I saw this over at Kristy's and just had to do it... you know with all my free time on the couch. Ha!

I am…uniquely me - daughter, wife, mother, friend
I want…to know Jesus more deeply.
I wish... I could pick my baby up and dance around the room with him
I hate strongly dislike…(we don’t use the word hate) close mindedness
I miss…Grayson - he's been gone for over a week. He'll be home late tonight.
I fear… taking control of my life instead of giving it to God
I feel…in love
I hear…music and Ozzie waking up on the monitor
I smell…the yummy peach I'm eating
I crave…a snickers ice cream bar & quinoa with veggies
I search…God for everything, everyday
I wonder…if there are little boys or little girls inside of my belly
I regret…the moments I don’t appreciate my life.
I love…God, my family, life, the beautiful earth God gave us
I care…about my family
I ache…actually my back aches
I always...feel blessed
I believe…God's plan is ALWAYS the best plan... even when it hurts
I dance…with my babies everyday
I sing...silly songs and words
I cry…when I finally meet our baby or babies that were created by God inside of me
I don’t always... have my priorities in order
I fight…the devil
I write…on my blog
I never…eat red meat
I listen…to the sweet noises of life
I need…to pee Ha!
I am happy... to be me


  1. Seriously. It is quite possible that you are the sweetest person in the blogosphere . . .

  2. I love it! I think I may need to take this one and run with it as well! You are doing awesome on your bedrest- its not so easy! Keep your chin up! your getting sooo close! Prayers are with you daily!

  3. Brittany,

    That was sooooo sweet. I really enjoyed reading that, thank you for sharing! You are a bright spot in the blogosphere :).

  4. I enjoyed reading yours too! I tried leaving a comment earlier but blogger was messed up or something. =)

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  6. I've been enjoying your blog lately! Such beautiful moments captured with the camera. I would love to be added to the Boy Mamma blog list and I'll be happy to add you to my blog roll.

  7. these are great! i feel like i learned even more about you.

    well...in your downtime...do you want another meme...stop over at my blog and participate in Feel Good Friday!

  8. I love your answers! It is a fun one to do.

  9. Hi from Turkiye,
    You look perfect with your 5 men :)
    My first baby is on the way. At first months I had questions on my mind but I forgot all of them after I saw you. Ready for the followings now:)
    Kisses from Bodrum, Turkiye.

  10. Your room really does look cozy!

  11. that was really great...

    and if I'm honest, I was even a little convicted because those are many of the things that I should be doing or feeling, but am not.

    Thanks for being transparent...

  12. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog.... it always puts a smile on my face!!!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!