where are you?

I’m here… on the couch… where my internet is no longer. That is until we buy a new router and set it up. I TRY to sit in the office at the desk but honestly it’s just too dang uncomfortable to do for more than 10 minutes. Plus I can’t get to my pictures because of blah blah blah. Oh Joy! It’s been a week and I miss it…I miss blogging… I miss talking with you all. I miss reading YOUR blog. I promise I’ll be back… sooner than later. *grin*

I think adjusting to twins is going to be EASY compared to bedrest and this and that! Ha!


  1. We miss you, too! But growing babies is hard work (I guess I should know, too) and if keeping off the chair is what you need to do, then that's great that you're doing it!

    Bummer for no router, though. I couldn't live without mine. My pregnant self is blogging in a chair in our side yard right now, feeling the breeze and watching Small Fry eat dirt and Big Mac and MckNugget run around, naked and muddy, in circles. It's great:)

    Hang in there...we can wait for you. Those babies are going to be WORTH IT!! :)

  2. Miss you, girl...I almost emailed you today to check on you, but I thought I would wait one more day. Didn't want you to think I was stalking you or anything :-).

    Cute pics of the boys above. Keep taking it easy, we're all cheerin' for you!

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  4. Where am I ? Oh, I'm just at my computer waiting for a certain someone to post 31 weeks pregnant picture(s). La la la la...Not saying any names. :o)

    I know the bed rest is hard but be patient ...in a few more weeks you won't be getting ANY rest. Lol.

  5. I miss you too! You are always so fun to read. Hopefully not tooo much longer on that couch though:)

  6. Brittany,
    just wanted to say hello from Alaska. I stop in here often, but I don't know if I've commented before. I'm always impressed with your photos, your optimistic outlook and your happy spirit. I love keeping up with your pregnancy, and I'm praying for a healthy delivery NOT soon! :) God is so good!

    ~Leah in Alaska
    27 weeks pregnant with just ONE. :)

  7. Now what are you supposed to do while you are banished to the couch? Stare into space? UGH!!! I'm so sorry. I'm hope you are up and running again soon. :)


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