Here's to you...

Flowers... for me? I feel so special. My husband doesn't even give me flowers. (flowers aren't his thing... he shows me love in so many other ways... this is a whole different post. Ha!) Okay back to me getting flowers and feeling special. Yes... Brittany gave me flowers and now I'm giving some to you. I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you. I have been encouraged, uplifted, reassured, entertained and so much more. I value each one of you that I've gotten to know. Thank you!

So here's to you...
Aleah, you have such a wonderful family and I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family and finding our common threads.

MCK mama, I am amazed sometimes at how much we have in common. You entertain and provoke the artist inside of me.

Andrea, you are such an amazing mom and wife and encourage me to be a better mother and wife. I love learning about your family. And we have the 'red head' bond. :)

Arianne, I love reading your blog, you are an amazing mother and I am enlightened and encouraged by your perspective. And we have the 'all boy' bond

i couldn't give you the same flowers that were given to me so I had to 'pick' some new ones! Enjoy!

and honestly thank you... there are many more of you who I have enjoyed getting to know but I could only afford so many handpicked bouquets. :)
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  1. Ah! For ME!? (blushing) You really shouldn't have. Okay, you should have. Thanks!! I am SO inspired by your, your photography, your boys, your love for nutrition. Thanks for being there!

    Oh, and these flowers you gave me will look perfect in my kitchen;)

  2. Wow, thank you! This is very cool, I've not seen this one around the block before. :)

    Such sweet things you said, all that back atcha!


  3. How sweet! What a nice way to brighten your day as well as those you passed it on to :-)

  4. What a sweet idea!! How totally deserve flowers!

  5. Thank You SO much! I feel all the same stuff about you... I have to say yours is one of my favorite blogs to visit. Must be the red headed thing - we've got it going on!!

    Thanks again - they're beautiful! :)


  6. Oh I could use the flowers today, so thank you, those are beautiful!
    And thank you for the nice things you said about us over here. : )
    It's so fun getting to know you and your family of 6!


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