Real life part 3

my closet... it's actually 1/2 of an original room. Our house was built during the civil war and when they put plumbing in they split a room in half to add a bathroom. My closet is the other half. It's quite big and has a large window.

SERIOUSLY... pick A pair... ha....

What Ozzie is doing... watching me...

ONE of my favorite rooms in our house. I love the way our room feels... especially on a breezy day with the windows open. Our room always makes me feel peaceful.

So there you have it... a little view into our real life


  1. Owch! Ozzie got hurt, huh? He's a cutie...weighing himself? Is he wearing a 'sposie? If he is, nice to know you think it's okay to cut corners once in a while, too:) I sure do! Lovin' your closet. I couldn't carry those kind of pointy toed shoes, but I bet you look great in all those!!

  2. Hi! I came over via The Miss Elaine-ous life. Your blog title captured my attention... we have three boys.

    You have such a beautiful family! Great pictures. I hope your bed rest is going well and you're enjoying it as best you can. :)

    I have always wanted to get a boy-blogger blogroll together, but now I'll just head over here! What a great list in your sidebar!

    Best wishes on your family of 6/8!

  3. Oh what a slick idea sticking the heeled shoes through the metal rungs! I have that same shelving and never even thought to do that! Btw I love the shoes! Your my kinda gal! *wink

  4. LOVE your shoe collection!

  5. Oooh, love your bedroom shot ... and shoes ... and Ozzie ... and laundry ... OKAY, just everything. Love it all!


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