baby baby doctor here we go

off to my 31 week peri appointment... hoping they won't keep me for hours upon hours like last time. I can't wait to see how big these babies are and know that my cervix is STILL OKAY.

i'll update when we get back!

i've been mia because our wireless router when down... OY!


  1. Woo hoo ! Happy week 31 to you !
    I hope you can post pics of those babes.
    praying your cervix is looking good. :)

  2. Missed you!

    I am sure everything is going to be great. Here's hoping for a quick appt!

  3. Contrats! :)

    Does your husband help you with the kids while you go to your appointments, or you them all 4 with you?

    Just curious! ;)

  4. Good luck, girl!!! :) We will be waiting to hear your good news! Btw, LOOOOOOVE the belly pics!!! You are way too cute!!!! :)

  5. hey momma - hope all is well! *waiting impatiently for an update*


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