things that go bump in the night

little feet, little hands, little knees, little elbows, little heads, little butts... each day I seem to feel a little more. It's still not enough... I can NOT wait until they are going crazy. I NEVER get annoyed...even if their feet are in my ribs or my cervix. Every 'bump' is a reminder that they are alive, growing, becoming, and I fall in love all over again. So KICK babies KICK!

Just a few numbers that continue to amaze me...

there are...
20 adorable toes
20 delicate fingers
4 kicking legs
4 moving arms
2 amazing hearts
4 beautiful eyes
4 listening ears
4 adorable butt cheeks
4 kissable lips...

I am STILL amazed! God is SO GREAT! I feel so beyond blessed it's silly.

I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow... that's half way if I go to 38 weeks. It feels like it's going slow, then fast, then slow, then fast again. I know it will be here before we know it but sometimes it seems to far away and other times I hope it does go slow so I can enjoy each and every moment of carring these little babies inside of me. It's SUCH a once in a lifetime gift... one I will most likely NEVER feel again. So... I'm going to savor this for all it's worth!

Belly picture tomorrow... and maybe a "as seen in" if you're lucky. *grin*


  1. Yay for kicking babies! I must admit - I did get annoyed once in awhile towards the end when it really hurt. But I was ALWAYS thankful to feel the kicks and to know that my baby was alive and well!

    So, yes, kick babies kick!!!


  2. How fun! I remember that foot-under-rib sensation, unfortunately - but now he just kicks me in the spine from the outside! I guess a mother's work is never done, right?

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  5. That is definately my favorite time...the time that they begin to constantly allow you the assurance they are fine. It is just amazing how quickly it goes...especically with many other small children. Mine is ending tomorrow...I'm ready but sad. It really is easier when they are inside...but oh so rewarding when they arrive!

  6. How sweet... it makes me wish... almost wish... OK not really... not YET anyway!!!
    It really is a miracle though.... ever single one!

  7. You truly make it so beautiful! It is amazing.

  8. I can't wait to see a pic!

  9. Hello from one Ohio mommy to another. I live in Mt.Gilead, which is about an hour north of Columbus. I love all the photographs on your blog!! Do you do this as a business?
    ~ Lacie

  10. Ooooh! I"m even more excited now, if that's possible! :-)

  11. Yippy for kicking babies!! I loved feeling my babies kick (been pregnant 3 times but only have 1 at home)

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. You have a great out look on life. God is SO GREAT as you said! I been reading for awhile now and never said congratulations on the twins! So exciting babies are such a blessing from the Lord.


  12. Can't wait to see a new belly picture!!! :) I, too, love your blog! :)

  13. Looking forward to that picture...I also LOVE feeling those little kicks. I don't even mind the BIG kicks! =)

  14. You are relishing every moment . . . that is just wonderful.

  15. Good for you for holding on to the moment. It is a gift, and it is so beautiful. I miss the flutters and kicks.

  16. Miracles. Absolute miracles! God is GOOD!

  17. I love your list - that is so beautiful to think of all of the life inside of your belly! Sweet, sweet, sweet...

  18. Nothing makes me feel closer to God than having a little life, that is half in me and half in Heaven!

  19. Whoops! In case you're wondering - I'm also Supercool Mom. But I'm sure you'd figure that out if you went to check my blog :)


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