Weekly Wrap

I'm so glad it's Friday!

My good friend Shelly came over today to let the kids play and cut my hair... hubby doesn't know yet but I'm sure he'll love it. It's a lot shorter but it's really cute and sassy... like me. :) Ha! But I do think I remember saying I wanted to be able to pull it back still.......... Shelly............nah... oh well... I still love it. I have a few pictures to share... in a minute.

Grayson came home with a sore throat on Monday and stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. He's better now. It was really nice having him home. He's such a great sick-kid... he's so sweet and calm.

I went to Goodwill AGAIN and found more awesome stuff.... gosh I love that place! I think I have a slight addiction.

The cub scouts had a cake auction and we brought home an American flag cake... I didn't want to buy to a cake... I was a little grouchy... but at least my son and husband didn't bid on the Poop Pie! I'm still gagging over that one. But had we come home with that I wouldn't have eaten half of a cake in 2 days. WHY can't I control myself. OY!

My hubby 'helped' me change the colors on my blog.... not working for me... i'll be changing again soon.

We're still going strong with the no TV and it's wonderful... I might challenge you all to try it too.

I have stuck to my laundry routine all week and it's worked beautifully... clean laundry room makes me happy.

We're still thinking about getting another dog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

peace out


  1. Those pics are gorgeous! You are stunning! Cute hair. We hadn't watched tv in our first 3 years of marriage...then we moved to Chicago and the guys that moved us in hooked up the cable and we've been watching tv:( we are wanting to be true minimalists and are talking about getting rid of our tv's all together. No tv's at all. We will only have the laptop and a portable dvd player to watch movies on if we want.

  2. We'll be pulling the plug on the cable shortly - it's almost like going without tv. :) You're hair turned out great! So much body! Mine is so fine and flat - blah!
    Does the Hop! 45 rattle everything in your house? I think it would in mine.
    another dog??? have one? had one?
    It does feel good to be caught up on laundry, not that I am or anything. :) Gives me something to do this weekend.
    Have a good one!

  3. Yeah, I thought about the pulling it back thing in a panic later on Friday, but then I remembered that your hair shrinks up so much when it's dry that it's not really as short as it looks. . .Can you still put it back??? What did P. say?
    Hope he loves it, and so sorry if it's too short! :-)

  4. Fun, fun, fun. Love the hair. Your photos are always so fun to look at. Keep 'em coming.


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