baby baby doctor update!

We're back! It went OKAY.... heard some things I WANTED to hear and somethings I DIDNT.

*Cerivix is looking the same... YEAH!

*Fluid is holding out and isn't causing concern right now

*Baby B is BREECH AGAIN! OY! He/She is the one with more fluid so hopefully there is still time to flip AGAIN!

*Baby A is 3 lbs. 9 oz. & Baby B is 4 lbs. 4 oz. THAT is the not so good news. They were identical weights 3 weeks ago at the last growth scan... now they're 11 oz. different. That is a 16% discordinance. 20% is when they start to worry so we're not there yet but 2 weeks will tell if it's something or nothing.

Maybe i'm wrong but it seems like since they are identical they SHOULD grow identically IF they are in identical enviroments... the womb... SO the difference is the amount of nutrition they are recieving from the placenta.

If COULD be nutrition... maybe i'm not eating enough of what they need. OR it could be positional... where their cord attaches to the placenta could be more or less pinched depending on how i'm sitting, laying or their position. I can't help but feel guilty that I COULD be doing something.

So... i'm seeing my chiropractor next week for my planned 4 week appointment and we'll see what she says. I'm wondering if she can individually muscle test the babies and see if one is deficient over the other. Not sure if she can but we'll find out. I'm also going to focus really hard on eating everything I should and less of what I shouldn't. I don't have room or time for all the food need so I need to make sure i'm doing the best I can. Bedrest has really been difficult for that. It's so hard when I'm not the one cooking, preparing or grocerry shopping. OY! I'll just pray that God can fill in the voids and he'll continue to hold these babies in his hands and keep them safe.

31 weeks tomorrow... belly picture already??? :)


  1. I will be praying for you & babies!

  2. I'm glad that there hasn't been any cervical changes, but sorry about the weight discordance. I think you're doing everything possible to ensure these babies have a healthy environment in which to grow, so please don't place blame on yourself in any way for their weights being different. It can happen with ID twins, even in the very best conditions. Remember, too, that u/s isn't an exact science and the measurements could be off.

    I'll be praying that your next u/s reveals better results as far as the babies' weights are concerned, and that your breech baby gets his/herself ready for take off in vertex position.

    ~mom to 4 boys and twin girls

  3. Praying for your babies and you!

  4. Continued prayers for you and those precious babies!

  5. Just to encourage you my friend had twins in Dec and one was breech and she gave birth naturally to both and they were good size 4 14 and 5 2. They deliver the one breech. I would just talk to your doc about if that happens could the deliver breech. Praying for you.

  6. I don't know much about your history. Since they know their identical, is there a chance it's twin to twin transfusion? (google it) When one baby gets most of the nutrition. It's nothing the mommy can help.

    I'm a total lurker. I have no idea how I found your blog.

    GL on your babies!

  7. keep your chin up! you are doing all that you can...and just keep eating healthily. :-) When I was 35 weeks my docs noticed baby was TOO SMALL and I started going to a peri. Just try to keep them in there a little longer and keep praying that God will give you the strength. I know He will.

    I ended up having Intra Uterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and my placenta upon delivery was only 1/2 the size it should've been...but I had 2 embryos transferred so maybe it thought it was supposed to be smaller b/c I had "twins". But it is an IVF risk...they don't know why, but it is. My daughter was only 4lbs 14oz at 38 wks gestation...and besides billirubin she was perfectly fine and never spent any time in NICU.

    just keep your energy & faith!!!!

    PS: have you had natural deliveries for your boys? As far as no drugs??? Just curious.

    congrats on the award you got from Photomama!

  8. Remember guilt is NEVER from the Lord! It is one of satin's little tricks on our minds. I will be praying for those babies. And I say YES to a belly pic tomorrow...put those boys to work!

  9. Oh Britt, I don't want to downplay your worries at all. Just sharing my experience, and granted my twins were not identical but ... I swear they never really knew the exact weights. All along my doctors said baby A was much heavier, and she came out weighing a pound and a half less than her brother (but entirely healthy). I'm glad you're being monitored so carefully, and your intuition is best, but my heart says ... you all are doing beautifully.

    Thanks for the update!

  10. Continuing to pray that all goes well with you and the babies.

  11. Ditto on the worry comment! God is our PEACE so rest in Him! It's a good thing he's got it all in His hands! (If everything was up to me I'd have messed it up LONG LONG ago!) Find your "rest" in HIM as you "rest" *wink*.... soon they will be here and there will be NO REST!!! (Or being stuck on the couch!)

  12. Did your doc seemed concered at all? I remember that happening a few times where there was a big difference and then only a few ounces the next time. I'd try your best to not stress over that...easier said than done. And don't search the internet about it. Only will drive you bonkers.

  13. I'm still praying for you and your not so lil family! I've also inlisted my friends that I've told about your blog...we're all in it together!!

  14. Yeah for the cervix and will pray that the weights with the babies get closer again by your next appointment. Thanks for the updates!!

  15. I know this is easier for me to say, having already gone through with our girls' pregnancy, but I'm sure everything will be just perfect. Our girls are identical, and the doctors knew that they were different weights the whole time. They thought that one had more of the placenta than the other, but after they disected it at birth, it was an even sharing of it. If I could say one thing that I learned from my emotional pregnancy with the girls it would be that doctors and ultrasounds are not 100% accurate...but God is. He's got it all under control.

    I'm praying for you and your baby baby belly.


    p.s. I'm betting you're eating as healthy as you can, you health fanatic!

  16. p.p.s Our Id. girls were a WHOLE pound different in weights when they were born.

  17. Praying God's PEACE on you right now....

    and praying for those babies! Remember, God knows exactly what is going on, and He knows exactly what He is doing. You are doing great Brittany. I know you are trying everything you can to do what is best for your babies. Don't let a test (which CAN be inaccurate--even the best ones!) discourage you even a little bit. And don't let Satan get his 'fear foothold' on you. Worrying does neither you nor those babies any good!

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your way!" (Prov. 3:5-6)

    Love ya girl! Praying (almost without ceasing!) for you!

  18. Sending many many prayers your way for you an the babies. I know that amniotic fluid can magnify babies on the ultrasound. So, I am hoping that is why the difference in weights for you. I think when I was researching Twin to Twin when my hospital roomie was still pregnant and I was home... It had said something about drinking Ensure. I dont know where I found that info.. but I know my roomie was not having any when she was pregnant and by the time I found the info and called her she had delivered. I will try to find where I saw that!
    Hang in there!!!! Try not to worry. Sending prayers your way.

  19. Still praying! :) Sounds like a good appointment, overall, though! :)

  20. Found a little snippet about it...
    Some doctors recommend complete bed-rest for the mother coupled with massive intakes of protein (generally in the form of "protein shakes" such as Boost or Ensure) as a therapy to try to counteract the syndrome. Theories for why this would be effective vary, but some doctors claim to have seen it help. There are, however, no formal clinical trials indicating that the bed rest / high-protein diet is effective.

  21. Don't feel guilty! It is obvious that you are a great mom and someone that takes care of herself. I have a feeling that you eat very well so do not blame yourself for the snickers ice cream that you had (is that what you said your favorite treat cream was??? I can't remember...maybe that is mine) Anyhow, I can't imagine how difficult this time is but hang in there and be confident and full of faith that God will continue to bless your family!

  22. You have the ONLY Dr. you need in your LIFE :) HE will take care of you and those babies.

    I will be praying for a baby flip and that continued nutrition get's to both of those little ones.

    I bet you are sooooo excited :)

  23. Just stopping by to see how things are going with the babies. It does seem like there should be some margin for error when they predict their current weight. Just keep eating healthy, like you do, and following the Doctor's orders.

    Keep us posted. We are all praying for you.

  24. I can't think of anyone that eats or takes care of themselves better than you. You care for these babies like no other and there is nothing that you are doing that is making things bad.
    I'll be praying that you feel embraced in your heavenly father's arms and that peace be upon you for the next few weeks until you see those beautiful baby faces. :)

  25. Glad the appointment went well! I know your concerned about the difference in weights but those are great weights! My sons were born at 30 wks and were 3.4 and 3.5 lbs! (teeny boys)

  26. Thinking of you and your little ones... all of them actually... I know it is easier said than done, but lately I have trying to not worry about something until absolutely necessary... needless to say, my things havent concerned tiny twin babies... enjoy your couch time and I cannot wait until the baby bay picture for the week!

    Signed, The Other Adult Brittany!

  27. Thinking of you - hang in there! Go check out my blog I got you something..... ;)

  28. So glad to hear your cervix is doing well. :D
    We'll just keep praying about the fluid levels and everything. :)
    Can't wait for you next pic. :)

  29. HI Brittany, Just wanted to add a comment regarding the birth weights my identical twin boys were 1 inch diff. in height and 1 pd diff in weight. They say that it doesn't matter. Now twin A had a 2 vessel umbilical cord (one artery and one vein vs. 2 arteries and 1 vein) and I am not sure if that was considered "twin to twin" nutrition stealing. All the best in last couple of weeks. You were right about 20% diff. my boys were c-sectioned at 34 and 5 days due to Twin A, dropping off the charts and he ended up being 1/2 pd heavier than the last ultrasound showed.

  30. Ahhh, we take the good and the bad, even before we can see their little faces, right?! Worrying is natural, as is wondering what you could do differently, so I won't even bother with the reasons you shouldn't do either. ;) HAHA.

    Just sending best wishes and prayers for you and those 2 itty bitties and your bigger boys too. =) I suppose this will be a summer you will all never forget--the summer Mom had to be on the couch. ;)


  32. I know you want to keep them in for absolutly as long as possible, but 31 weeks for twins and there sizes really are good. Yes, they should stay in there as long as they can, but you are doing a great job, and they are really past the "micro-premmie" stage and with those weights, they are going to be fine if it has to happen any time soon. Plus if you don't have to go back for 2 more weeks, that will put you at 33 weeks and for twins that is pretty good. You are doing a great job.
    (I am a Labor and Delivery nurse before I stayed home with the twins)

  33. I think you are doing FABULOUSLY. Especially for someone so teeny tiny! I went to 38 weeks before they induced me for pre-eclampsia. Mine were fraternal, though, weighing in at 6lbs4oz and 5lbs8oz.

    Is your 'bottom' baby the one who is breech? Coz you should be ok to deliver naturally if the bottom bubby is cephalic.

    Prayers for a more even weight ratio next scan. :*

  34. Oh, and also... seriously, how can they tell weight by scans? When I was pregnant with my eldest son (a loner *grin*) I was told I would be lucky if he'd get to 7 pounds.

    He was 9 pound 2.

  35. Hi Britanny
    I think these are all good news!!!
    I am really looking forward to see new belly pictures too.
    And also please do not blame yourself. Our bodies are perfectly designed by GOD and I am sure that babies are getting exactly what they need.
    I know that you are spending your time on couch. Maybe Turkish Cuisine may entertain you little bit. This website is in english...

    And another thing, as I am not from States, I cannot offer you any baby names, but friend of mine from states named her baby "Ennis" meaning: island. I think this is unknown, unique name with very nice meaning for both girls and boys.

    I wish you all the best Brittany!

  36. Good to know they are keeping an eye on the weight discordance. In my unofficial opinion, I'd guess that the estimate of the bigger baby is wrong. 4 lbs. 4 oz. seems large for a 31 weeker, and if I remember correctly, that's like a 1/2 lb. of growth in 2 weeks while the other baby didn't grow at all? This is actually very similar to my situation. At 33 weeks I had a growth check and they said my babies were exactly the weights of your babies. I was already scheduled for a C-Section but they said that if I hadn't been, they would have taken them that week because up until that point they had been growing cordantly and suddenly one had stopped growing. They felt their environment had deteriorated even though there wasn't a 20% discordance. If they were not momo though, I don't think they would have been so aggressive. Anyway, at birth 2 days later my boys were 4 lbs. 4 oz. and 4 lbs. 5oz. However, they DID suspect late onset of TTTS because one was anemic and one almost need a blood transfusion to get rid of excess blood. So, remember that the u/s are subjective and can be off by 10%, which could mean they are not discordant at all. If the u/s is correct, it could also mean that the environment IS deteriorating and it's not likely that you'll make it to your delivery goal.

    Like the nurse above said though, 33 weekers do really well. Mine only spent 19 days in the NICU.

    I'm sorry about the breech baby, too. I'm sure it was very disappointing since you have planned a vaginal birth if it is possible. My boys were always in a different position and I knew a vaginal birth was out the of the question so I never had that additional worry as well.

    Didn't mean to send you a novel, but wanted to give you my story. You know, since you asked. j/k. But really, I wanted you to know that I remember those stressful times and want to send you my cyber support! HUGS!

  37. Praying for the growth to even out, is that possible?

  38. Brittany,
    My sister delivered identical twin girls at 31 weeks due to twin to twin transfusion. Baby A was getting more of the blood than Baby B. Baby A was born and was very red due to having too much blood and she weighed 3lb 8oz. Baby B had to have 3 blood transfusions due to not having enough blood and she was 2lb. 15oz. Both babies stayed in the NICU for only 5 weeks and came home together. This is not meant to worry you but to let you know that although it is scary it doesn't mean it won't have a happy ending. My nieces turned 1 year old this past March and have not had any other difficulties besides what they had at birth. They have also stayed about 1-2 pounds apart so I wouldn't worry too much about that either:) Praying for you.

  39. Don't beat yourself up--I am sure both babies are fine. Just keep what you are doing and you'll be holding those twins before you know it ;)

  40. Hopefully their calculations were off. Glad to hear your doctors are on top of things!!!

  41. Praying for your babies in the upcoming weeks :)

    Joy in Ohio

  42. so, in my mind, the good things are...your cervix hasn't changed, fluid levels.. Tick... :)
    and they don'y want to see you for two weeks...if they were really worried you'd know...I think???

    My girlfriend delivered her second twin who was breech, after her first twin (obviously) which had presented that's NOT so bad and as you say plenty of time fro swimming...

    Oh, I have ALL this to look forward to...I just went to my doc and heard their little heartbeats...maybe go back in your mind and remember the GREAT might give you a little spirit boost...
    It's just wonderfully amazing to be pregnant let alone with twins...:):)

    Oh and you, who I don't know...Please don't beat yourself up about what you are and are not eating...I think most of us that read your blog would agree that you are almost always eating SO healthily you put the rest of us (well me in particular) to shame...and I am being careful :):):):):):)

  43. It is such a motherly instinct to worry after our little ones. Sounds like the news is mostly good and you are in the home stretch! Yeah! Relax and focus on the positive ;)

  44. Just sent up a prayer for you and will continue to do so til they're born!!


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