and time again about going without but I do not feel like I need to. I have very long labors and I want to enjoy them, I want to have fond memories and I don't want to remember being in so much pain I wanted to die. Ha! I am working on writing up the boys birth stories just for the record... since you know... birth in on my mind right now and all.

Q: You said you have a "feeling" the twins will be girls. Did you have a sense when you were preggers with your boys that they were going to be boys each time?

A: I have not... it's been very 50/50 each time. This has felt very different. I think a great deal of that has been my faith. Before I was even pregnant this time I had been praying for our future children... girls or boys... and that put in simple terms... God would fill my heart with love for more boys and take away my desire to have a daughter and that God would fill me with faith in his plan.

Q: Will you let your boys have a say in the babies names?

A: Nope... it's all me and hubby. Not because we don't value their opinions but they won't be there and it is a very important decision to make... 3 year olds can come up with some REALLY strange names too!

Q: Did you cloth diaper your babies? And do you plan on cloth diapering the twins?

A: We do use cloth diapers... I didn't use them with my 1st or 3rd and only used them part of the time with our 2nd. It wasn't until I discovered bum genius that I was totally into cloth diapers for real. We've been using all cloth, except for a disposable at night, for #4 and plan on using all cloth for the twins as well. We actually just received 24 small bum genius diapers for the twins. Thanks Dad! They are SOOOO adorable!

Q: where did you get that awesome dress from?

A: the dress... well I bought it at Goodwill *gasp* are you surprised?! It is H&M brand though.

Have you done anything to prepare your boys for the upcoming new arrivals? Such as discussions or books to prep them for changes in the household, etc.

A: Bedrest has provided a nice introduction to how our life is going to change. we've talked in short bits about how different it will be with 2 babies instead of 1 but other than that... not really. With each addition to our family the boys have been awesome. We've never had acting out, hitting the baby, ect. I truly believe God gave our boys the hearts of a large family because they all LOVE the idea of having more babies in the the family and are even talking about having more after this. ha-ha!

Wondering what your nursery looks like though. I bet it is FABULOUS!

A: Nope.... no nursery. Ozzie is still in the crib and we haven't borrowed, purchased or set up another crib for the twins yet. They will be in a crib in our room for 8-12 months. From there i'm not sure what we're doing... it will partially depend on if they are boys or girls.

Q: I'd like to know what supplements you take while pregnant. I'm a vegetarian too and am preparing for baby #3. Thanks!

A: Most people would laugh at the pile of pills I'm taking right now. Although pills do NOT replace eating good. I am taking more than I've ever taken before because of the demand on my body right now. And let me tell you... I have felt better health wise during this pregnancy than I ever have. So... what am i taking?

Folic Acid [4], Calcium Lactate [20], Ferrofood (Iron) [4], Cardio & Cyruta Plus (adrenals, blood, heart) [20] & SP Greenfood [4]. They are all from Standard Process. I buy ours from our Chiropractor but you can also purchase them online.

Clarks minerals are liquid minerals that we add to juice. It's a great way to get some extra minerals in. You can find there info here. I take 2 oz. a day in orange juice.

PhytoMatrix (multi-vitamin)[4], Phyt-Aloe (fruit & veggies plus) [1]& Ambrotose (cell to cell communication - immune support) are all from Mannatech.

I know it's a lot but if you felt the difference you would know how important it is... i'm really curious to watch all of the amounts drop after I have the babies... it's been odd watching them climb during pregnancy. **for those of you who don't know how I know what amount to take... I see a holistic chiropractor every 4 weeks and she muscle tests each of the supplements at each appointment.

As usual..... leave a comment with any other questions you have! Hope you had fun!


  1. Looking forward to that baby movement video!

    Fun reading your answers....

  2. Very cool. I like that you are actually really laid back on certain things. Good balance!


  3. Your answer to question #4 is beautiful. I have been doing much of that lately too. Praying for contentment and acceptance of whatever God wants my life to be. Especially on the more children issue. :)

    Great post!

  4. LOVE to see more into your lives! Thanks for sharing!

    Questions for next time:

    What do you guys do for bedtime routine? Does your hubby put the kids to bed, do you read to each of the boys individual, and then lay with each, or what do you do?

    Also are the older ones in charge of doing their own "bath" time or do you do bathtime ALL together?? As well as do they dress themselves I guess are they self sufficient?? Not Oz. :)
    Just trying to change somethings around here...with our 4 small ones!

  5. I enjoyed reading this. :)

  6. Amen to the "Epi" answer!!!

  7. Question for next time: Do you nurse? If so, are you still nursing Ozzie? When will you stop before you deliver? How does all that work?

  8. I was wondering too, whether you are still nursing Ozzie and how that's going if you are. I'm pregnant and planning to keep nursing, maybe even after the new baby is born... not sure yet.

    Wow, H&M at your goodwill store? That's awesome. I've never seen any good brands at our goodwill. :( But you've reminded me I need to check out H&M for maternity deals.

    Where can you get Standard Process supplements online? I've read you can only buy them through medical practitioners. And yes, WOW, that is a lot of pills. And I complain about the few I take now...

    I'm going to see a naturopathic MD soon that specializes in pregnancy and post-partum care, I'm excited to see what she has to say about diet/supplements... right now I'm just taking prenatals, calcium, magnesium (I had high blood pressure last time) and Vitamin C.

    Looking forward to the next update! :)

  9. I bet that video of the babies is so cool! Can't wait to see it :)

  10. I enjoyed reading all those answers :)

    More that a question I have a request. Would you shows us more pictures of your house like the living room, dining room, and kitchen? I really like your style and I would love to see more pictures :)

    Thank, and take care!!

  11. Hey! So, I've commented on your blog before, only a couple times, but I read your blog almost every day. I love hearing about your twins pregnancy, seeing pictures of your adorable boys and your beautiful house and reading your posts on health/food/etc. Overall, I just like your blog, can't you tell?!? :)

    I don't mean to bother you, but I was hoping you could give me some insight on something...It seems you've done tons of research and know a lot about vitamins and supplements, and I was wondering if you knew anything about Grape Seed Extract and whether or not it's good for you?

    The reason I ask is that I've had vein/circulation issues brought on by pregnancies (I've had 3 girls, but I'm done having kids now), and even though I have had one surgery already, I was hoping to take a more "natural" approach if I could. I've read that Grape Seed Extract is really good for blood circulation and has a lot of health benefits, but I'm always a little skeptical, plus I'm nursing by 9 month old baby girl...SO, again, I don't mean to bother you AT ALL, but if you know anything about this, would you mind passing along your opinion? THANKS! I would so appreciate it!

  12. Thanks for the insights... always cool to read others questions.

  13. Oo, I LOVE our bumgenius diapers! I have some cuter ones for daytime, but they are totally our workhorse diaper. I'm surprised you don't use them for night, though; they are the only diapers we have that I trust to get us through the night. Although, we use the 3.0s, not the AIOs - is that the difference? The pockets let you pad them with whatever absorbancy you need in there, and I totally make use of it!

  14. Always very interseting Brittany. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby movements's so easy to forget the gigantic swooshing movements...I can't wait to see your video...a bit like having a resident octopus I guess hehe :):)

  15. How do you manage & how are you going manage going anywhere with all those kids? Do you use strollers or wraps? What does a normal outing look like for your family? I have trouble with just two by myself. Especially since Owen is entering the temper tantrum phase.


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