Real life part 2

my kitchen sink... it's on an original outside wall so there is a window above the sink that looks into my laundry room. We are 1/2 way done remodeling our kitchen and haven't touched the sink, counters or backspash yet... I used to really like the backsplash but I'm getting a little sick of it after 7 years now.

My laundry room... I LOVE this room...

and my folded laundry... I have been sitting on the floor to fold laundry...

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  1. I guess I could get sick of that backsplash after 7 years, but right now I dig it!!!

  2. I agree... I also love the backsplash!

    AND, I am totally jealous of your laundry room. Someday in the next few years we will be redoing alot of our house, but for now, th elaundry room is in the dungeon part of my basement.

    blah! =)


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