it's all about ME...

or my hair rather.

whatcha' think? It feels so short when I reach back.

this picture is decieving... it's shorter I swear!

and there's the back... great pic huh?

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  1. Oh, I just left you a comment below and I forgot to mention...I like the colors on your blog! I don't think you need to change anything!

  2. I like your is very cute.

  3. I love it!

    Your natural curl is really working it ;-)

  4. Love it! It looks really good!
    I'd like to go shorter but mine POOFS big time when short. I hide my 4th grade pictures ; )

  5. so precious!! you are gorgeous!!! love the curly hair!

  6. Hi there, I just found you through Twinkies. Your family is ridiculously attractive and I love your spunky attitude. Your photography is wonderful too.
    Looks like you have a nice fancy camera. I'm about to get a rebel xt and I'm wondering if you have any suggestions on lenses.


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