Weekly Wrap

Oh what a week! I am once again unable to access my pictures on the computer. LOVE my hubby... LOVE when I have the fastest, easiest, every program I want computer... only slightly bummed when I don't have my lovely computer because he is working on making it bigger, better and faster. I guess the home computer(s) are his 'test lab'. LOVE YOU BABE!
Anyway... this week... let's see.
We let the boys play hookie on Monday... the weather was beautiful and it's been beautiful since. We have spent hours outside this week. Oh how wonderful the sun feels.
Wednesday and Thursday were full of visiting with friends and letting the kids play. It is SO wonderful to have a group of women or in my case 2 groups of women (small group & mom's group) that are always there for you. Our mom's group is reading Having a Mary Spirit right now... what a WONDERFUL book. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a new read.
I had to cancel my appointment on Thursday with my perinatologist... I am/was very annoyed with a certain person that caused me to cancel this. It wasn't family or friends... it was someone else that probably doesn't even realize all the inconvenience and disappointment their lack of priorities has caused. Anyway... it is rescheduled for next Thursday. YEAH! I have 3 appointments within 5 days. 2 of which are ultrasounds and one is with our chiropractor. Fun Fun! I better get used to waiting rooms for a while.
I don't know if any of your kids are into webkinz but my boys love them... mainly just playing with the animals. My boys are all huge animal lovers. Anyway... a friend told me about a sale at Hallmark... it's basically buy one get one free. So a friend and I went together and took turns running in/sitting in the car with the kids so they didn't know. Then after a multitude of stops... you know... back home... bathroom... food... we made it to a big church rummage sale. I found a few baskets and a very cool Franco Sarto purse/diaper bag for $1 plus a few other goodies. I love garage sale season.
The breeze is blowing through the windows, the sun is shining, Gavin and Ozzie are sleeping and I have a little over an hour before Grayson and Vance are off of school so I'm going to go put my feet up and rest.
Hope you all have a WONDERFUL relaxing weekend! Talk to you soon!


  1. Nice to hear about your week! Hope your weekend is as nice as your week was!

  2. You have 4 boys and twins on the way? How do you do it?

  3. Oh I love garage sales too!! Sounds like you found some great buys!

    My son just got a webkins for his birthday and he and Daddy have done some of the stuff on the computer but he mostly just likes him cuz he's a "puppy" and he's pretty much obssesed with stuffed dogs!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Glad you found some time to put your feet up and relax. It sounds like you've had a pretty hectic week. Hope you get more time to relax this weekend. :)

  5. Nice blog! Your boys are too cute!

  6. Good weather, good friends, good sales.... GREAT weekend to you!!


  7. Just stopped by and have been nosing through your blog. It's been a nice "escape" while my boys are resting. Thanks for providing some encouragement and inspiration- I think I'll have to stop by more often!
    I am a momma of two boys (Elijah and Gideon) with another on the way in August (Judah). I am SO excited that God chose to bless me with three wonderful little boys!
    I only have a blog to comment on friends' sites, but I do have a xanga if you're interested in stopping by. www.xanga.com/swing_kid
    And I say playing hookie is an absolute necessity every once in a while!

  8. I really like that new banner. Have I told you that already? (sorry) Hope the Dr. appts go well! Mary in a Martha world was also a really good book.


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