just a little fun...

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  1. Seriously neat pics. Love the hair too. ;)

  2. GREAT hair.

    great pics.

    glad i checked in today!

  3. Your hair is cute, even though I don;t know what it was like before=)

    I found you through Drea, looks like a fun blog to read!

    Hope you don't mind if I stop by!

  4. Super photos! I love the first: a photo of a reflection of you taking a photo and also including a photo of you already on your dresser. Whew! Your hair looks great and so does your closet.

  5. Yes, cute hair. Really cute. As soon as I saw your face, I thought, which one of your kids do I see in you. And, cute ring.

  6. great hair!

    BTW, I just made the veggie enchiladas that you had in a previous post for supper tonight - I just took a taste and the boys will be in soon from shoveling to officially eat. Delish!! Thanks for the recipe!

    (I found your blog through my sis, MCK Mama)

  7. very neat pictures! what model of the cannon camera are you using?


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