picture strike is over and I need your help...

Okay... I can't do it anymore... I MUST TAKE PICTURES. Even though I can only take 25 at a time before I have to go empty the camera. I will deal until I get my new memory.

What I need your help with is this... I want to take you all on a tour around our house through unique pictures. I thought about doing this a long time ago... mainly for family that doesn't get to visit very often and those Grandparents and cousins that have never been to our house and may never. :( I figure they would like to see the house we call home. So what I need from you is a name? I want to call this something as in.... "how it looks here" or "around our house" or something like that. I've been banging my head around trying to come up with something creative and it's just not coming to me.

So comment away with all your wonderful creative ideas... i know you have some.

i'll leave you with pictures of Vance running through the house...


  1. Can't wait to see around your house!
    I was actually thinking of doing the same yesterday but on a smaller scale. Just randomn pics of my fav things around here. But I haven't done it....yet

    Your blog is looking great, love the colors and the text/design you've done!

  2. 1st thing that came to me was:
    In a nutshell...
    I will pass along any others that come to mind...

  3. I'm coming up with nothing too witty, except maybe "Home Sweet Tour". Sorry!

  4. I love the new look! I wish I had the patients to figure out all the code and do something with mine.

    I came up with "a view through our window" for your house pictures.

  5. What about corners of our home (there is a flickr group like that)?!

  6. I still like the "as seen in" caption I've used a few times. You are welcome to borrow it. Really!!

  7. Hey Brittany, I found you by way of Sgt and Mrs Hub. I've been floating by to catch pictures of your gorgeous boys! For a house tour of photos - what about "Our Stomping Ground"?

    I love all your pictures. I have NO photography experience, but now with two babies, I want to take good pictures - not just -ish ones. So, I'm aspiring... I guess.

  8. What kind of lens did you use to get the feet/leg pictures?


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