Weekly Wrap

I had so many intentions of posting this week... a new "as seen in", all of the new links, ect. ect. ect.

but I didn't get it done... I must have been busy. Ha!

Monday was my OB appointment

Tuesday was my chiropractor appointment

Wednesday I had a horrible allergy attack

Thursday was mom's group and then we all went to eat at Chick-fil-a... the ONLY place i'll eat chicken. And then I went on a hunt for non-maternity shorts that I can wear right now... because I have a HORRIBLE time keeping my pants up. Maternity pants SUCK! I have the new low waist, no waist, whatever but they just don't fit me. I HATE pulling my pants up all the time. ha! I checked Old Navy and Target... no luck. They had some cute bermuda shorts but they were sweat shirt material. I don't think I need any extra heat for this summer. Does anyone else get an idea in their head of what they want and then they can't find it. I know exactly what I want the waist, length, fabric, ect. But I can't find it. OY! So I guess I'll just stick to my yoga pants for now.

Then today I went to some garage sales. Big surprise huh? I found a REALLY long, like 20 hooks, coat rack to put on the front porch. I am moving the regular entry from the mud room to the enclosed front porch because then I don't have to see it all the time. ha! Plus we need more room. Maybe i'll get that project done this weekend?? It REALLY is a project, it has lots of give-aways, and all that stuff that doesn't have a home.

I'm really in the mood to purge now... nesting anyone?!?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Ahhh, I love purging! And I also hate maternity clothes!

    LOVE Ozzie's pic!!! I want his pants for my boys!

    You are so cute about my contest on my blog today...that you say you are no good at those. But thanks for the cute comment anyhow, and wishing everyone else good luck!!

  2. I know the feeling of wanting a certain piece of clothing and not being able to find it!

    By the way, I just got around to adding you to my blogroll :)

  3. I'm fanatical about finding exactly what I want- turns out the item never exists and I get peeved and settle on something similar. Argh. In a perfect world right?!
    I wasn't too into the maternity pants and shorts so I lived in sun dresses from Old Navy and Gap. (The stretch ones- just got the regular size not maternity and only up a size or so. Fit comfy and were breathable in the heat!)
    Have a great weekend and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  4. I think the problem with your shorts search is that you have in mind exactly what you want...that makes shopping so hard. I have always found if I go looking for that specific item it is rarely there...next time go and put the shorts OUT of your mind...you'll find them straight away!!!!

    And...I hate maternity pants too. My last pregnancy was during winter here, which compared to you folk is not very cold at all, but still needed long pants...I ended up wearing a belt!! drove myself batty..good luck with your search and I would love to see a shot of the clothes rack when you finish... :)

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  6. that delete was me...my comment came up twice, don't worry no nasty business going on there :):):)

  7. I feel your low waisted pain. I carried my last baby soooo low that I had to go back to my first pregnancy clothes with the huge gross panel over my belly, but it was better then losing my pants on the floor.

  8. 10 months post pregnancy and I'm still in my yoga pants. And when I do wear jeans, I am STILL pulling them up or have the plumber butt curse.

  9. I love the photo of your son:)

  10. Hate shopping. Hate pants falling down. Just found shorts and capris I am in LOVE with at Target. I think they are both Liz Lange- the capris have a drawstring and they are sooooo comfy. The shorts (actually I'm not sure what brand they are) were $16.99- love the price, love the comfort, LOVE that they don't fall down.

  11. Holy shizzle Brit!!! Val told me today you were expecting - I am too! Not twins tho! It's been so long since I have talked to ya, although it is quite obvious what we've been doing, eh? I am so excited for you sister! I'll give you a call next week! Love ya, Les

  12. Oh! I'm so annoyed. I posted a comment hours ago--like right after Mck Mama--and where did it go? Anyways, it had something to do with Ozzie looking like you--even though I've really only seen you behind a camera. That I tried your Chickpea Curry last night and it's heaven in my mouth. And something like, your little/big belly is so cute!! Ahh..I'm going to bed.

  13. I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one that had very little luck with the lower waist maternity pants. The only ones that I could wear were the ones with the big (ugly) panel. I couldn't find many maternity clothing I likes in stores so I ended up purchasing a lot from the internet. Just a thought! Happy weekend! :)

  14. What a sweet picture of Ozzie! =)

    Good luck with your pants/shorts search. I remember the constant tugging up of the pants, not fun! Hard to get much done when you're always reaching down and yanking on your pants. HAHAHA.

    Send some purging energy my way! No nesting here but I have room full of stuff we clearly don't need that I need to tackle.

  15. Oh my goodness... you're have a week!!! I hope you are feeling well... you are my guru - literally. I love that you have 4 boys and now are pregnant with twins!! I'm on boy #4... and would LOVE twins next!! What can I drink!!?? wink wink!!??
    Have a fantastic Mother's Day!!!!!

  16. What an adorable big brother Ozzie will be soon!

    I've so been there on the hunt for clothes thing. Happens all the time.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  17. Just wanted to stop by to say Happy Mother's Day to you!

    Ozzie looks so grown up in that picture!!

  18. That photo is DARLING! And I need to hit up some yard sales soon!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  19. I have been a bit of a blog spy and just wanted to say HAPPY MOMMA'S DAY

  20. Hey girl!!! Happy Mothers Day!!!! :) Cute picture!!!! :))

  21. De-lurking to suggest the belly belt (http://www.fertilemind.com.au/page.asp?2574=372932&E_Page=353295) I don't know if you can get them in the US, but you can search eBay.au, or order them on-line. They are the best thing EVER. I used them when I was pregnant with my twins... I have never brought a single maternity anything for all my 4 pregnancies. Another thing that is cool to use for when your shirts don't quite reach over the bump any more are those material 'belt' things that all the girls were wearing a few years ago, that looked like they had on another shirt underneath. no buckle, just a tube of strechy material. I still wear mine when I need to cover a little extra

  22. Ozzie is ADORABLE!!!

    "Maternity pants SUCK!" SO TRUE!!! But, I can't lie, I've kept some of my maternity tops because they were so cute. And, for now, I still fill them out up top. For now . . .

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  23. Ozzie is one cute little guy!
    Looking older too!

    Not nesting but I've been purging!
    3 trips to drop off stuff so far....

    Allergy attack?

    Have fun getting things clean, clean, clean and organized!
    Don't go and hurt your lower back now! : )

  24. If you're still looking for bermuda shorts, Walmart has some that aren't too bad. They aren't name brand, of course, but they are comfy! I got a pair of jeans and khakis because this new mama ain't showing off her stretch-marky legs this summer!


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