Mothers day and help needed...

I hope all those mothers out there had a wonderful Mothers day! We enjoyed a nice, wet, tornado warning day at my parents house. My brother surprised my mom and came home from school for the day/night. I didn't take any picture, just hung out and talked and ate yummy chili and Graters raspberry chip ice cream. I am SO GLAD my youngest brother works there now. Ha!

So why do I need your help... well... I am going to have baby shower this time since I am going to need a FEW things. ha! Anyway... this is where your input comes in. I just don't know what I am going to need with twins. Do I need 2 of everything, can I get buy with what I have. Any suggestions of some baby gear that you couldn't live without??? It's been so long since i've looked at new baby gear or registered. Wow a lot has changed.

so.... load me up with suggestions... even if you don't have twins. :)

Thanks girls!


  1. Couple things I would do differently if I were to do it again:
    1. Buy a traditional pack-n-play with a built in changing table. Good for keeping in the living room. We bought the Graco tent style and it's good and all, but too low to the ground and no padding.
    2. I wouldn't have bought a traditional high chair. I would have bought the kind that straps on a regular dining room chair.
    3. I would have passed on a changing table. I ended up changing them on the floor most of the time anyway.
    4. Graco stuff all the way. I have had way too many bad experiences with Evenflo.
    Just a few suggestions for ya. Good luck with whatever you decide.
    ~ Lacie

  2. Hi there, First obviously an infant carrier (we borrowed one), We couldn't live without our vibrating bouncy chairs ('cause you can't console both at the same time) and stock up on batteries if you go this way. Later on both boys enjoyed the exersaucer so we borrowed a second one. Our boys also would NOT sleep in the same crib together so we did not co-bed and eventually separated them into two rooms and our lives are so much quieter now.
    For the most part you don't really need 2 of everything-Ours are now 2 1/2 and we find it much quieter to buy 2 of every toy (same colour and everything) to make our lives easier. Have fun with them!

  3. My first piece of advice would be to have 2 baby (bouncy) seats for each floor of your house. We have 3 floors and it was nice not to have to carry seats up and down stairs.

  4. I guess, I wouldn't spend money to make sure you have 2 cribs. Wait a few months to see if your twins like sleeping together. We had a crib we were able to borrow if needed but the girls are 10 1/2 months now and still co-sleeping.

  5. Coming from a mom of twins... let me try to remember...

    Things I would get two of:

    Bouncy Chairs with danglies to play with. We got these get fold-up floor swings that were like bouncy chairs but also would swing and fold up small to take to grandmas.

    For nursing, there is the EZ2Nurse pillow made for nursing two at a time. You can see it here:
    It's like a boppy for two. I had one and liked it but I ended up not having enough milk for two, and ended up pumping, supplementing and bottlefeeding. So I almost never used it. But if you CAN breastfeed, its a good thing, and a time saver.

    I would agree with the other commenter who said to ditch the changing table for the floor. We did that too, to make room for the second crib.

    One pack and play at home, and one at grandmas. That way, you can use the pack and play in a separate room if you want to nap them in different rooms (so that one doesn't wake the other if he has a short nap) and take it to grandma's where they can each have their own bed when you are visiting there.

    Lots of onesies because they get dirty fast and often. But about enough clothes for 1.5 babies. You don't need twice the clothes. If you have baby boys, I am sure you will be set for clothes. =)

    Make sure you have carriers for two. One for your hubby and one for you. My hubby carried a baby on his back almost all the time he was home so he could get tasks done.

    And a freezer full of casseroles. Seriously.

  6. This is from a mom with twins:) Diapers Diapers and more Diapers. I say yes on 2 cribs, we had one and had to go out and get one more when the boys were only 2 months old! EZ2Nurse pillow is good to have. I need not use a changing table. Lots of onesies. I will but more on as it come to me and I have time:)

  7. I agree with everything everyone has said. I agree especially with the bouncy seats and the 1.5 kid thing. We also had a pack and play on the lounge. My twins were easier to shop for, (we found out during ultrasounds) as we had one of each. I would also suggest for you, to go buy a body pillow, to support your belly while you sleep. You will be exhauseted in the last two months or so (I went to 38 weeks before they induced due to pre-eclampsia) and I was, no word of a lie, up every 15 minutes to pee.

  8. 2 bouncy seats...I couldn't have lived without them!
    I would be prepared for 2 cribs. I had to split my first set at 6 months because they started rolling on each other...and will do the same with this set.
    Sleep. Can you register for it? :)
    Agree on clothing...and receiving blankets. Swaddling was our best friend those early months. The more you have, the less frequently you have to do laundry.
    I agree with the high chair...we use booster seats and they work just fine (and are super affordable).
    Don't need a changing table, just a blanket and a floor (we have one in our nursery because it is great for storage, but probably won't use the changing part of it too much).
    Carriers/slings. Hands free...
    Car seats (duh).
    You don't need 2 swings, 2 exersaucers, etc. If you find that both babies like a certain thing, ask friends to borrow and return after the babies are done with them (6 month time frame, usually). I might be able to lend these bigger items to you! :)

  9. You need to have a Bumbo seat.
    We got one with our 3rd son. Loved it!

    Just found your page for the first time tonight. We linked you on our blog. Our address is

    I'm a mother of 3 rambunctious boys!

  10. I don't have twins but the two things I couldn't live without were the swing and my sling. Loved them both. But you know all about slings so I don't have to tell you about that.
    My kids wouldn't sleep unless they were being held or in their swing, so the swing was a lifesaver. I had the fold up/carry anywhere kind. It was awesome.
    We have a changing table. We use it all the time for middle of the night changing and any other time we are upstairs. Plus it is useful for storage of baby blankets and such. Otherwise, when I am downstairs I just change them on the floor.
    Also, those Bumbo baby seats are awesome. I never had one but my girlfriends love them.
    Good luck!

  11. I echo the "buy Graco" comment. We bought a Graco carseat, stroller, pack and play, and bouncer - and I've been thrilled with the quality. My daughter LOVED her bouncer, but one of my friend's son's refused to sit in it for a second! So, I'd say, get one and the worst that happens is you send hubby about for a 2nd one after a few weeks! My first reaction is to say, just co-bed your babies, but they can't do it longterm, so you'll have to have a 2nd bed for them anyways. In our case we knew we'd be moving, so we just bought a nice pack and play. When Joshua came, we just put him in that too - it worked fine. On clothes and such - I'd say go for two of everything in the beginning (you never know if you'll get a puker and you're gonna have less than than you used to have, to do MORE laundry). If you find that with time you're going to need two of everything you can cross that bridge later. And hey, if it's two boys - you've got backup clothes. If it's a girl - you're kinda sunk for clothing options! And I'm sure that EVERYONE who knows you would be over-the-moon to buy you new pink stuff!
    Highchairs - eh... My daughter's not a highchair kid. I wish I'd had a booster that strapped to a chair. In the early gooey-food days we just fed her when she was in the bouncer anyways.
    And a butt-kicking electric breast pump, if you don't already have one. I can only assume that if you ever had to go out and leave the babies with someone and bottles, it's gonna take an enormously ridiculous time to a) pump manually b) pump one at a time and c) organize yourself to do it. I'd think it was much easier to have a double electric. (And I've been happy with Medela brand btw).
    Good luck!

  12. Well lets see..
    ~Bouncy seats-so many purposes! (altho my sons hated the vibration)
    ~1.5 clothes.. great!
    ~I say amazing amounts of burp cloths and baby wash clothes. (we wiped down the babies morning and night)
    ~As far as crib- my sons play in theirs during diaper change. I know its a hot topic but my sons cobed with us for now. It helped so much with night feedings.(Plus the fact that they came home so tiny I was afraid they would stop breathing so they slept on my chest so I could monitor them!) I agree with everyone else start with one crib to begin with then see if you need to get another one after a couple months.
    ~Swings- I only got one and the boys take turns. Now that they are older we have "stations" of play. They get bored easily so the boys rotate between swing and floor and jumper.
    ~I have one of those Maya wraps and It was amazing when the boys first came home! (granted they were teeny tiny and both fit in all snuggly buggly-like)-Now we just have two snugglys and we each get a baby)
    ~Stroller- We had great luck with the double snap and go which worked with the car seats that we had picked out.
    ~We have the high chairs that attach to your kitchen chairs- LOVE IT! They have different settings so they can use them all the way up to toddlerhood when they become booster seats. (I love things that will keep being used for some time.. makes me feel like its more worth the money.)
    ~If you use pacifiers buy like a bazillion of them! I like to think of myself as pretty organized but when the boys start screaming it amazes me how I can never seem to find one anywhere!
    ~1 baby tub-I think its easier to run tub time assembly line style! LOL
    ~Robeez- We were given a different pair for each of the boys and this is how we've told them apart! Its been great!
    and ofcourse-PATIENCE! haha, you will need that for sure *wink
    But seriously its the most amazing journey I've ever been on! If I think of anything else I will post!
    (But I am sure this is a long enough post as is!)

  13. Oh PS.. I know everyone else said they didn't use the changing table but I think it has been a life saver on my back! (and after the Csection so much easier to change there then getting up and down from the floor.)

  14. -1-2-3 Swaddle Blanket - The BEST swaddle blanket EVER - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS one!! I buy it for all new mommies!
    -Loved the Bumbo seat!!
    -Yes to the changing table, never used the floor. Had C-Sects and climbing the stairs was exercise to lose weight!
    -Hate pack-n-plays, so did all my children. None of my children ever slept in a crib, we have a family bed. By age 3 or so, the children get a big bed.
    -Bouncy seats work for awhile
    -Swings work for awhile

    As you know, each baby has their own set of rules, each unique to them!
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

  15. A swing for sure. My son slept in his for the fist couple of months because of his reflux. That is the only things and I agree with having a changing table. I too had a c-section and it made changing him alot easier. Of course, after the 1st year, I stopped using it and now it's full of his "school" papers and other stuff.

  16. So many different answers from everyone. Just goes to show how awesome God is to create each baby and mom with their own unique needs/likes/dislikes. I have no advice, because each of my children all preferred different things too! It will be so fun to keep up with your family and journey with twins. You seem like a FAB mom!
    What a blessing to get a shower this time around. A good supply of diapers would seem smart with 2 though? :) Blessings!

  17. I agree with the above posters about the pack n play. Get 2 boppy's. They are great for nursing and also to prop your baby's up in. I have a papasan swing and I love it. It's like a cradle and my daughter slept in it a lot when we brought her home. ohhhh ya the swaddle blankets are life savers!

  18. My favorite FAVORITE baby product ever are Trumpette socks. They sell socks that are not only adorable, but are the ONLY ones that I've found that don't fall off/are kicked off. They're kick-proof and fabulous. I buy them for all my friends who are having babies.

  19. Wow. Great advice here.

    The only things we really needed for BOTH babies were the bouncy seats. We borrowed a second swing because both kids really liked them. But NOT two exersaucers, or other bulky baby gear. I wish I didn't get two highchairs. Two that attach to a chair would have worked just fine, and taken up less space.

    I guess, to sum up: put your money in a great stroller. The other stuff isn't exactly necessary -- just fluff. Also, yes, the nursing pillows for twins are much better than a traditional Boppy.

    Happy shopping (and registering).

  20. I just found your blog and love it! Thanks for posting the Mother's Day entry and asking for suggestions on what to register for with twins - I just found out Saturday that I'm having identical twin boys (and I'm already 19 weeks!) and really appreciated the thoughts that people shared!

  21. My personal favorite baby gear:

    1. "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems" by Tracey Hogg (As far as I'm concerned, this is the manual we all wish babies came with *grin*)
    2. Angel Care Motion Monitor - gives paranoid moms some peace, especially when baby finally starts to sleep longer stretches.
    3. The best stroller you can afford. I love my Bugaboo Cameleon, too bad they don't make a double. My favorite double is the B.O.B. Revolution Duallie.
    4. Gerbers Nipple Cream Stick - much better then the Lanolin stuff
    5. Glamourmom Nursing Tops - covers the tummy and no need for uncomfortable nursing bras.
    6. White noise - either a machine or on a cd. We religiously used white noise to help our baby sleep till he was about 8 months old. It worked like a dream. A fan is awesome too. But I'm sure you have your own tricks by now, after 4 kids! :)


  22. Two of my best friends have twins, one got two of everything, the other just one of everything (except clothes and a crib) and they were both fine with how they did things. I think it depends on your kids. But now the girls are 2.5 years old and they refuse to sleep in the same room together, so not only did they get their own cribs but needed their own cribs as well! Yikes! I know she buys most of their clothes on Ebay, as their are a lot of twin moms who sell their stuff in lots on there. She's been able to get some great deals! Also join a twins club and watch out for twins swap meets, I see ads for those all the time.

  23. oops, I meant "Not only did they get their own cribs, but needed their own rooms as well!"

  24. Wow! You were right- I guess you should get two bouncy seats! And I really like the idea of two on each floor of the house!
    My tip is that you should have someone come over to help you! :-)
    Guess who that'll be??!! :-)

  25. One thing I couldn't live without is a video monitor. It's definitely something that you should pay the little extra money on.


  26. Did I read that you're going to breastfeed and use cloth diapers? I wasn't sure where I saw that... That's awesome that you are going to attempt it- hang in there and do what's best for you and the babies. But, please don't kill yourself trying to do it! IF you need to use disposable diapers, and have formula in the house (always a good idea anyway, just in case- better formula than nothing if something happens!) then is awesome. They have free delivery over $49 (not hard) and they have a huge range of brands, including cloth diaper supplies, and all natural, biodegradable disposable. That way, you won't have to worry about getting to the store and what to do with 6 kids. :)

    I'll write more later, but I had to get that down in print before I forgot- more during nap time! :)


  27. I didn't read them all but the one thing that saved my butt was for the rare instances that we left the house, a diaper bag specifically for twins was a life saver! and a double umbrella stroller!

  28. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog... i just had baby #4 in Nov. Boy #1 for us though. I had a small baby shower and for me, the things that would have been AWESOME would have been gift certificates/gift cards to our favorite restaurants/take out... it would have helped out INCREDIBLY because it took a bit of time getting used to our new routine... and I had had a C section and Jaundice for the baby and every illness under the sun ravaged through our house... so.. it would have been great to not have to worry about making dinner or warming up a casserole....
    Also, my son didnt like ANYTHING... STILL Doesnt... my girls were EASY... So.. I guess I have liked the Fisher Price Rainforest gear ALOT... Been very happy with the swing that PLUGS IN so NO batteries and no swing conking out on you mid swing! I just bought the rainforest highchair also.. multi height and recline and toy attachments.. he seems thrilled with it so far.. but I am sure you know how it is with every kid being so different... and this being our first boy after 3 girls... we are in a whole new world!
    CONGRATS and BEST wishes!

  29. A dear girlfriend had her twins bringing the total to 8! She said by onesies and sleepers and also have a good sling like the maya wrap, one for you and one for Daddy:-) Wishing you the best!
    God bless.


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