I'm sure you can all relate...

It's the time of year when we get to do the big 'clothes swap'... trading out long pants for shorts and sweaters for t-shirts. Our toy room... aka... storage room... is covered in piles of clothes. Trying to re-organize the winter clothes. Guessing what will fit who next year and put in the approprite bin. That's the one hard part about having a bunch of boys close in age and size. You never quite know who will wear what. Is that shirt too long or too short? Oh joy! This 'project' normally takes me over a week. I'm mid-way right now and it's going okay. But it's really time to wrap this up... the boys are sick of clothes in their toy room.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Enjoy the weather warm enough to swap out clothes!
    We started ripping out our kitchen cabinets and replacing our door! While all this happened... aka the HUGE open whole to the great outdoors... it started raining and the temp dropped -so it spit snow!!! Yeah I said snow! AHHHH! Enjoy the short and tees! Can't wait for the flip flop weather!

  2. How funny. I did same thing. Swap'en out the clothes...

    Bring on spring

    Love your blog!

  3. Want me to come help? You know my sick fascination with folding clothes!

  4. Hey, have you heard of the "dot system"? For your family it would be perfect.

    You take a sharpie and put one dot on the tags of your oldest boy's clothes. Two dots on the next boy's and so on.

    When you put a shirt on a kid and its just too small, you go and stick another dot on the tag. And when laundry time comes, no more trying to remember who wears what!

    Plus, the kids can help sort!

  5. I'm confused at that big word, "winter." What's that? :)

    Just kidding. I suppose our clothes organizing involves getting new bathing suits, and handing down a jacket. Best of luck.

  6. Ok, first of all, Shelly is like the most ridiculously helpful and generous friend ever. If she doesn't come to your house, send her to mine! I only have ONE, and feel totally overwhelmed with the same project. I have a huge pile of outgrown clothes on Mylo's dresser and feeling extremely stressed and indecisive about what to do. So I just leave it there. *sigh*

  7. One big misconception is that you can just pass all the clothes down...


    slim and husky pants aren't interchangeable...

    and boys that drag cars and trains across the floor generally wear out the knees in the pants long before they able to be passed down!

    ahhh... it's a good think I enjoy shopping because it's neverending.

  8. i could never clothes swap girl and boy lots of years apart. but I did keep some gender neutral stuff that I could pass on.

    I took my daughter and mother to The Phantom of the OPera this weekend in a different city. So much fun and shopping too.

  9. I just did some of this last week too. I only have two boys and it's still a "beating!" : )


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