Click contest...

I mean... photo contest! Okay... so I haven't checked it for about a week or more and well uhhhh.... I'm SO BEHIND. The leader has 112 votes and I have 76.

SO PEOPLES.... if you haven't already voted (thank you if you did) please go do it! Please! And maybe if you felt so inclined you could post on your blog and get more people to go vote. I mean I'm okay with losing I really am especially since it's more of a who do you know, who can you get to go vote for you kind of contest instead of based on actual photography skills. And maybe I didn't enter the best photo. But I WOULD love to win the $10 amazon card so I could order Ozzie some new Pedi-Ped shoes since his are getting small.

Go HERE to vote.

Thanks everyone!

peace out, BC
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  1. I think you have the most gorgeous kids ever!

    I'd love to go vote for you wherever it is you need votes at, but i don't know where that is or what this contest is you speak of! Let me know and I will be more than happy to send a vote your way and post it on my blog!

    Also, I would love some pointers on the kind of camera you use. I am wanting a more professional, better one...but I have no experience. Any suggestions!

    p.s. I LOVE pediped shoes, too!


  2. Too cute!! I'll go over and vote for you.
    I stopped by your blog because I saw your photo with a camera - and I thought 'great! A fellow Canon shooter' LOL! I just got a Canon 30D and am IN LOVE.
    Oh, and we both had sons in December of 2006!


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