just because...

leeks are beautiful...

just because leeks and carrots are beautiful...

Just because leeks, carrots, red & yellow peppers and onions are beautiful...

Just because leeks, carrots, red & yellow peppers, onions and baby corn are beautiful...


  1. OOOhh! What a yummy, clever post. Love it. Oh, I never answered you about my "As seen in..." post idea. I say, Go For It! Super idea to do a tour of your home that way. Nice of you to ask! Oh, and what new lens did you get today? Rented or bought? Excited to see the photos...is this dinner montage shot using your new one?

  2. Those look yummy! I love food that is veggie but my kids, not so much. do yours eat these and if so what is your secret?

  3. Oh yum. Is that a Lens Baby?

    I'm in looove with leeks. I'm not a bean fan, but the rest looks so delish!

  4. This is what I'm talking about --
    bring on the 'good' food posts!

    Love your ideas & confession: I've never eaten leeks!


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