10 Summer loves

I saw this over at Flip flop Mammas and since i'm couch bound and all I thought I would play along too. I normally don't do too many tags and memes but I have a feeling there are a few more in the near future. *grin*

10 things I LOVE about summer

1. GREEN GREEN GREEN... I love it when all of the windows turn green. 3 sides of our house have trees around them and I LOVE it.

2. BLUE BLUE BLUE... I love looking up at the sky, seeing the amazing blue, the clouds, the sun. God is the ULTIMATE artist.

3. Bare Feet... I love walking around without shoes and when I HAVE to wear shoes it's flip flops for sure. I let the kids run around outside without shoes on too. It's so good for your nervous system.

4. Wide open windows... oh how much I love the feel of the breeze coming through the windows. And watching the curtains blow in the wind.

5. Hearing the boys playing outside... there is something so special about watching and hearing the boys yell and laugh and play for hours at a time. I so wish I could be outside playing with them right now.

6. Apple, Peach, Strawberry & blueberry picking. I love being out in the middle of an orchard picking fruit from a tree. It's so simple, basic and refreshing

7. Farmers Market... LOVE walking downtown to farmers market. I was so looking forward to doing that this year. I'm really bummed I have to miss out this year.

8. Bonfires... they have become quite a regular thing around here the last 2 years. It's so much fun to stay outside late with the boys and roast marshmallows and catch fireflies. I love watching their excitement each and every time... I hope it never gets old and boring to them.

9. Fresh Picked flowers... we have an abundance of lilies, daffodils and sometimes dandelions. *grin* the boys pick them almost daily and bring them in to surprise me. They are always so happy to give them to me... and I am so happy to get them.

10. Water... I love summer rain showers and playing in the hose. We love to take turns making 'rain' by spraying the hose straight up in the air and feeling it fall back down on us. We don't go to the pool much at all... but we defiantly spend a lot of time in the water.

so there you have it! 10 WONDERFUL things about summer... now let's hear yours

What on your summer's top 10?? Play along here!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog:) I found you through Karen! Keep up the good work

  2. Ditto! I just LOVE summer! :)

  3. This is pretty much my list also. I love the summer. I'm a little worried that there won't be that much berry picking in the Carolinas if we move there though.

  4. oooo i'm with you on the barefeet! that and flip flops definitely top my list!


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