Weekly Wrap

another COLD week... it was 5 degrees when I took G to school this morning. As much as I love the snow... and I really do... I'm sort of missing this beautiful flower from our garden. We have about 30 Lily pants that surround our house they are one of my favorite flowers.

Sadie is still doing great... she hasn't had an accident in the house and seems to really enjoy being around us. I think she's adjusting very well. She did chew up a alligator puppet. OY! She really likes toys and likes to chew her ropes up. I think I need to get some more.

My entire back had a muscle spasm monday-tuesday-wednesday and finally yesterday it started feeling better. But now the laundry is pilled high in the laundry room. It's clean but I couldn't stand there to fold it. So that's one of my jobs today. We're seriously running out of clothes in the drawers. How does this happen in under a week?????

Vance has whatever illness I had except his is all in his lymph nodes... they caught it all but it's just sitting there. I had him jump on his bed last night to move the lymph system. Did you know that your lymph system doesn't cycle on it's own. That's why trampolines are good. :)

Ozzie is a runner now... he is getting in on the game of chase now with his brothers and oh boy does he love it. He falls just because he's laughing so hard. I have to catch it on video.

Grayson's teacher called this week to tell me how brilliant he is. Apparently he's awesome at math. We knew this but it but a big grin on my face to hear his teacher say this too. She said he just has one of those amazing math minds. In her 15 years of teaching he's only the 2nd child she's had that has been so math smart. He is so blessed to have this ability... I am NOT math smart and let me tell you... the whole world is based on math so if you have that skill you can really go places.

Gavin is healthy as a horse... probably because he drank an entire bottle of echinachia and colodial silver. Thanks dude! He's really starting to enjoy playing with O.Z. it's adorable!

Paul has all new suspension and blah, blah, blah, blah, car lowered, blah, blah on his hot rod. He's thrilled as you can imagine. I have to take him downtown to the shop today to pick up his other car because he left it there to drive the hot rod home.

I'm typing this as I'm hearing it... we've had a house full of mean talkers this week. What's up with that??? Everyone has been just plain rude in the way they're talking to each other. The tone is enough to knock you out. I'm guessing it's because of the sickness, my back, just general being off of schedule. But mom's kicking butt again now so that's going to end now!

So I must go now and kick butt today
have a great weekend everyone!

i'll post the rest of the recipes later today or this weekend.

peace out, BC


  1. Oh that picture is gorgeous! I love it! I am so ready for warmer weather!
    I'm sure all the mean talk has to do with the fact that everyone is fighting off the sickies.
    Hope everyone is on the mend (including your back) and has a great weekend!

  2. Ugh...laundry. My boys have been in a rare form this week too. It must the week...or maybe, the month? Love the picture- it is very pretty. I miss warm weather so bad...I'll also admit I don't care for winter at all! I do think the snow is pretty but that's about it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend- I plan to!

  3. I've had to kick butt this week too. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. I don't know if it is my computer or your blog...but I can see the pictures and don't see any words...is this supposed to be happening?


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