it's our Real life

I saw this over at Farm Fresh and thought I would join in for a glimpse at REAL life. I spent one of my 10 minute 'up breaks' to take the pictures.

our fridge... it's so empty. You can see my glucose 'drink' on the shelf and our $60 a gallon bottle of minerals on the bottom shelf. Oh and Ozzie getting so cucumber out while the door was open.

our toilet... glorious!

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  1. If that is an empty frig, I'd hate to show you mine! Everything in there looks yummy, though. Especially the garbanzo beans!!

  2. Yay for real life! And a good life it is :)

    I would so come over and fold your laundry if I could. The thought of you sitting on the floor folding your laundry... it's killing me!!


  3. Cute idea! I did it on my blog too :)
    ~ Lacie

  4. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but you have inspired me. You have a beautiful family. Best wishes to you and your growing family!

  5. Your house looks so cute and stylish. I love the toilet paper holder thing! very neat :-) our toilet paper roll holder is broken right now.. I should get one of those

  6. what a fun few posts! it was fun to glimpse into your "real life" :)

  7. I love this real life series. You have seriously good taste! I love the shoes!!!

  8. I loved the real life posts so much I had to do it on my blog. Your shoes rock!

  9. That's gotta be the cleanest toilet I have EVER seen in house where the mom is on bedrest. Seriously, that's your toiley??

    I love your backsplash and your laundry room. And the shoes? Well, those are wonderful! : )


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