THE boys have been tagged!

Super cute idea! Brittany and her boys tagged my boys to do this fun little 8 things about me. Eight divided by four mean each boy gets two. So here ya go!


.my mom carries me around most of the day, either in the maya wrap or the mei tai. And I must have my little chubby fingers wrapped around her bra or tank strap so I can feel completely connected. My mom doesn’t put me down because I know she loves having me close.

.when I am down I’m playing with my brothers, I think they are amazing and I want to be just like them. They love me as much as mom & dad and are always helping me.


.I’m a self proclaimed “candy stealer and pickle eater” If my mom has any chocolate in the house I find it and hide it until mom figures it out and asks for it back… I don’t normally eat it but sometimes I’ll have a little taste. Mom said that sugar is bad for my body and so is msg *****I kid you not he really said this*****

.I’m a tractor boy too, I love tractors and construction trucks, I know all of their names and I’ve driven most of them too. I’m a really lucky boy


.I love art, I want to design hot wheels concept cars when I’m big. I color, paint, draw, cut, glue & create during most of my free time. I make lots of pictures for my mom and my friends.

.I really love Ozzie, he’s extra special. I can calm him when he’s sad, I pick him up after his nap, I watch out for him and protect him. I can make him smile and laugh like crazy. He walks to me and gives me hugs and it makes me really happy to have a little brother like him.


.I’m incredibly smart, I’m going to be smarter than mom one day. I’m so good at math that I get to do 2nd grade math and no one else in my class knows multiplication. I’m going to be a spy when I’m grown-up and Vance and I are going to design and build spy gear.

.It makes me feel good that my mom knows so much about food and health… I’m really interested in it too and I like to know what good foods are and what bad foods are and why. I tried to tell some of my friends at school that sprouts are good but they said I was crazy. Mom told me not to talk about my lunch anymore unless they ask. I just want people to know because I don’t understand why they would put bad things into their body that God created.


  1. Isn't it amazing how they are all so different! Your boys are so cute- thanks for letting *them* share with us! :)

  2. very cute, so funny about the msg!

  3. That was really cute.
    By the way, you should keep reminding your readers to vote for you in the photo contest because it is a tight race. I have been there everyday to vote for you cuz your pic is awesome, and I love your photography. So, put the link up again and pester people to go on over. :)

  4. "I just want people to know because I don’t understand why they would put bad things into their body that God created."


  5. Wow, a super read. What amazing boys you and your husband are rearing! Way to go!

  6. Omigosh, they are SO smart. That's awesome & so encouraging to me...
    because of my girl's allergy, it's fairly easy to steer her toward healthier foods (as she can not eat whatever she wants). My boy- on the other hand- picks up anything & pops it into his mouth (even if not meant to be food).
    But yet, I persevere & encourage them (read = make them) eat what they should .

  7. Lucky! You have 4 to spread the tag across, (Brittany, you're a smart one!)
    Okay, any mom that has a Maya wrap and Mei Tai is great by me! I ad both, I LOVED them. I still carry Harrison in the Mei Tai on occasion, I'll miss the day I no longer can.

    Beautiful boys.


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